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Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I cant believe the things you say
Tell me, Tell me
Tell me the lies...
~ 22: The death of all romance- The Dears

*Listening to 22: The death of all romance - The Dears
Middle of nowhere - Hot hot heat
Vestige - TM Revolution*

Please full view cos the thumb sucks!

Another Kino wall since Tama's Other Kino walls have made me addicted to this series and yes ill keep the faith and keep walling everyscan that comes in this place or elsewhere! Hahhaha thanks to the feelow member named "Kino" for the scan. Inspired by the song 22: the death of all romance by "The Dears", depicting of love being another feeling in a journey people hold on to when alone in the world, so basically when i saw the scan it was in bad condition so i had to erase the text on the cape of hers by recging another color layer abouve it, did some on her lower left part of the dress and some on the gun.... Also I didnt want to make another sceneric BG because... i was lazy! XD but i wanted to make a simple wall out of this image so i overlayed a light suttle color on the whole wall, added some blood brushes. The big text title was easy to place on there but the bike was hard enough as it is because as you all know its Kinos bike "Hermes", it took a long time to finally make the placement of the icon squares and lil text to work togehter in all of this, so for all you simple Icon desktop freaks...here you go! XD

All in all there 45 layers and 5 hours of work.
More resolutions coming soon to Imanimetions which is very soon cos "Boss Shinta" came back! ^___^
Hope you like it!


Personal intent:
I had feelings of confusion nowadays cos i dont know who i love and trust now that my whole world is turning into shambles.... there are somedays where i find myself the only person in this world while everybody is invisible or where i think i just have to die so i wouldnt feel this way. I dont know maybe because my sadness is starting to overflow in my cup that its starting to become a puddle thats getting bigger and bigger and i dont have anything to wipe it all off... Love maybe again is that small burden, or maybe i need happiness or hope? But who knows cos some of you people dont read what i write, so it doesnt change me!! I guess what changes the world is that i contribute every ounce of help just to make the other person feel good about him/herself and in the end i never even get a simple thanks.
But who cares im just that generous. >_<

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Browse Kino no Tabi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Dufoe88 Aug 11, 2005

    :o awsome work you made in here XP the vector look so great and clean :o
    Kino no Tabi, i dunno what anime is this..
    add the wallpaper to my fav ^^
    great job man

  2. fukushuusha Aug 11, 2005

    lol...I am also preparing something with kino XD
    the thumbnail is uber evil in this one. Nice texture as always...the colors seem a bit pale but I am sure that was intentional and still looks good. Nice composition also man...I really like how u did the right part of the wall.Simple but taking attention. as always...an OA classic :)

  3. zanmato Aug 11, 2005

    Wahoo, great job : on the thumbnail I though it was very blurred, but the real one is sooo nice.
    Something like "keep it up" is useless, 'cause I saw that each time you submit beautiful wallpapers XD

  4. Ayu-sama Aug 11, 2005

    Nice stuff as always, Oracle. :)

    But I think the image is a little bright? Ne?

    Maybe you purposely did that? ^_^''

    And don't worry about your problems too much. Just soldier on. Sooner or later, they will recognize the efforts you made. :)

  5. miraku-spike Aug 11, 2005

    Wow! This is really a nice wallpaper that you got there! XD I love it. Even the background to is great. Keep up the great work. But I think that you should make it look clearer. But other than that. It looks great.

  6. Midori-chan Aug 11, 2005

    yea, the thumbnail really sucks....
    anyway, the wall is so cute^^ the colors and texture is very nice too!!!
    i like the pale look in the whole wall^^ it's unique.
    adding it to my favs^^
    hope to see more great walls from you OA-san^^

  7. Sandra Aug 11, 2005

    I guess that you really like making walls with scans from KNT ;D
    Well i think that this is my last comment on your work . You're busy , have (guessing) lot of ppl on your FL but that's not the reason. I haven't got any comment from ya on my works even a wrote in gb ;) Well nevermind , who cares.

    Nice work like always in different original style. Kinda empty on the right but overall great. I like the txt and textures. Also nice brushes. Fav +

  8. Yina Aug 11, 2005

    mhmm..what is that red think next to the boy? O__O Blood?? well.. like the bg cuz it's not a sceneric one.. XD the effects on the left look great.. ^^ mhmm.. I think the texture over the whole wallie is a bit too strong.. cuz it makes the wallie a bit too blurry.. but nonetheless great work, +fav ^^

  9. Croix Aug 11, 2005

    you did great job on the wallpaper, the background and the character blend in well. i really like it. :)

  10. DarkEVO Aug 11, 2005

    Great wall on Kino, Oracle
    The static effects is a good one. But the squareboxes in the wall seems a bit unpleasing.
    Overall good wall. +Fav.

  11. jaderabbit Aug 11, 2005

    "If truth kills giants; then giants u shall smite"
    Very nice wallpaper very clean and unqiue I like. talk to you latr bro.

  12. shinzo-chan Aug 11, 2005

    Awww kewl!! I cant really say ive ever heard of this anime or whatever it is or that song either, but it wont stop me from commenting, lol. This pic is really great, i love the expression and everything! *adds to favs*
    Keep it up!
    Bye now.

  13. sukie Aug 11, 2005

    pretty texture!!! the colours are nice too! great bg!!
    i really like your style of walls!! so different everytime!!
    great work!

  14. ayaki Aug 11, 2005

    wah..u kino fanatic... >_<
    nice choice on the red.
    and the effect on the left... + the title looks great..haha
    oh..and the graphics on the right too....that two phrases make me think of kino's gonna kill somebody...with her gun...
    but i've to agree with YuunaChan...the wall overall is a bit blurry *_*
    ...it's still a great wall tho!~ :D

  15. KayIkuso Aug 11, 2005

    another work of you i really love.. vour just too great +ehee+
    kk thanks for sharing, see ya (:

  16. Ayasal Aug 11, 2005

    another great work!
    I really really like the texture and the scans cute^o^
    hope to see more from you!
    good work and thanx for sharing!

  17. Liz Aug 11, 2005

    Its nice the character is really cute great job keep it up!

  18. chau-chan Aug 12, 2005

    Awsome wallpaper!
    I like how to did the texture on the whole wallpaper.
    The colors fits quiet nice to the image of the wallpaper.
    I love it!! XD

  19. kalicodreamz Aug 12, 2005

    i love the soft feel the wall has. and with it's warm colors, it reminds me of an afternoon nap.
    which i just woke up from so it's a GOOD thing :D
    it's interesting cause the wall is so soft, which is an awesome contradiction to the text which is so harsh and brutal.
    very nice work oracle :3

    kalico's snack of choice for this post: still ICE cream cake! :d!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Skillzpay Aug 13, 2005

    2 things irk me somewhat about this KnT wall. I don't understand all that red on the right side and the second thing is how the whole wall looks kinda milky and bright.

    Aside from that though the patented OA grunge makes this splendid and the rustic looking colors compliment Kino nicely. And the texture, although it does stand out a bit too much, still manages to provide a nice feel to the wall overall. Solid stuff!

  21. DarkIngram Aug 13, 2005

    Nice stuff Oracle :) Awesome background... I like the texture and the background effects fits well to your character....

  22. Lenne Aug 13, 2005

    It's an excellent wall.Great work you did.I love the texture you added,and the effects too.Bye!

  23. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 13, 2005

    i`m starting to think you have a little crush on kino. . .
    xP i`m just kidding. ( i`m really not ) -pats you-
    the thumbnail sucks. -pats you again-
    very beautiful again oracle. n_n -pats you once more-

  24. ganstamonica Aug 13, 2005

    o0 i love it! ^^ it's super awesome! can't wait to see more! :D

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