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Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Nimya Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Nimya Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

From the ceaseless age that is nigh
Where songs of machinas are rarely heard,
The stars and moon shine forever in the dark
T'was it were, now that is gone
Limiting the yarns of morn....

*Listening to Little Sister ~ Queens of the Stone Age
Take a message ~ Remy Shand

What another Kino wall??! O___O weird as it is but seeing this in Tama's gallery i fell in love with it and wanted to make a simple wall. This is Nimya, the mage from Kino no Tabi who finds this machine of the crescent moon but yeah im giving too many synopsis spoilers so thats about it. I remade the crescent moon in the window like in the original image, added a wallpaper background with intricate flowers, grunge brushes, some pattern tecture and noise filters overlayed into it and added some text like from the other wall. Oh dont say it needs something in the side there because i wanted to give you "Icon freaks" some space to put in this wall.... I have tried to put pictures, a cupboard, a pedestel, another window and whatnot but it seems to take away the simplicity and cleanliness of the wall.
All in all there about 47 layers and 4 hurs of work, the only problem that scares me is that i did this on a crescent moon.... o_O how scary is that??????!!!! *__*

Personal intent:
This wall reminded me of ME in general, alone in my room conspiring, over compulsive attitudes in making arts, dark arts which come from my conciousness. Theres gears of war, shadowy surrealist images and dark haunting scars of myself that i have drawn... slowly looking for something which would make me great and better at myself. I guess i havent found that cos im mostly a loner , paranoid at society and the world but im trying to wake up from my dream, starting to commit myself with society and someday ill be what i was with everything all in place.

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  1. Taurec Aug 01, 2005

    Moody. and there is nothing wrong with icon space.
    Solid texture work (as usual)
    And it all just goes very well together .. top !!

  2. fukushuusha Aug 01, 2005

    Wohoo!! love the feeling of this!
    the texture is awesome man...just like a photo. People need to see this in fullwiev though.
    It really looks empty and very simple on the thumbnail...which is absolutely not.
    amazing work oracle...as always ;)

  3. DarkEVO Aug 01, 2005

    Greatly done background. Always detail. Good title as well. +Fav.

  4. kenzuke Aug 01, 2005

    I just love it^^ Dark and beautiful :)... great as usual mate!! ... Ok, now I got to study for my college entrance tests... XD ja ne

  5. Valary Aug 01, 2005

    I like it very much! The way she stands, the way she looks, the moon in the back..it looks great really

  6. bbls Aug 01, 2005

    i luv the texturing of this wall, and how it makes me feel like reminiscing for some strange reason. also like the added detail of the flower pattern on the wallpaper. :D

  7. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 01, 2005

    -fwaps- :_: your just to good for mimo!
    amazing amazing mimo says! <33
    o.o; teh pic reminds me of me too. x.x cuz...yeauh. o.o; -sits in her room all day on teh computer-
    nice work. -fav- <33

  8. tAtEkAnE Aug 01, 2005

    ooooh i wanted to wall this scan b4 but eventually forgot about it lol xD
    anyway really nice concept my only crit is for the ledge? she's sitting on
    maybe u should have put a larger diagonal shaped shadow to suggest more depth...
    anyhoo as usual great work :D

  9. fclubproject Aug 01, 2005

    i really like the mood of the wall, it fits amazingly well. the whole thing seems to be working together creating a flow.

    i also like the neutralized colors that seem to "peek" out of the moon's radiance.
    very beautiful

  10. joycev Aug 01, 2005

    Looks good, I love the "mood" of the wall and the colors of it look great! The only thing I think should change is where she is sitting. It seems flat, as if there is no ledge there at all... More shading and lighting from the moon in the spot would have made it look somewhat better than it already does.
    Great job as always though! I like it :)

  11. pamkips Aug 01, 2005

    holy crap that background is done very nicely! ^_^
    well what can i say the about this wallie that hasn't been said by all the peoples above
    yep....the background is so dark..yep it suits it perfectly!
    gread job OracleAngel-Sama! hope to see waaaaayyyy more from you sooon ^_^...i love your wallies! ^_^

  12. PANDAgirl Aug 01, 2005

    Yay for simplicity!! It's everywhere!! :3 I really like this "dull-like" color :x The scan is really nice too. Although I've never seen this Anime, I like this wall XD I lava it Oracle!!

  13. xiaku Aug 01, 2005

    ooh, this is beautiful!
    the girl looks so pretty. hehe.
    you've really outdone yourself, oracle-san!

  14. UndyingShadow Aug 01, 2005

    Nice wall Oracle! I like the texture you used for this wall, and the colors you used. Great work on the bg too

  15. jaderabbit Aug 01, 2005

    WOW WOW WOW the textures and blends are almost perfect... almost too perfect. devil fears giants.... and u sir have became a giant !!!! Weelll.... ty 4 sharing ttyl bro.

  16. Sunira Aug 01, 2005

    I really like the mustard tones throughout the piece. I acutally dont like the texture over the entire image very much at all. It overshadows the details too much. Other than that, its a lovely wallpaper.

  17. DarkVirus Aug 01, 2005

    the wall looks nice
    and it kinda looks cool with that machine flying up the window.
    nice work OA :)

  18. chau-chan Aug 02, 2005

    Great simple wallpaper, the colors are nicely done. And the quality is really great, I love this wallpaper. Great job!! And you even made it in 4 hours, and 47. I can't do that, I have a think a lot... :sweat:

  19. agneslee Aug 02, 2005

    I like the design,but the colour seem not well enough.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. lunacrystal Aug 02, 2005

    i looks so dark and moody! i like it!! fav +++++++

  21. Liz Aug 02, 2005

    Its so beautiful! I really like it the colors are amazing the chracter is so cute and the background is perfect! Excellent work this is going in my fav's for sure!! :)

  22. ocelotisun Aug 02, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, ;) . Seeing all those Kino no Tabi wallapapers really makes me want to do one, It's such a lovely artwork ^^ . Anyway, I really think it's better without anything else since it really speaks for itself this way. Great work as always :) .

  23. Piyo Aug 03, 2005

    awwww~ someone loves kinooo!! isnt that cuuute ;)

    you KEEP THIS UP ORA. YA HEAR meeee xDD

  24. sukie Aug 03, 2005

    mmm this is really pretty!!! i love the moon and the window...very beautifuL!!! the scan used was great too...i love feeling with this wall!!
    great work!

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