Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: kino no tabi -REVOLVER-

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Music: REVOLVER- Hirai Ken and HORIZON- Kiyoharu (<3 to both)

This is my prelim entry from the category Kino no Tabi for The UnderAppreciated in order to qualify for the MT W.A.R (Wallpaper and Art Revolution) Cross Group Tournament. The theme was AMALGAMATION - to use as many techniques you can in the one wall.

Been sick the past 2 days... or rather in pain T_T and so I decided to do this and get it over and done with.

Layers: 37
Time taken: 15 hours or so
PSD: 38.4MB

((Background)) Kino from Kino no Tabi. She's a girl.
((Inspiration)) I was originally going to do a pop art wall by reconstructing an existing scan. But then someone else used that scan XP So here I am with this. And really there are very few "angle" walls in MT. My Shibuya Hybrid one is the only angled wall I did apart from this... so yeah XD
((What I did)) Here's the list of techniques I used ;)
*Blending modes
*Vectors/ pentool
*Filters (sky and scan)
*Brushes (you may think I used a "texture"- I did, but I also grunged the buildings and bridge/wall... and the sky also has been brushed)
*Lighting (that's also a filter, but there's also the Ctl+L one. I used both)
*Text (if you consider it to be...)
*Colour adjustments/saturation/contrast levels

You can pretty much see what I did just by looking at the thing.
Btw, for those UK peeps, that's the London Clock Tower :) Sorry I couldn't do all the
details. I'm too blind for those pretty patterns and such... and I ain't that great a vectorer :) I was almost going to name this wall "God save the Queen"... but I thought that was a bit too much ;)
((Sources)) Scan is from kino, probably the best username to provide a kino scan XD Scan is from HERE.
((Comments)) BANG BANG! Please view the full size. It looks spexellent on my desktop.


Comments appreciated. Gimme feedback. And if you have anything to criticise, remember, What, where, how :) That's my motto now XD And do tell me if you see anything strange. My LCD is set at 30% brightness and I do check over it at 100%, but I do make mistakes. (^_~)

Last rant: as a monitory thing, all prelim entries are to provide a link to another work which has the skills "not demonstrated" in this wall. This was a hard choice because generally I chuck everything I know into a wall... and I don't *have* anything good in my gallery, but here it is:

I know most people *hate* Utena... but this is probably one of my favourite walls that gets overlooked quite often. I chose this scan because I manipulated the layers and the original scan without having to extract it. It's simple, took a while to blend in, but overall it's different to
most of my stuff in my gallery and goes to show that without vectors, soft wallpapers also create a good impact. It was from my semi-newbie days, so don't kill me if this wallpaper sucks. Judge my prelim submission. Then think about this one --end rant--

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  1. toxictea23 Aug 07, 2005

    Looks spectacular Kuro^.^ tehehe
    although, the clock does look croocked..but its barely noticable..and the same for some texture in which seems a bit oddo.0


  2. Asahi Aug 07, 2005

    dont like the credit textfont but thats okay because of the task-leiste xD very nice . like the view of the wp ! its different to others =) keep it up

  3. Deathent Aug 07, 2005

    likes it :) i think... its nice , i like the bg, dat clock tower looks so nice ^^

  4. ever-ruler Aug 07, 2005

    Wow, really cool wallpaper! I like the background and the art style presented in this wallpaper. And the number of effects and techniques used makes this wallpaper even more interesting and makes it stand out more against other wallpapers. Congratulations on a great job and thanks for sharing! Adds to favorites!

  5. RahX101 Aug 07, 2005

    wow misa. quite nice. the textures look a bit weird, but ive never seen big ben so what do i know. :D everything else looks pretty good. one minor thing though, the two tower rooks under her armpit look weird. not uniform if you know what im saying. ^_^'

    ohh yea, uhh im no expert in this and all but does the street lighting in london consist of normal house hold bulbs? XD this is a first to me. >_<

    anywho, +fav. =]

  6. fukushuusha Aug 07, 2005

    I was planning to use this scan on my next wall -_-; u beat me :P
    but this is very interesting. Really nice usage of filters in this one. The perspective is unique too combines with a nice composition. Pretty nice colors that matches the mood of the wall. in other words: a must fav. great work on this

  7. Terra-chan Aug 07, 2005

    you'r really good at that cutout bg... I don't know what else to call it... it's like a 2D image given a few 3D textures to try and hide how flat it is but qn eye that looks can tell it's a facade it's something very distinctive and unique to your work, I think
    The scan on the other hand looks much to blurred and a little washed out... the poor details... I realize that having all the details would be too much for this wall, but you've lost too much detail It doesn't balance well qith the BG

  8. BossMac Aug 07, 2005

    I ain't got no "constructive comments" for now, so I'm just gonna say I like your desktop and the LCD screen. Oh yes.. the clock rocks, too.

    He's kinda retro with that gun.. I like it. Don't go pointing that at someone, it might go off.

  9. Akaiken Aug 07, 2005

    Sweetie, I asked this once and I'll ask it again. You should be studying right? ^_^'

    Anyways, you really impress me with your walls. It's pretty nice. But your desktop is more fascinating. You should do some wall with that, hehehe! :D

    And the gun thing... don't point it at people and it might go Bang! Bang! Bang!

  10. juanicths Aug 07, 2005

    nice kino wall ^^ love the perspective and how the clock tower was tilted... great job!


  11. Rizy123 Aug 07, 2005

    Great job ! As expected as someone as talented as you XO

    Luvley extraction and vectoring...and the perspective is very good,

    Oh and I live in Lon and I wold say the clocktower is detailed enough ;)

    More more ^^

    (i hope ya get better soon 'kay? )

  12. Iniquitymaiden Aug 07, 2005

    Wow, this is nice ^^ Big Ben! lol

    I like the prespective and the stocks cool :)

  13. Rikimaru-jp Aug 07, 2005

    Very good one!!! I like the idea it's really unique! and the background is cool I'm gonna add it to my favorites for sure!!!
    Check my latest wallie: Summer and tell me what do you think!

  14. slivermoon Aug 07, 2005

    interesting name for a contest, so which is the other group u'r doing the contest with??
    the grunging on the buildings is nice, and matches well w/ the scan
    but i think the vectoring of the scan is a bit too soft around the face
    to me it makes it seem that the face is blurry, or she has no mouth >_<
    the texturess in the sky are ok but i think a bit more around the text near the bottom would make it look even w/ the one at the top
    but nice work anyways! ^-^

  15. asianspirit Aug 07, 2005

    :o ooh, interesting wall.

    i love the angle of it. it isn't the ordinary 90degree ones. it gives a different kind of impression on it compared to a 90degree one.
    the background and effects are really something. the texture on the walls of the buildings are nice touches. especially on big ben. love the way it looks. and the lamps as well. even the sky looks really good.
    the scan fits well with the wall too.
    overall, it's a great wall! i'm glad you took a "break" from your studies for this ;)

  16. SirMackerel Aug 08, 2005

    Ah, so that explains why there's a sudden rush of Kino no Tabi wallpapers... well, if the contest means more quality Kino no Tabi wallpapers, I'm all for it. I like it. :)

  17. ayane-heine Aug 09, 2005

    aww~~~ >.< cool wallie there.. ^^
    the scan matches the bg alot..

  18. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 10, 2005

    You actually change your pc format to Japanese? (Or if I'm not wrong, I can see August in chinese, but I do see the icons are in Japanese. Awesome, and yeah! It looks excellent in your desktop!)*Rush back to see the wallie. Wow! You've actually taken 15 hours to do this wall? I really wonder how you can stand starring 15 hours straight right on the computer. ^_^' You've been sick? And you're actually doing this wall? You sure is strong hearted for a waller! You go, Misa!

    Okay, okay. So you're actually saying that Kino's a 'she'? Not a 'he'? o_0 I really can't believe it. Well, I downloaded a wallie somewhere out of MT, and there ws pictures of Kino all overit. (Like his, eh... I mean, her photographs all over the table) And there was one picture showing Kino holding flowers, and so I though... a guy holding flowers like that? Nah... not so strange but it really makes me wonder. But now that you mention that Kino's a girl... (My dreams... shattered!) :) Anyways... I were going to comments on this one after I've finished downloading the wall, but it seems like it's taking some time to load. But from what I can see, the London Clock Tower. (Wait, London Clock Tower is called Big Ben, if I'm not mistaken.) Okay, back to the comments, the vector that you did is absolutely pretty! But... why Kino looks kinda... blurred? Or... you purposely did that after you cleaned your scan with the filters? But overall, this is one spiffy wallie I've ever seen. I must agree with you that it's really kinda rare to make angled wallie. And yeah! The wallie has finished loading. Awesome! Really awesome. The text... well... kinda fits with all the dark backgrounds and stuffs. And last, I love this wall!! You've done a marvellous job on this one!

  19. tareren Aug 11, 2005

    Hey, this is pretty cool ^^ but I think you can do better on the stars there ^^ I think the texturing of the building is pretty cool, and the text is nice too ^^ Oh, may wanna make Kino's face a bit clearer too :D pretty nice this one ^^ Keep up the good work

  20. flyindreams Aug 16, 2005

    Ahhh, I like it ^.^ The composition is great, and this is from a person who's kinda tired of slanty-perspective walls... definitely looks better this way then if it wasn't slanted. I think I agree with toxictea about the textures... because there are some parts that look really realistic with the texture and shading, but then the body of the clock and all the buildings seem to be the same rocky texture. I would suggest breaking it up a bit, but it's a minor consistency detail and the wall still looks great. AND it's very usable. Nice one misa-chan *^.^*

  21. Xayu Jan 19, 2006

    Oh my. I've always thought that Kino was a boy. o_O;
    Eh heh. Either way, that wallpaper is certainly magnificient! I really like the blending of Kino with the background and effects. I really can't say anything much more.
    Well, aside the color of your barcode "signature/url," which in my eyes doesn't suit the wallpaper. Maybe because it's a little too "bright." But it's just a signature afterall, so it's nothing so big of a deal. Wonderful wallpaper. ^_^
    Please keep up the excellent work!

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