Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: Saturday Afternoon

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino, Hermes Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character Hermes Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

o.k first of all I must say this...this one is the most enjoyable among all my walls. XD I felt really good about this wall while working on it.
Combined two scans for this. Actually I have no idea about kino no tabi...I haven't seen it...yet. I know kino but the other charas are unfamiliar. I hope one of them are not the young kino or something XD...man...that would be weird.
a bit grungey and vectorish wall.(and one more time: "god bless the one who invented noise filter" XD ) I really enjoyed making those trees I have to tell u :) though the grass work is a bit weird it's because of the repetition of the same pattern.
Anyways...it didn't disturbed me so I decided leave it like this.
I must admit; I really suck at naming and designing the titles...like this one *sigh*...
...A happy mood wall...very unlike me. and please FULL-WIEV; thumbnails are uber evil XD

41 layers and 7 hours

ohh and one more thing...this wall is dedicated to OracleAngel who showed me Kino with his gorgeous works...thx mate ;)


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: rocknroll-isgo
Wall: The World at Large
Reason: great chartoonish work on this one...very creative too


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  1. Dufoe88 Aug 03, 2005

    pretty cool wallpaper
    i like the style!
    keep it up
    hope to see sum more..

  2. Cadi Aug 03, 2005

    wow! great wall you've made! love the simple looking clouds, and the trees also! like you said its unlike your style.. but its still cool>.< great job!

  3. Ellene Aug 03, 2005

    Combination's quite nice, except the leaves stick just a bit out of the picture. Overall, it has a pretty calm feeling to it, which should really be what Saturdays are all about :)

  4. semanga Aug 03, 2005

    vay vay bak hele neler yaparmis da bizim haberimiz yok ... bayildim vallahi
    senden en sevdiyim wall deyil ama yinde cok guezell

    the bg work looks very good and the scan fits very nice to them
    so i will watch out for your next great work sweety

  5. mOochaN Aug 03, 2005

    what a great wall... ^^... the colours.. everything... the bg is great... the scenery is beautiful.. good job.. ^^.. keep it up.. !!

  6. Midori-chan Aug 03, 2005

    wow!!! this is so cool!!!!! the scenery is the best in the wall!!!! i've never seen such a beautiful scenery before XD XD XD
    and the scans are great too!! two scans combined together.....you are so good at making wallies XD XD
    just gotta add this to my favs!!!!! another awesome job well done fukushuusha-san!! XD

  7. FutureGirlie Aug 03, 2005

    Wow, so nice. Too bad that it looks not so clear :o but you did a good job again. Bg is very good. Scans also ^_^ Keep it up ^_^

  8. kk-chan Aug 03, 2005

    Hehe you've never let me down! What a great wallie! ^-^ Love the background and the trees very much. I told you your style is unique and it still is. ^^ The watercolor painting style ... and the scan and background blend in together so perfectly. Oh I love it!

  9. lapuk Aug 03, 2005

    not the typical fuku wall that i've learned to adore..but still up to fuku's standards..very creative and not the cliche scenery type of wall..it looks good..i just think that the lighting of the image and the bg is a bit off,just a lil different with the light intensity(i dunno how to explain it).. just my personal opinion.. still looks good dude..

  10. maldita42 Aug 03, 2005

    nice.. wall .. I like much all your works and that good that you put very much determination, it us motivates to doing better things.

    Congratulations for your work..

    One more favorite!

  11. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2005


    this has got to be one of your best walliessss shoo far! *POUNCES*
    o_o howd yu make those uber uber ubbberr delicious cool tree's .. >O< andand grass!
    t_t saki jealous .. *bites yu*

    >< great job! *kickz YU IN A ditch*

  12. Sandra Aug 03, 2005

    whyyyy !?
    i should work harder on revolution !
    This is definitly a great WORK !
    And should get onto top favs !
    Not Idril's Works : /
    this ONE !!!!!!
    i WANT IT IN THE TOP !!!!!!
    *cries like a baby*
    Sandra want it in toooooooooooops ;(
    Well as you can see I'm back , and this is my first comment after brake !
    I love all in this wall !
    The atmosphere which is really amazing !
    ppl TAKE A DEEP breth before YOU SEE FULL SIZE !
    Because it's amazing ;D
    The bg and scan extracted so well !
    Definitly my fav Buddy :D

  13. gadgetgirl16 Aug 03, 2005

    wow! that is verry nice, i love the background and the sky, +fav

  14. Skillzpay Aug 03, 2005

    Looks good, liking the texture work on this.
    Idea behind this was solid although the heavy filter work on the background scenery isn't really my cup of tea. The grass looks odd and the tree on the right side for some reason looks distorted to me. All those trees in the bg look good with the filter work you used as do the mountains. Props to you for trying something new and that came out looking rather good :)

  15. sukie Aug 03, 2005

    oh this looks oooh so cute!!!! at first glance i thought i was a scan...
    anyways the bg is soooo nicely done, i love the clouds and the trees in the far bg...
    this isn't your normal style...but i love it anyways!!!!

  16. ayaki Aug 04, 2005

    omg....this looks so different from your other walls @_@
    i absolutely loving the background....
    it matches with both of the scan perfectly!~
    and the use of the two scans.....excellent choice >_<
    This one definitely deserves more favs....!!!~
    great job indeed.

  17. macky Aug 04, 2005

    this wall is awesom!
    Love Kino!!
    I like the colour and style of this wall.. very nice effect... keep it up!

  18. flyindreams Aug 04, 2005

    Nice indeed *^.^* The trees and grass definitely look different, but they look nice with the scans ^.^ My only small bit of criticism would be that the clouds have a very smooth vector-ish look to them whereas the rest of the scenery is really textured, but that's just a small consistency point, it still looks amazing on my desktop O_O

  19. bbls Aug 04, 2005

    it's nice to see a different type of wall from you... :D
    i really luv the textures and the background scenery is beautiful!
    but i agree with flyingdreams about the clouds not really matching with the rest of your background.
    and the combining of the two scans is seamless!

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2005

    Dedicated to me? what did i do? XD yeah Kino walls are getting cooler now....

    Anyway from thumbnail view i thought it looked crappy in a way but looking in full view really made this wal such a good thing to see! i like the paint effect filter you put on the bg and image, though i wish it was better without the text or using another font to blend in with the wall and yeah it might work but a must fave indeed! Thanks for the dedication! ^_^'

  21. ni-chan Aug 04, 2005

    Wow this looks so pretty, like a paintingt of a saturday aftyernoon XD hehe, what I mean is that you really got the feeling in :)
    great job

  22. SirMackerel Aug 06, 2005

    Nice! The merging of the two scans looks seamless to me. Excellent wallpaper!

  23. Maija Aug 06, 2005

    OH.....this is so greate.....awsome
    he he he You really are a bit genius, aren't you... ;)
    the bg ....and the charas fits and I like the colors your work is super fantastic...
    PS like always....

  24. tareren Aug 08, 2005

    This is nice ^^ love the idea, and all those filter works fit in well in the wall too :D I just wish Kino's face could be clearer.. but that doesnt matter :D still like this wall nonethless :D Good job !!!

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