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Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My first Grunge wallpaper! I think it turned out pretty well ^_^ and it was actually pretty fun and satisfying ^_^ I thought I'd try something I'd never done before and this is it, the embodiment of everything I don't normally do: Grunge, Extraction, Clean-up and image filters on wall focus :P Also a BG with the most layers I've ever had for just a background image o.o (gotta be at least 10-12 layers for the BG alone) Normally my BGs are no more than 3-5 layers.

Overall with this image I was going for a kind of abstract "Grunge Scenic" wallpaper. A lot of grunge walls are just made to look shiny, but I wanted a sense of earth and sky.

Anyway the inspiration for this wall is while I was browsing through Kino no Tabi scans I saw the image of Young Master in the car with a partner and then there are a lot of images of Kino and Hermes I wanted to display how this show has a lot of "passing the torch" themes in it... You see it a lot in the movie. But Kino grew up in a land where people always do what their parents do, no matter what. But she decides she wants to do something else and a man named Kino helps her run away and she is passed his torch - a jacket and a motorrad and the ethos to travel. She also comes across Master and is passed her torch - a highly skilled person capable of helping people.


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  1. toxictea23 Aug 05, 2005

    This wallpaper seems extremely confusing..especially by the way you positioned the scans. The grunge brushes also make this wallpaper seem very strange as well o.0
    If you are going to use some grunge...try using only one scan..and not such a dark shade of brown in the background^.^

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2005

    Well, like I already said, I can't really give out many comments on this because there's nothing wrong with it and I can't really give out any advice XD It's a good attempt at grunge and if you feel like doing more of this in the future, get some more brush sets :) That's it ^_^

  3. EvoIIICE9A Aug 06, 2005

    Gaaaaaaah the noise the noise. Sorry but the noise has ruined the wall. The characters look like they were extremely badly scanned cause of it, if it was on the background only you might have got away with it.

    i agree with toxictea23's comments with the confusion with the multiple characters, you cant focus on one so it loses the eye appeal. The shadowing on the car too is unnecessary due to there is no light source for the wall so there is no need for the shadow.

    Lastly star brush on grunge O_o different but not really suitable for the theme. Defiantly experiment with grunge brushes if you want to continue on with trying grunge but since its your first grunge wall you are forgiven hehehe.

    Sorry if it was a bit harsh but shhh Im trying to help really heheh but pleeeeeeeeease make the noise go away

  4. RahX101 Aug 06, 2005

    so you're the first to finish the kino no tabi wall. heh, as always. XD
    i would have to agree with Evo though. >_<
    it could do without the noise effect in my opnion. the stars and paint splatter give it a unique touch which is something you dont really see in a lot of grunge walls now.
    its a nice start in your grunge path but i cant wait to see the next one. ^^

  5. Terra-chan Aug 06, 2005

    I take that trying to do a "scenic grunge wall" is a nono then? I was trying to make it kinda like a natural order scene - except in grunge style... So there's the ground with the lines and the sky with stars in it And I thought the Noise tied the entire image together and made it all seem as "one" continuous image. So I suppose doing scenic grunge is completely original then? I'll add a "noise-free" version then, but I still like the "noisy" version.

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2005

    well, I heard once that grunge and scenic walls don't go together. Which is kinda strange because I suppose it depends what kind of scenic wall you're talking about. I think grunge and scenic would have to go with those darker scenics like forest at night, dark alley way or something along those lines. Perhaps what is missing here is some sort of land mark. I see you did the floor, but well... yeah... I think that this type of scan would go more for an urban setting... but hey, what do I know? >.< Grunge and scenic... God knows... there are some good ones out there... but to be safe, methinks stick to one XP

  7. Terra-chan Aug 06, 2005

    XD Well I consider this an "Abstract Scenic" a scene that you might only see in some sort of dream. I don't find it hard to consider that someone would dream in Grunge scenics...

  8. vanny Aug 06, 2005

    The scratches takes too much attention away from the actual image. Tho I dont mind the noise as much, but I think its a bit overboard. Makes the grungy feel less appealing.

  9. flyindreams Aug 08, 2005

    After reading what you wrote about the "abstract scenic" a lot of things about the wall suddenly made a lot more sense, you should add that onto your wall description ^.~ Definitely the stars combined with grunge creates an interesting look. I agree with what most people said about two scans being "confusing", although I can see the wall being a little too empty on the left if the scan is gone, so... not sure what you can substitute in its place, but yah. I would've liked it better if the ground lines didn't overlap over the bigger Kino scan. Apart from that, I think it's nice that you're experimenting with different styles... *claps*

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