Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Said the Sakura

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook

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Artist Comment

Well, this is my entry for the arete competition that was held at Minitokyo.net
link to the results: http://minuial.net/arete/
it won "outstanding entry" which was more like 2nd place by looking at the scores.

basically, we were given an amano scan, and did what we wanted with it. and to be honest, i despised the scan we were given. i hated it with every fiber of my being, and her eyes scared the hell out of me when i was working on it. so, i decided..."screw this, i'm cropping them out" it was a design choice as well, but mainly due to the fact they just freaked me out.

i vectored the scan, trying to get amano's lines as perfect as possible. i decided...no color except for the sakura and lips, and went with it. it was to give it a ghosty look. i added texture basically to add to the creepy ghosty look, and i happened to come across an awesome poem that matched the wall perfectly. vectored in adobe illustrator, and finished off in photoshop. Th evector took a long time, but i think it payed off in the end. SO thats about it. I hated this scan, and made something i kinda sorta liked in the end. xD


Chosen by shinsengumi and euna

The design of this wallpaper is awesome. You can just tell that it 'pops out'. The vector work on the scan was extremely well done as kalicodreamz traced the outlines to perfection. Also, the choice of black and white goes extremely well with the design, and the red highlights on the lips and sakura blossoms work well. This is a beautiful piece of artwork from top to bottom, corner to corner. Simply gorgeous.

Proposed by shinsengumi and highlighted by euna.

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Browse Yoshitaka Amano Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ShiXon Apr 29, 2006

    yay first! heehee~
    finally kalico-san uploaded the amano wallpaper! i've been waiting for it n_n
    first off, i really like the idea of the monochrome image with a touch of red, somehow it has a tiny bit sadistic feelign to it. it's a good thing : D

    i really like the japanese theme on this wall, and how you cut her face from the nose down. nice concept ;]

  2. animefairy Apr 29, 2006

    It's pretty black and dark, but I can't resist the beautiful effects and techniques you added! I love the red and black colors! >_< It's just like a beautiful artwork! Keep it up, kalicodreamz! ^_^

  3. Dream24 Apr 30, 2006

    Love how you kept the colours very very simple. The red really emphasizes parts of the picture. Just breath taking! Awesome work! Hope to see more work from you!

  4. rica-san Apr 30, 2006

    oh noes, Kalico-pun, OH NOES! I forgot the comment I said at the previous time you submitted this wall! oh well, I guess I'll just have to make another commennt... -__-
    Well, as the one at the Arete site said, this wall's the outstanding entry. & I'm saying that this is the most outstanding entires from the others. Amazing stunning & sleek vector as usuall, makes it to have a "silky" feel. Just like what I said at the previous comment, the woman..I feel that she's ultra creepy. ahh, Yoshitaka Amano's artwork are soo creepy, & gave me the creeps, but it really goes to Japaneese culture. oh, where was I? oh yeah, btw, I really love the texture, also the red bloody sakuras. & the font is awsome! Altough a little creepy. Awsome job, Kalico-pun, & congrats on the contest! I'll definaetly add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome work!

  5. anji May 01, 2006

    This is just too nice XD
    I don't think I need to see the eyes. I think it was a really good idea to crop them, it adds some mysteriousness.
    Love the flowers...
    Thanks for sharing, sorry nothing really constructive to say lol

  6. phamthuha May 01, 2006

    I love this art ^_^ And i can see clearly you have make a wonderful vector art, sweetie ^_^ Love this one so sure my fav >__<! Keep it up since i found Yoshikata Amano so amazing now ^_^

  7. evilchunli May 01, 2006

    very pretty. i like how the red lips and red petals stand out but the background is still noticable, fave+

  8. markjo May 01, 2006

    My favourite of the Arete entries.
    Probably due to the choice of colours, retaining the original Amano-san style but mostly because of the scan usage. I don't agree with you on the 'creepiness' of the eyes (I find them alluring and very characteristic of Yoshitaka Amano's art), but cutting them off gave the wallpaper a new look. Now it seems to have gained a very sensual and sexual touch, as it concentrates on the nape...
    The text and its style add kind of uneasiness to the whole wallpaper making the overall piece look fresh & unique.

  9. AkaiTsubaki May 01, 2006

    wonderful work!

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator May 03, 2006

    forgot i never commented yet. Well this is my favorite entry for Arete, great job on it~

  11. ayaki May 03, 2006

    i was shocked by Tama's wall..and now this.
    It looks sooo amazing.
    a powerful image. It doesn't give me that creepy, ghostly look..but kinda a seducing..mysterious feel...maybe becoz of the red lips '_'a

    haha her eyes do look a bit odd.

    awesome job!~ kalico.

  12. Sevz May 04, 2006

    Mysterius.....I like it^^

  13. Risha May 04, 2006

    I really like it. I like the glowing round the lips and it is a really smooth vector. Good job!

  14. ArtificialRaindrop May 04, 2006

    I guess we can agree on something big here: The scan scared the hell outta me to the first time I looked at it. Actually I'm not a big fan of Amano art anyways, but you managed to take a freaky piece of art an make it beautiful! Okay, I guess it's still freaky, but it has a smooth elegance because of the vectoring and the contrast between greys and red. And now I don't have to worry about the eyes staring at me from my userpage when I fav it ;) It's gorgeous!

  15. acido May 05, 2006

    wow!... i lov the work you did in the hair and for the textures in the kimono--- it is really really good.... congrats!

  16. icyrain May 05, 2006

    A beautiful, mysterious, yet somewhat creepy image. I really don't know what to think about it. Are you trying to draw on the legend that says that Sakura trees have pink blossoms because bodies are buried beneath them? The blood stains the flowers pink/red. I don't know... That's what it makes me think of.

  17. Sugarbyte May 05, 2006

    wow! so beautiful! I love the monotone colours with the striking red! amazing picture :)

  18. tehpooch May 07, 2006

    Nice work. Added to faves XD

  19. JKLeganes May 07, 2006

    dark and beautiful :) You are a real artist, I'll look out for more of your walls

  20. UchihaTaijiya May 09, 2006

    Very beautiful!

  21. sadotsu May 09, 2006

    I went to the original contest site, and you're right, the eyes just give off a feeling of evil. I'm glad you cropped them off! They would have given me nightmares - -;;
    I love the lips, and the little fade that was used on them.
    The whole wall reminds me of a manga called Mizu ni Sumu Hana. And the mood really fits the whole "sakura trees are pink because of the blood from the person buried under them" thing.
    Super pretty~!

  22. mechanical-angel May 09, 2006

    lovely ^^

  23. bromithia Retired Moderator May 10, 2006

    Simply one of your most mysterious and high quality wallpapers. That vector must have been a pain to do! Good job Kalico!

  24. alien21xx May 13, 2006

    I must say, for a scan that you hated, you turned up something really lovely. I like the monochrome and the way you chose for only the lips and the sakura to have color. Makes the picture very striking. :>

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