Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Snow-white Rose-red

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Finally able to submit my Arete entry
(see here or here for more contest details)

I made this wall right after the selection was made of this scan for the competition, which was way back in February, so forgive me while I attempt to reconstruct my process...
When I first saw the scan, I admit I was not excited...it was very typical Amano and I had been hoping for a more unique and perhaps lighter scan that would be more background friendly...plus...I'm not a personal fan of pink
However, after playing around with the scan, I hit upon the idea of reworking the colors (despite a desire to preserve the Amano goodness) to reflect the fact that the lady creeped me out ^_^' Plus...I was super excited when the idea of flipping the scan hit me on the head...DOKI

After that, several days flew by as I devoted large chunks of time to recoloring and cleaning/touching up the new color scheme plus adding things like extra petals
I knew I wanted to get a deep death/blood red contrast with a bright white but realized that a lot of great details got lost in the darkness...so I tried my best to bring them back subtly...especially the hair...gomennasai for my meager skill
The text is special to me cause usually I'm not a text person but I planned this into the wall while it was still in progress...the title to reflect the colors and the poem excerpt to reflect the subtle death that I associated with the lady (think Snow White's stepmom...hehehe) I amused myself by painting little flowers on the text as well...final touch was the lighting

Technical details: basically lots of painting, lots of hours, and lots of layers :D

Ok...done with the description essay...domo arigato if you made it through
Don't forget to check out all the other Arete entries :)

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  1. flyindreams Apr 29, 2006

    I liked this one the best out of all the Arete entries :) I'm glad the results are finally out so I can finally fav this... my favorite one out of all your recent walls :D

  2. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Though all of the entries were highly original, this one stood out immediately because cyd84 decided to be nonconformist and flip the scan around. That bit of reflective manipulation, as well as settling upon the theme of Snow White by highlighting the whites and reds in the original scan made for what is certainly a very good wallpaper.

    Great work! Keep it up!

  3. Regenbogen Apr 29, 2006

    Hello cyd84,

    Since I am late in time and I have to work for university. I am just copying what I wrote as a judge. Sorry for that...

    Oh finally someone who rotated the Character. And I think it is working well. For me, this is the 2nd best entry of this competition. It's no vector but still it simply uses the scan and preserves its original beauty. I tried using it as my wallpaper and I didn't feel annoyed of it... I also enjoy the topic "Snow-white, rose-red" even though the red is a really brownish red...apart from the lips. The waller manages to use the original scan, without changing much, and to create a nice atmosphere for it which works pretty well as a wallpaper. I don't know about all the text...but I can accept it for this wallpaper and as I said I did use it as such. ;)

    Congratulations for the great work...! As I already said in my judging I would have placed your wallpaper higher. ;) But well... Art is always subjective... I've used your wallpaper on my desktop and I still love it... :) So + fav

  4. uchiha-vegeta Apr 29, 2006


  5. Kabura Apr 29, 2006

    OH! HOY! HOY! HOY! Cyd84-chan! Such a great wall! She looks like a beautiful queen! It seems that you have used 3 to 4 different colours only!

    Sooo Cool! XD

  6. DREAM Apr 29, 2006

    best Arete entry by far and your best work....

    + favs + desktop

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Just... wow.
    Love the way you made the scan all dark and stuff. It's so different from the original!
    The woman really creeps me out though >.<
    Anyway, excellent job and a fav for sure!

  8. pitbull Apr 29, 2006

    that cool pic.

  9. ShiXon Apr 30, 2006

    i like how you did cluster the wall with too much effects, and i like texturized walls 8d
    nice job <3

  10. k1ru Apr 30, 2006

    sooo cool~ <3
    really lovely~
    dark, simple, and. beautifull....

  11. annakee May 01, 2006

    wow! tremendous work! I loved it and also, it is not vectorial ( I don't have anything against the vectors, but traditional painting inspires me bigger respect). so kawaii.
    fav++ for me ^_^

  12. chisaikame May 01, 2006

    oh.. lovely, it's more ominous looking than the scan... like a geisha assasin.. very well done.. it reminds me of an old photograph or dyed fabric... sugoi. :)

  13. M-UK May 01, 2006

    It's beautiful. The colors give it a dark mysterious feel to it. Great Job. Fav.

  14. jomjaikap May 03, 2006


  15. ayaki May 13, 2006

    eerie @_@
    and yes.....her eyes look scary ...
    but i absolutely love how you keep the wall's focus on her, and nothing else.
    + the rusty red too.
    excellent job!~

  16. markjo May 15, 2006

    A great entry for the contest - the colour and quality of the wallpaper (the paint-like texture or whatever that is) reminds me lot of Kei Toume's art.
    Plus, the poem sounds so familiar, I think I've read it during my studies at uni :) .

  17. DrakenImmortal Jun 17, 2006

    a beautiful image, graceful and serene in the darkness of night
    Thank you for sharing
    Much appreciated

  18. Sabbathiel Feb 07, 2007

    this is one of my favorits black/white wallies from MT
    the texture is amazing... this work looks brilliant :)
    good work

  19. greenemerald Feb 25, 2011

    i just LOVE her headdress!

  20. HUCONGWEI Feb 28, 2011

    It's beautiful. The colors give it a dark mysterious feel to it. Great Job. Fav

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