Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Amano: Lady and Fan

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My Arete Entry, which won Honorable Mention.
Process: I extracted the character with Illustrator's pen tool before hitting upon a second idea which did not require extraction. (Doh!) Instead, I used the stamp tool to extend the picture horizontally. Then I scanned my sandlewood fan and reproduced its cut-out patterns in Illustrator. I took the finished fan and dropped it into Photoshop. For each slat of the fan I duplicated the image and rotated it slightly; each slat is rotated 1deg relative to the slat next to it. Then I added in some wood textures and played with the blending modes until I got the right painted wood effect I wanted. Add some shadows and some bevel so that the slats were more well-defined and three-dimensional and that portion was done. I wanted to make a very simple background so that the focus was entirely on the fan. At first I experimented with some repeating patterns but it felt too busy and off-skelter. Then I tried to use a wood texture, as if the fan was on top of a table, but there was not enough contrast between the wooden fan and the wooden surface. I decided to combine the two ideas, so the fan is on top of a patterned tablecloth on top of a table, which allowed me to add a spot of color and contrast to the fan and table without it looking too abstract and bizarre.
The title of this piece is fairly obvious; it's a lady and a fan. To keep with the traditional Japanese feeling I wrote the text in Japanese only, placing it so it appeared to be painted on the fan.
I thought it would be interesting to have the lady painted on a fan. I used to have a very nice cloth Japanese fan that had a lady painted on it, and it always made me think of The Tale of Genji. Since the contest image had a lady in a traditional Japanese kimono, I figured it only made sense to continue with the theme. I definately didn't want to make grunge or scenic (or a mixture of the two) since my previous Amano walls were like that, and it's always more fun to test out new ideas, placements, and concepts. I also didn't want to vector it because I have too many other vector projects, and one needs variety in design, as in life. Also, the hair looked like a pain to trace.The 'object on a table' design as been done before (I've done several myself) but these items are invariably photographs or postcards or drawings on paper. I don't recall seeing anyone doing a fan before. I like it because it adds a touch more three-dimensionality to it than a piece of paper ever could.
+ The wood texture in both the table and the fan was shamelessly ripped out of my FMA "Central Times" wall because I didn't want to go looking for new wood textures.
+ That the curve of the lower cutouts in the fan matches with the curve of the lady's shoulder is entirely coincedental. I had dropped the fan in, resized it appropriately, then dropped in the scan at 100%, and lo and behold, after moving it around a bit, they fit almost perfectly! Why mess with a good thing?
+ At one point the file size was over 900mb. (This was, of course, because I was working at the original size of the scan and had 21 copies of it; one for each slat. Really, don't try this at home, unless you like waiting five minutes for Photoshop to save.) Kalico laughed at me when I told her.
+ One of the slats didn't get rotated properly. Oops. It was in the middle of a set, too, so by the time I noticed I had already merged it with the other slats and it was too late to change it. I'd already had to remake the entire fan twice, I wasn't going to remake it a third time, even if during the second time I realized how to prevent the file from reaching 900mb.
Additional resolutions are available at DA! Desktop Anime


Chosen by shinsengumi and euna

It's rare for shinsengumi to propose something for a highlight. This wall must be pretty good then - that was what I thought first - and I wasn't disappointed by it.

This wall is simply marvellously done. It's originality is something Tama-Neko should be well praised upon. Really, how many of us would look at that scan and come up with an idea to put the lady on a fan? It has turned out beautifully. Tama's done a great job adding that extra shades and bevels to make the whole fan look very realistic. The composition is well-done, and you can hardly complain about a nice piece of artwork that is both original and beautifully created.

Tama-Neko has well deserved her Honorable Mention, and her computer too for handling 900mb of hard, but worthwhile processing.

Proposed by shinsengumi and highlighted by euna.

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Browse Yoshitaka Amano Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Of all of the Arete entries, this was my favorite, not only because it was so well-done, but because the design simply clicked, as the winning scan translates well into the (very original) fan concept, and the very realistic look of the work set it apart from all of the other entries.

    Great work, as always!

  2. nolove Apr 29, 2006

    what? 900Mb? an incredible size *______*
    another wonderful submit of Arete, the idea and texture and vector wall beautiful.
    the color also a great great point of this wall with wood and everything >.<
    +fav for sure

  3. euna Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    900mb? O__O
    My computer can't even handle running Photoshop or Illustrator CS2 (no wonder I stick to older versions xD).

    Anyway, I can't believe you came up with such an idea. You must be carrying "The ultimate guide: Ideas and Concepts for Wallpapers". I need such a thing and I wish there was one. xD I can't say much for this wall other than the fact that it's simply awesome (because I've said everything else in the highlight comment). It can't get much better than this, and forget that one little mistake - I could hardly care less. Great wallpaper Tama-sama (you deserve this rhyming title) >_<
    Just fabulous <3

  4. phamthuha Apr 29, 2006

    Ha ha When I read the last part of your discription i realise Kalico is a girl XD
    Okay then 900mb? My work get to 100mb and i have to del all of those redundant stuff... It of course got down but well I can see that 900mb is your only choice ^_^
    Yup, When i open my work I always have to wait for about 2 mins.... now i am sure to open this file it will takes my PC's breath +__+

    Back to the wall ^_^ I have to admit that i REALLY love kimono wallie ^_^ And in this wallie, you haven't fall my expectation since it is SO good XD The handy fan is REALLY excellent and that makes this wallie unique ^_^ Just the bg is a bit sharp to my eye and i guess it is the only point I can strictly complain ^_^

    Very very nice done wallie this time, Tama-san ^_^ I guess i will add it to my top of top fav ^_^ Thankie for your hard work ;)

  5. Sandra Apr 29, 2006

    It's something incredibly amazing ! I just love it , everything , definitly deserves the highlight !

  6. AngelKate Apr 29, 2006

    900mb?! I think my computer would freeze. Seriously. This laptop has shitty RAM XD

    Anyway...this is just gorgeous. All the textures and patterns fit really well. The fan is amazing O_O I can tell that this took you a lot of work. A well deserved highlight. :)

  7. littleursa Apr 29, 2006


  8. Tasana Apr 29, 2006

    oooh very original, the scan is excellent! great job :) * dLs*

  9. rene3088 Apr 30, 2006

    900 mb? Omg ..

    Really nice concept and 8click* wow....

  10. Dream24 Apr 30, 2006

    Gorgeous just gorgeous! You have done wonderfully with this particular wallpaper. There is an elegant feel to it. Great job!

  11. shioriyukino Apr 30, 2006

    just love it!

  12. markjo May 01, 2006

    It is one of the most technically skillful wallpapers I have seen here.
    And, as usually, you amaze most of us with your ideas - the touch of reality is a nice add-on to Yoshitaka Amano's art.

  13. ayaki May 03, 2006

    what a concept.
    really..i don't know what to say.
    what a twist to the yoshitaka's art.

  14. Hellios May 04, 2006

    OMG! It's too goood! Waaaa Why I can't make walls like that ;_; aaa well, good work tama =D! * Have I already said that I'm your fan XD~?*

  15. animefairy May 05, 2006

    Wow....very beautiful, just simply beautiful! XD It looks like those ancient art galleries in Japan! The lady looks so pretty and pure! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  16. Lady-Lotus May 05, 2006

    Ooo....i really like the idea of this wall.
    very beautiful.
    love it.

  17. UchihaTaijiya May 09, 2006

    Very beautiful! and creative!

  18. icyrain May 26, 2006

    A very lovely image. The woman is very pretty, and I like the fan. It does add a three-dimensional quality to it.

  19. PrairieDogGuy2006 Aug 15, 2006

    This is too kool to add to my "FAV" file ! What the hell, I'm going for it ! I am enjoying looking at the artwerk, lots of love went into this werk ! Smile @___@ !

  20. Tane-chan23 Apr 11, 2010

    thank you so much for this pic, is so amazing!

  21. greenemerald Feb 25, 2011

    the sheer delicacy of this intricate designs in this image are fascinating!

  22. NineTears Jun 12, 2011

    her artwork somehow creeps me out but i still love it ^^

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