Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: AMANO: Tree of Life

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin, Vector Art Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook Vector Art Source

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TheUnderappreciated Group:: join us today for a good cause

Scan: The Dreamseer by DREAM

I promise to you all this is the LAST thing I'll submit in a while. The only reason why I submitted this was because everyone else was submitting Arete entries and most probably wanted to know who made it. Yeah, twas me.

RESULTS: http://minuial.net/arete/ and amazingly this scored highest o_0 Onto the descript.

I voted for this scan because I thought it was interesting. But I never intended on using it. Oops.

This wall basically evolved. I was going to go with Judge C and have the whole wall concentrated on her hair. And then I thought "hell I hate having so much hair... and she's no Sadako... no!" and I faced a problem with the right side being empty. I wanted to incorporate a tree but there was no way in hell I was going to make it all blooming with happy flowers because that just ain't right. I read some judges comments about the tree- when I first finished it I felt I could do something more with it, but the whole thing looked like a cut out anyway and I felt that because the scan looked disfunctional, the tree should too. It was not really trying to mimick a reality- and I'm apparently terrible with trees. The same thing happened with YUMEKAZE. Unlike YUMEKAZE, I drew this tree freehand with a mouse- and in yumekaze the tree was actually on the scan -_- I think there's something in the air... tree vs misa... 2-0. Damn.

So it all came together almost coincidentally that the character is the roots of the tree, and the tree is growing out from her- the art of Amano forms the land. I named it (not a song either!) AMANO: TREE OF LIFE, because simply, his art is like a tree. So I'm glad the concept got through :)

I didn't really like what I did with the scan. But then I liked it after a while when I set it on the desktop. For some quirky reason it brought out the weirdness in me. The white puffs on the left were actually some sort of flower (peonies or something of the sort) I took from another Amano scan- thus determining the background colour of the wallpaper. So the white stuff at the bottom is technically snow. But I don't really care how people interpret it- is it a sky? A screen? Or is the whole thing a big billboard? It's your call.

Last note on the overlaid text, it was meant to be so faint that you couldn't see it. I read some comments and realised (after turning my screen brightness from 30% to 100%) that you could really see it -_- (syntax error) My intention was for the text to be BARELY seen. You know the text is there but you can't make out the words. So I turned the opacity of the text down in this version. I won't get rid of the text, simply because they contribute to the concept of the wall:


PS: omni's not here, but the whole point of Arete was to awaken SchattenRand. The group has been so lonely, and mistaken for being some kind of hate mail machine- but the comments on the results page are the comments we try to aim for. Viva SR!

PPS: The small text could easily go. And same with the clouds. I never really liked them in the first place. But I'll be lazy for once and just stay stern and say "YARITAKUNEEEE >O<"

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  1. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    Fisrt post! As I noted in my Arete comments. . .

    Simple and clean, elegant and effective. This entry certainly makes for a very good wallpaper, and the idea of drawing the pattern on the kimono into a tree that blossoms from the flowers in the subject's hair is extremely novel, making very creative use of elements of the scan and weaving them into something completely different.

    Kudos to misa for being able to flesh out so whimsical and imaginative a concept!

  2. nolove Apr 29, 2006

    i always do love kuroimisa wall >.<, this is clear, detailed and beautiful, didnt know about the Arete :sweat: but when i visit, 1st time luv ur the most :nya: , and just found out the meaning of this wall, tree of life hohoho ^O^ that's how cool.
    a fav definitely for ya :nya:

  3. Tama-Neko Apr 29, 2006

    Just wanted to say, congrats! I love the concept and the colors of this wall. Yeah, my monitor settings are pretty bright; I was one of the people who remarked on that :P And the "puffy cloud shapes should have been sharp-edged to match the rest of the wall!" But you know me. Nitpicky to the extreme XD

  4. phamthuha Apr 29, 2006

    Your style always make me fall in love with ^_^ The vector art is always beautiful ^_^ But... this time only I think the scan you deal with is too sharp +__+. while the bg is too blurry....
    But i guess it is alright since i love your work so much ^_^ I love Kimono too ;) Sure fav from me XD

  5. Regenbogen Apr 29, 2006

    Congratulations to winning Arete, Misa! I overslept so I am late in time... that's why I will copy my comment that I already made about it as a judge of Arete... ;)

    In my opinion this is the best entry of Arete. Why? It is really difficult to vector Amano's art and to make something good out of it. This entry even creates a new theme of the original scan, manages to set it into something really different. By doing so this waller shows true originality and creativity. I enjoy looking at it... and wow what an idea, Amano tree of life! ;) The body becomes earth, it's so far from the original image but still refers to the original art... what more was there to expect in this competition? The only minus I have are the letters. In my idea they were not needed. Same goes for "Amano tree of life". It would have been enough to give this title to the whole wallpaper and we would have understood it. Apart from that really well done. I love the hair, looks as if it was flying in the wind and at the same time it seems to be another connection to the tree. I admire the originality that is displayed here.

    The letters in the background can be seen less now. :) I understand that you want to keep them. But the "Amanoe tree of life"... I still don't understand why it has to be there. The image already expresses it...

    I am so impressed with your originality. And I did like the minimalistic use of hair.
    Sad that this will be your last submission for a while... I hope the break won't be too long.

  6. BlackRoses Apr 29, 2006

    Beautiful! You did a great job with the vectoring and the background is awesome :)
    I'll put this in my favvs ;)

  7. Lamaros Apr 29, 2006

    great style! cool color choice
    its cool that on this wall are no black lines
    10 from 10 points;)

  8. Sandra Apr 29, 2006

    Original , Awesome , Great , New , Clean , Fav XD

  9. cardmage Apr 29, 2006

    Misa... I thought you were about to start a submitting spree again after seeing in the notifications that you had yet another wall... And then I just had to read that its the last you're submitting in a while... Oh well...

    Comments... You know, when I first looked at the wall on my desktop, I thought it looked weird. I then tried to pinpoint what I thought was so weird about it. Then something strange happened... I realized I was starting to like the wall a lot. Then I stared at it trying to post something nice about the wall... Then I realized I liked it a lot because of how weird it seemed. Does that make sense? I wouldn't use the word original... but I suppose you can think of it that way... Interesting tree... Of your 3 recent submissions I like this one the most.

  10. acid-awakening Apr 29, 2006

    What are the brown coloured thing on her clothes, the trees shadow is it? The tree is good. And the sun looks funny because it's so dark. Anywayz... nice work... Thanx for Sharing

  11. ShiXon Apr 30, 2006

    aww i wish i could enter the contest :(
    well anyway i love the concept on this one and the hair is.. turning into a tree? o.o;; lol ;d
    ana yay for her pink kimono, the scan is one of my most favorited amano scan and you walled it so nicely misa-san! keep submitting your awesome works nee :nya:

  12. rene3088 Apr 30, 2006

    first I thought it's usual wall, but when I download it...
    it really georgeus,looks unique ...

  13. Rhonda21 Apr 30, 2006

    Such an elegant and beauty of a wall. I really like it. Wonderful Job!

  14. k1ru Apr 30, 2006

    arete arete! <3
    i see many arete entries on the wall~ XD
    but i havent see yours, misa-san!
    unique wall, plus the great vector, makes the wall looks beautifull!
    how can u do it? it must be hard to vector amano's work! >.<
    i'm so so jealous at ya... :3

    but, yea, this wall is simple, clean, and elegant. but i think the background doesnt fit the chara much... dont know why...
    beside that, the wallie is gorgeous!

  15. CagalliYulaAttha91 May 01, 2006

    wowie.....this ish beautiful...this ish so unique ! like k1ru said this ish simple,clean and elegant ^^ keep up your good work ! +favies

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator May 03, 2006

    Interesting scan, interesting wall. The vectoring for this one blows my mind. I like the dose of pop that you've injected into this very traditional-looking image. Very stylish.

  17. ayaki May 03, 2006

    vector of yoshitaka art . 0_0 daring move.
    and yet u managed to keep his style.
    still astonished by the originality here. >_<
    always amazes me..misa ^^
    awesome job!

  18. DREAM May 14, 2006

    : performs very deep bow :
    sorries for the ultra-late reponse here.. :(

    jeez, you win art contests like millionaires buy Ferrari's... congrats..
    i suck at contests and shall never enter another.. lol

    i must say i was dissapointed this scan was selected for the contest since to me it's complete.. still haven't made a true Amano wall yet..

    your wall: the tree of life was a great idea. im assuming you are referring to the Assyrian influenced now Jewish inspired "Kabbala" sp? where's the fruit that gives immortailty though?
    i was thinking of grabbing some [fruit] so i can suffer through another few thousand years..
    not sure about all these coments re: "incorrect monitor settings". i mean certain accomplished waller's talk of not properly cailibrating there monitors? seriously lost..
    the clouds are fine..

    the crit i have is -- im not sure this is an Amano artwork that lends itself to vectoring well since the work loses some of its essence or soul. and also im not sure about how her eyes were changed.. i do like the hair and your vectoring was excellently done as well as the tree.

    congrats on your win, Lady Misa..
    please- please don't stop walling...

  19. daisuki-daisuke May 21, 2006

    I love this vector [+fav]... must've taken a long time to make. It's really really pretty, totally deserves the highest mark ^___^

    Somehow this wallpaper's really simple but extremely elegant. Great job.

  20. asianspirit Jul 17, 2006

    Quote by misatree vs misa... 2-0. Damn.

    XD silly misa.

    Anyway, it seems like simplicity is been used a lot in your walls as of yet (i still have a list of notifications to go through.. x_x) as for your hair ordeals.. i like the wispy-ness of it. it makes it more fre flowing and life-like. not just the normal blop of color.

    and the textured background is cool too. simple yet very significant, according to my taste. X-P and it adds a nice contrasting blend to your "flowers" on the left side.

    oh and on the side note.. yah tree is tah DIE forrah, shuugarahh.. (flaps her hand like some old woman with a lisp) XD

  21. Billy85 Aug 07, 2006

    the wall looks nice..i have been ever like this style.The bg is nice too.And the name is cool "tree of life" but i didn't understand is there some reson.

  22. Alcyndore Dec 06, 2008

    I don't know if I can say anything that hadn't been said yet. But it is so beautiful. It is just like ancient Japanese paintings. It just takes your breath away. Great work at those miniature details. It's true craft working with that. Amazing effects! It has beauty and depth! Thank you!

  23. ngakyuklim Feb 15, 2010

    u have a great style of making wallpapers XD

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