Range Murata Wallpaper: W.A.R. 1-1 ~ A Childhood Promise

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Layers: 52
Time period: approximate total 24-30 hours
Inspirational Music: Venus Say - Opening Theme for Twin Spica and Tobira (Gon and Killua version) - Image song from Hunter x Hunter
Techniques: Brushing, Vectoring, Patterns, Blurring, Burning, Extraction, Recreation, Filtering, Color Manipulation
Scan Used: http://download.minitokyo.net/thumbs/27600.jpg- Monkey Kids - by MadMover

Made for W.A.R. Round 1 ~Infatuation~
I don't know too much about Range Murata, or his works, but I am familiar with his art style. There were a few scans by him that I found very interesting that inspired me for a wall but they had 2 very different feelings and I decided to go for "cute and fun" instead of "sweet and innocent". So well... since I don't know anything about the origin of these characters, I guess I kinda came up with my own story to explain my wallpaper... ^_^; It's kinda silly.

In a hidden valley live the monkey people... everyday humans that have monkey tails. They have their own technology and civilization. Two children played in their courtyard and made a promise with their tails to always be together and get married when they grow up.

Very simple... nothing special... And very cute! XD I'd extracted the scan and decided that I might not want them together like they were in the scan so I seperated them and recreated some of the boy's arm, hand and torso using the Clone tool. Then I went to figuring out placement and stuck the two characters in the wall, fiddled a bit and loved the idea of them joining their tails like a pinky swear... except with tails. It's an innocent form of infatuation and a common element in many stories where there's an innocent promise made in childhood that becomes a problem later on when the two grow distant or others won't recognize the promise. I wanted to express a simple and pretty scene with elements of childish fun. Originally the idea was like a mountain-top park, but By the time I reached the point of doing a sky, blue and sunset colors were so extreme a contrast to the rest of the wallpaper that they took it over, so I changed it to a valley to keep the muted earth tone theme consistent. I've had comment that the white tree bark was a little odd, but I like it and in fact it's based on birch trees where I grew up. Their bark is really pretty and unique I think ^_^ The Fountain and the benches come from a renai game screen that I had, I enlarged and vectored them for the wall. The trees, chalk, wall and grass are done from scratch using pentool and brushes. The building in the background is actually Notre Dame XD. I found a nice 3D render of it and thought it would fit my wall so I extracted and filtered it to look like it belonged ^_^

After setting it aside for a while I added some burning on the back wall for depth, "crackled paint" pattern brush on the "cobblestone/pavement" area and 1px free-drawn cracks on the fence wall.

I hope you enjoy my innocent infatuation wall "A Childhood Promise" ^_^ I worked REALLY hard on it and it's become the most work I've put into a wallpaper...
A comment on Originality - I think most people think of Infatuation as a very MATURE and DRAMATIC word and don't realize that it can also apply to the cute and innocent side of things. Most people use "infatuation" as another term for "crazy obsession" but really it just boils down to acting and feeling without thinking, and a childhood promise is just that ^_^

Progression Chart: http://img399.imageshack.us/img399/714/childspromiseprogress9gt.th.jpg

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  1. undeadsymphony Sep 13, 2005

    nicely done! i like the way you interpreted the scan as possibly being a form of young love and then expressing that by adding a background and re-positioning the characters. separating the characters must have been a challenge, and i can tell that you put some real effort into it. i also like the contrast between the elegant nature of the background (the building and statue) along with the foreground with the chalk to express their "innocent infatuation" with each other, even though to me they look like they could be in high school.
    but nicely done overall. :)

  2. fukushuusha Sep 13, 2005

    lol...really nice concept in this. great idea. there are 2 things bother me though
    I wish u vectored the scan also...stuff on bg looks vectorish and great but the manga style of the scan kinda lacks blending with those. And the other is that building... XD kinda ruining the top side
    but anyways...really nice composition again. I am sure u can improve it but this is a really nice wall :)

  3. himan Sep 13, 2005

    wow really kwaiii...... i really like it when u explain how it was done so that we noobs can get some helpfultips thanx 4 sharin....^_^

  4. Kazuya-chan Sep 13, 2005

    well , i noting to said it because this is really nice !!! thanks for shraing it !!!! jana~

  5. smilebit Sep 14, 2005

    there is definitely something special about this picture. that actually looks like the courtyard of my elemtary(doesn't look like it was spelled right.) school, minus the fountain.
    anyhow. completely dig this wall. everything just looks so kiddy and happy, besides the scary notre dame in the back. keep it real real.

  6. walkure245 Sep 15, 2005

    Aww~ I do like the idea. It's definitely fun and but I think the bg overshadows the couple a bit and seems to 'realistic' in comparison with the rest of the bg. Maybe take out the building and replace it with trees. This way, it will help with a more relaxed atmosphere. The extraction of the charaters are really well done and your reeditting was done nicely. The rest of the bg was done really quite amazingly. You really put a lot of work into it. Great work!

  7. Ying Sep 15, 2005

    This wall look really childish in a good kind of way!
    It must have taken forever to make! 0_0
    i just think the sky looks kinda strange and surreal and maybe a little more shadow under the tree........

  8. Sandra Sep 16, 2005

    <no favs ;_____;>

    It's a really great piece of work :D I really love the idea ! The bg is great too ! Me just don't like the building ...... don;t fits there for me . But overall amazing work !

    <no favs left ;_________; >

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