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Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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W.A.R. - Wallpaper and Art Revolution - Apiring Mafia
Entry for Individual Round 1 - "Infatuation"

The worst problem for me was the translation of the theme. Though the rules say something about extravagant love, I was pretty confused, so I looked it up in an English <-> English dictionary. It says:
"infatuation / a strong feeling of love for someone or interest in something, especially a feeling that is unreasonable and does not continue for a long time."
Since most of the entries for WAR were about love between women and men (or their shadows haha), I chose the second option.

This girl stole the old Scooty Puff Senior from her elder brother. But since she's underage (unreasonable), she didn't have a drivers licence. Still she drove around a lot. Some day she had the foolish idea of driving down the subway. However, she didn't think of any Mr Bananas lying on the floor. So having seen a dove, she wanted to chase it around. She didn't pay attention because she had a 'strong interest' in the stolen scooter (interest in something); it was comfortable and colored in baby-blue. The end of the story may be a little bit too bloody to wall it. So wasn't able to ride the scooter anymore. That's why I call it a 'short lived passion' (does not continue for a long time) - an infatuation.

If you want me to jump out of one of my three windows, tell me the stairs look weird. I'm just being on the second floor, but it may hurt a bit when I reach the floor, you know. The perspective was a pain in the butt and I'm still not happy about it. What I loved most were the details, like the cigarette stubs and dirty posters of a Blackstones-concert (Nana x Murata haha) and the new Animation 'Catch Range' (did anyone get the pun?). I noticed that there are many doves - flying rats, as my brother uses to say - in such subway stations, so that's why I added it. The most fun were the graffiti. Neat, aren't they?

I started with the vector of the scan on the second or third day of the contest. I hate the vector, it's ugly and it took forever. But I can't help it, the original scan was a little grungy.

Brushes: dirt (between the tiles and the floor) from 8nero (I think...)
Scans: Girl on scooter, Blackstones-poster, Movie-poster
Inspired by: German subways, Futurama and my Winamp

More resolutions at www.uchiki.de to come. Don't forget the Bleach Contest! You have 19 more days to submit your work!

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: zephiris26
Wall: PMK: Your Sweet Insanity
Reason: It's PMK, reason enough xD I really like this wall, the grunge is very nice and the position of the scan is very fitting. It's still very un-appreciated.

EDIT: Changed the graffiti-color, the stubs don't look too weird anymore (I hope), repaired some part on the stairs, the dove has more shading and so on.

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  1. evasion Sep 11, 2005

    Haha, very awesome wall :D It looks great! I love how you merged the scan into the bg ^_^. Well done! +fav+

  2. Yina Sep 11, 2005

    ahh.. funny story.. XD mhmm.. but why isn't the dove afraid of the scooter? It seems to be quite relaxed.. xDD don't worry about the perspective.. it's really great how you managed everything.. >.< nyahaha.. the dove looks so stupid.. >D

  3. Sandra Sep 11, 2005

    Amazing work Chibi , you rox too :D I have some WAR entries in my favs and this one goes there too :D My new colelction :P great :D

  4. ayaki Sep 11, 2005

    very interesting!~ the story is funny hehe :)
    the vector is not ugly -_-a
    and yea....infatuation automatically links to couple love...and u ..haha link between the girl and the stolen scooter.....really cool!~ haha
    great job!~ Go Mafia!~

    I think the cigarettes and the pigeon look kinda flat.
    The perspective looks fine.
    uhm.....that's about it. ^_^

  5. kai81220 Sep 12, 2005

    you vectored it? T__T makes the rest of us look bad chibikko XD

    anyway, the whole scene is very details, nice ^^
    i like how you took scans from both nana and range to make the posters cause it basically covers all the requirements XD
    lol i think youve clearly got the theme down, cause the little sister is doing many foolish things like riding down stairs oO, over banana peels oO, and being underage oO but most of all, what is she doing riding in the prescence of all those cigarettes ?!??!?!??!?!? XD lol or did she smoke too and throw em aside? jk XP

    only crit might be the ashes are a bit overly darkened maybe blur them a bit or lessen opacity.
    other than that, its all good ^^

    so many sceneric detailed walls......its gona be hard to win >___<
    good luck in WAR +fav

    ps. PMK eh? look at my sig
    vvvv the one and only perverted HEISUKE XD

  6. fukushuusha Sep 12, 2005

    another incredible vector work...
    i feel ashamed; I need to learn how to do the damn thing XD
    anyways...the wall looks gorgeous almost in every way. I just don't like how the blue part ends.
    combination of the scans and creativity is top notch...as always.
    I love that banana u put on that stairs...evil :)
    gorgeous work chibi

  7. ShueiTenshi Sep 13, 2005

    sweetly put in perspective X3 I am not quite fun of that green graffitit color maybe bluish one would be better? n_nX

  8. tian82 Sep 13, 2005

    Wah !! I love this wallpaper !! Well, she going to slip , I guess.... since I saw the banana skin at there stair there !! The poster at the behind is cool and I am wondering why the dove didn`t fly away when the bike is coming. Anyway, nice work !! You are awesome !!

  9. Nona Sep 13, 2005

    The graffity is funny :D Nice vector. The subways is like by us, in Hungary (the older) Poor girl...there's a banana....is she going to slip?

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 14, 2005

    It actually very impossible for a scooter to make the rider slip off the vehicle cos of a banana but i like it, I bet the pidgeon or dove gets squished by her falling off.... XD
    Lovely vecortor and nice use of the subway, urban scene. Nice work as usual Chibi! ^__^

  11. semanga Sep 16, 2005

    so unfall vorprogramiert die bananen schale wird ihr noch das laecheln vergehen XD XD XD
    what can i see u did a perfect work honey i wish i could do also so wonderful walls like u honey keep it up sweety
    du hast es drauf

  12. Kyuzo1 Sep 18, 2005

    Und schon wieder bin ich ein wenig spaet mitm kommentar T_T
    Sogar noch spaeter wie ich eigentlich wollte, denn mutter kam ins zimmer und hat das wall gesehen... also musste ich ihr erst laaaaaang und breit erklaeren was das fuern "bild" ist -_-''
    (Was echt nervig ist... ich erklaer es mal so: mutter + animes = passt nicht zusammen)
    This wall is really amazing. I love the idea with the posters and the nice details like banana or the pigeon (bin mir jetzt nicht sicher... ich meine damit die taube)
    And no... the stairs don't look weird.
    Umm... good colors... like always.
    But i also like the story. Especially the part with mr banana xD xD. I laughed my ass of :D :D
    Lord banana the evil devil. (Da wittere ich doch echt ne dicke story. Wird mr banana es schaffen das maedchen zum rutschen zu bringen? Oder soll man lieber von der "gerechten strafe" sprechen? Das und noch viel mehr... demnaechst...!!!) *sebistsobloed* xD xD
    Again... nice story xD
    Of corse a fav (not only because of the story ^_^'')
    +fav :)

  13. Skillzpay Sep 19, 2005

    Wow yet another chibikko wall that must've taken ages and tons of work. I'm liking all the different touches you've made to this to make it look like the character is riding out of the subway station or something along those lines. I think the big issue with this wall is the clash between the soft and simple parts, mainly your vectors, and all the sharper and harder environment of the wall. Also there needs to be more shadowing/lighting so it doesn't look so plain and not as flat. Still, this is a comendable job, it's still asounding to see all that you accomplished with this wall.

  14. lthnadml Sep 19, 2005

    Hehe very nice. XD . . . i like the banana. XD XD XD Lovely vector. :D

  15. blackfeverkiss13 Jun 03, 2010

    wah! the child looks so good.i love the way range murata creates his mopeds.

  16. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 14, 2014

    it's different and cute, really like the details to the background and the busy work within the background such as the bird and the stairs. also good details to the character too.

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