Range Murata Wallpaper: [RM: Life in the Red Room]

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was initially a wallpaper for the W.A.R contest but as of late I've been debating whether the "infatuation" theme in this piece is evident. The characters expressions were supposed to highlight the mood of the room. The room itself is a bold and daring red accented with strong oranges and yellows. The room itself should be putting forth a warm and strong feeling, somewhat like infatuation. It is the room that reflects the feeling, as opposed to the characters. I thought this might be a bit of an obscure idea and decided on a different wallpaper instead.

But I did spend ages and hours on this one.

There are 4 Range Murata scans used in this piece:
The wall hangings: One and Two.

The sitting subjects: One and Two

The remaining subjects in the room were mostly stock images plus a couple googled ones(the anime mags).

The table, walls, incense were all made from scratch.

It was actually really fun to make this wallpaper even though at times it was completely tedious to do the small things like try and keep the shadows all proper.

I threw some green plants in so that there was just a splash of cool coloring in the piece. I hope you like it! Im starting to like these kind of walls. :D So defined!

Comments and Favs really appreciated. Critique would be awesome. :D Thanks!

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  1. Kougaxgirl Sep 11, 2005

    OoOo! awesome!!! i love the scans...and the aurroundings., the colors are really pretty too!...oh this is so cool!!!! wonderful job sunira! hehe i love love love it!

  2. screenlooker Sep 11, 2005

    i like it
    although i dont know what series this is
    good job

  3. toxictea23 Sep 11, 2005

    It looks awesome. Extremely creative..although it looks very very odd in many ways..mostly because
    -you missed shadowing on the walls, especially since the characters are there, plants, a table and some books.
    -The books look odd especially since it looks they are floating in mid air,
    -perhaps adding a small window somewhre?

  4. Rhonda21 Sep 11, 2005

    I really like it. the scans are nice and the idea is great. nice job!

  5. lapuk Sep 11, 2005

    simply amazing..glad to have sunira back here in minitokyo, been awhile..hehe

  6. zakaro Sep 11, 2005

    all the images are well melt together...
    i wonder if i can do a thing like this in the future ^_^'
    of course i hope so...
    good job for this wall :)
    i like a lot this kind of wall, it will be good for me if you keep on with this kind of works...
    omg today i talk a lot about myself...

  7. soujiokita Sep 11, 2005

    Quote by toxictea23It looks awesome. Extremely creative..although it looks very very odd in many ways..mostly because
    -you missed shadowing on the walls, especially since the characters are there, plants, a table and some books.
    -The books look odd especially since it looks they are floating in mid air,
    -perhaps adding a small window somewhre?

    I think I have to agree with toxictea there. The plants look kinda flat. One of the table legs also look flat. But I really like the idea of this wall. ^^

  8. Yina Sep 11, 2005

    the wall looks a bit strange.. but I think apart from that.. great job.. wonderful composition and idea.. o.o it's so original... XD

  9. azndude88 Sep 11, 2005

    very casual and it is good that ^^

  10. Hawkeye3281 Sep 11, 2005

    I saw this one on another forum in one of those "show off your desktop" threads, and I'm really glad I was able to find it without icons all over it. I really like what you did with the paintings on the wall to make them look different than just a raw scan of those images. Nice job.

  11. fooblued Sep 11, 2005

    Kick a$$!!! Wonderful wall! It has great depth with the texture on the walls and floor. The plant in front looks a little flat, but the rest of the wall is good enough to pull the eye away from it :D

  12. Limefreak Sep 11, 2005

    wow yet another wonderful supreme wall from you sunira!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) ;) :) ;)

  13. Chiiksan Sep 11, 2005

    WOW sunira!!!That was very very neat!!I love it youll find it in my favs
    excellent work there

  14. kai81220 Sep 11, 2005

    nice to see a more detailed wall sunira ^^
    definitely you got my appreciation for the effort it takes to make this kinda stuff so some thumbs up XD
    eh but there are some details that can be reworked.
    the magazines were a great idea, but they dont appear to have any other pages other than the cover. too thin, add some thickness on the mags. then they wont appear to float on the table. the mag shadows also should be more clearly defined ie have a harder edge on the shadow cause they are so close to the table surface.
    also i like the incence but something about the container feels a bit playdoh-ish. maybe a solid cylinder with sand in it might work better as well.
    the plants seema bit flat for some reason, maybe having an actual inner shadow and some implied curves in some leaves might help the realism factor.

    i also think the couple on the right are at a strange angle relative to the table and other girl...hehe just me being picky but it really stands out as an obivous detail.
    last crit, promise XD
    the shadows from the plant in the corner should reflect that the walls do form a corner. ie the shadows on the far right wall should actually be a bit more bent.

    well thats my comment and i hope it helps cause i think these kind of walls are truly great works cause of the effort it takes to make it. hope to see more works from ya =P
    good luck with WAR ^^

  15. Spystreak Retired Moderator Sep 12, 2005

    Hmm it looks more like they are bored reather then infatuated. Oh well. It's still really nice. The Bg and the scans are blended well.

  16. Lenne Sep 12, 2005

    Great job!I just love the textures,and the colors are perfect match...just great!...favoriting imediatly! :D

  17. Haia Sep 13, 2005

    Woah....amazing! I love what you did with the table and the walls...very very pretty! It's kinda actually like they're waiting for their turn on something...not really sure... Anyways, the construction of this wallpaper is just amazing! Thank you so so much for sharing this with us!!! Keep doing what you do best and I'll be looking forward to your next one!!! +favie[I'm still at my limit so I'll have to fave this later...] Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >.<

  18. bbls Sep 13, 2005

    wow...this is a beautifully detailed wall...i luv your composition here, as well! the incorporation of the stock images with the background you created is wonderful and the blend seamlessly together. but the table looks kind of flat and not "grainy" enough, and the magazines look too thin. awesome work, sunira! :D

  19. fukushuusha Sep 13, 2005

    very unique wall indeed
    the combination is really well done...the perspective is gorgeous though there are some off parts. mehh...whatever a great wall non the less...

  20. timmy-kun Sep 13, 2005

    WOW :) Great Job Sunira. ^_^ I love the colors, room, background, and characters. I'll certainly add this to my favs. The shades and tones of the colors fit so perfectly. Keep up the great work.

  21. Chopstickz Sep 13, 2005

    The details look good and it looks pretty real
    but it just seems to plain to me, there doesn't seem to be much going on.
    Nice moody colors but they don't appeal to me.
    The posters on the wall contrast so much they appear pasted on, or something like that.
    Scenery is good, the plants and table and chairs.
    The texture of the wall doesn't make my eyes feel too good though ^^;
    Other than that, i think you did a pretty good job on it, clear that there was alot of work in it.

  22. Spidey-Matt Sep 14, 2005

    Wow I love this wallpaper it is very creative and unique ^^ It is very interesting to look at ^^ Keep up the great work ^^-Shira

  23. volrath77 Sep 16, 2005

    You've outdone yourself this time. Great work all around.

    i do have one comment tho' - the wall texture is a bit off at the top of the corner & closer one appears to have a slightly deeper colour and sharpness compared to the back wall.

    Other than that, this is a fine job.

  24. semanga Sep 16, 2005

    this looks so wonderful a different wall and i love it very much
    to bad that i have not fav for this week

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