Range Murata Wallpaper: It was LOVE, wasn't it? (WAR 1)

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Please read the description first, otherwise you wouldn't understand the meaning of this wallie!

A poet fell in love with a woman so much that they spent every moment they had together. Whenever he have the time, he writes poem and on one occasion, he wrote 50 poems in just a week.

One day, he decided to buy the cat for her since she wanted it so much. By the time he returned, the woman wasn't there and finds a letter from her saying that she won't be coming back. Suddenly, the world around him turned black. Then out of anger and sorrow, he threw all the poems that he wrote (look at the wallpaper).

His sub consciousness knew that he would die if he continued suffering like this and told his mind to forget the woman. (It's true, that one can even die by suffering too much.. o.o) The man, confused and not knowing what he's doing, sat on the couch and slowly, the image of the woman disappeared from his mind. That's why the photo contains only the shadow of her.

There is only one thought in his mind and he still doesn't know why. "It was love, wasn't it?
The spirit of the woman (the "snow") that nobody can see slowly floats out of the window.

The man really loved the woman. He was nearly obsessed by her. But it was a short love story and it ended tragically (for the man).
I wanted to show the bad side of infatuation. Never love someone/something so much that you can't let him/it go anymore.

I really thought a lot of about the theme infatuation. And that's my opinion about it.

Time: 12+ hours

W.A.R - Official site

More resolutions: www.Uchiki.de


Thank White-Zero, I was able to write in proper English. XD

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ocelotisun
Wall: Puppy LOVE [ W.A.R ]
Reason:Just have a look at that wallie. It's so original and full of lovely details! XD

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  1. evasion Sep 11, 2005

    Wow! Awesome story behind the wallpaper! It is very well done. Excellent work +fav+

  2. fukushuusha Sep 11, 2005

    someone is really showing off her skills ;)
    great composition...I am speechless to the blending and colors. u set the mood almost perfectly. maybe u could use another font but whatever...amazing work Yina.
    *sigh* I better finish my entry till tomorrow night :sweat:

  3. knightstar3 Sep 11, 2005

    wow, i really love the texture of the bg and it all fits so well. cool story behind it too! ^ - ^
    very nice! keep it up! ;)

  4. chibikko Sep 11, 2005

    it's great that you showed the negative side of infatuation, very original. and i love the story, it's sad but somehow you learn from it xD haha the brushes, the photo and so on, are gorgeous and i like the cute cat hehe xD i'm not a fan of romantic poems, but i hope the man will get over his lover.

  5. Sandra Sep 11, 2005

    You showed us how great waller you really are girl =D Amazing work , as always :D

  6. halcyonTwilight Sep 11, 2005

    Wow. A wall that has a real story and message behind it. It's not everyday that you see tha. Awesome work, both the story and the wall are really, really good :) Love and infatuation...you totally hit the message on the mark. +fav for true artistic skills ^_^

  7. sukie Sep 11, 2005

    mmm...the meaning is very deep in this wall! i like it~! cool brush work and super scan!! keep it up!! =D

  8. Kiki01 Sep 11, 2005

    such a sad story T^T i really love the wallpaper. so detailed and really awesome work. XD

  9. Nona Sep 11, 2005

    Sad story......but the wallpaper is really nice! Thank you for the sharing!

  10. ayaki Sep 11, 2005

    what a story....a poet and his lover.
    and poetry flying around. I especially like the frame u've added...
    kinda makes the mood even stronger. and his facial expression fits perfectly..haha
    great job Yina :)

  11. Ursula Sep 11, 2005

    It looks really good! I like the background and other stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  12. kai81220 Sep 11, 2005

    damn this scan actually matches the whole infatuation theme well >____< maybe i shoulda used it too..... =P

    its almost a drunken sadness you get from looking at the guy, definitely looks like he got dumped XD the whole room is done nice esp the fabric texture you put on the walls. the whole look works with the theme. seriously ^^
    probably the best infatuation look so far. +fav

    nice one

    remember to email it to >> wallartrev@gmail.com
    along with a little description or it will not be officially entered. im not sure whos email it is but it might be flyindreams

    btw i saved your logo and hosting it for the group XD hehe i didnt really have a prize prepared so i made you a mod ^__^' hope its ok

  13. DarkEVO Sep 12, 2005

    The criticism of House has ended. Back to old self.

    Well I'm back to my old self again. And a new wall by Yina. Well your background on this wall is a good one bu the polaroid frame could use a bit layer to make it white and also the hearts and papers unseen since I can see through it. But good work.

  14. jingjing1208 Sep 12, 2005

    The wall is so cool!!!!
    Oh,it's really a beautiful design with the scan!!Gives me another feeling with the other walls!!Great job!!+fav!

  15. white-zero Sep 12, 2005

    Like I said on MSN, it's awesome. With the story behinds it, it's very well composed. Nothing to say here.

  16. Akira-san Sep 14, 2005

    It's impressive how you told the story in the wall... very cool, and it's nicely done. great job ^^

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 14, 2005

    Wow i love the story of th ewhole wall Yina... its almost beauty all together and reminds me of me but it was a different kind of bad infatuation gone wrong.. but anyway the simplicity and originality captures the scene Great job as always! :P

  18. Shirahime Sep 14, 2005

    reading the story while staring at the wallpaper sent tingles down my spine. it was wonderful visualising the pain the poor man was going through and i agree with what you say, "Never love someone/something so much that you can't let him/it go anymore." good quote. thanks for sharing ^_^

  19. Sakura0chan Sep 14, 2005

    aww... That's a sad story... :(
    The wallpaper looks nice. ^^ You really did a good job with this wallpaper. :d
    i like the background... I like the window a lot!
    I think you should make the papers more realistic...
    Anyway, nice job with this one. ^^ Keep up the good work!

  20. Skillzpay Sep 18, 2005

    hehe what an explanation, I think you did a good job on your portrayal of infatuation here, I especially like the unique use of the photo frame to create the theme. Some of the white brushwork I think stands out too much in contrast to the rest of the wall, some more colors that would've blended in better with the bg imo would've helped it flow better. But aside from that though this is well done and certainly a unique take on infatuation.

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