Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: +-- Clueless Reasons

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Hermes, Kino Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Hermes Character Kino Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A collab by Saki and MC ..

Dedicated to: Rockie for her birthday pressie!

Saki says: o_o this one took a while.. and we had a lot of .. o_o bickering .. xD butbut in the end, we got along great and made this! *-*

extraction was done by mc >< since i hateee extracting, and while he was extracting, i kinda made a sample bg .... o_o then mc went and fixed it up, and sent it back to me... >.> and i fixed it up and added some more colors <3

now, voila~ colorful kino! *-*

Mc says: u_u no description from me .. u_u oh yeah, credits to tama-neko's o_o uhm .. texture!

Happy birthday Rockie!! <3 Sorry it's late!

More resolutions at Antique and Suki-Sanctuary <3

Saki says: ahahahha .. i've been showing Rockie my Work In Progresses ... and she didn't even have a clue it was for her <3 >.> That's why it's titled: Clueless Reasons... Love ya babe!

Rockiee says:
Rockiee says:
that wall... was for me??
shyxsakura says:
Rockiee says:
Rockiee says:
shyxsakura says:
that's why it's titled: clueless XD
Rockiee says:
omg, awesome awesome awesome... you know, ever since you first sent it to me, it's been on my desktop. XP
Rockiee says:
Rockiee says:

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  1. meteorcloud Aug 23, 2005

    yaya~! it's done :3~!
    rofl no description from me......
    here it is:
    the result is good =O~! altough ...the work on it...was kinda...like saki said....bickering ...lol XD different tastes are difficult to work together.....but I'm happy with the result ^^

    edit: the....file is kinda B.I.G. thnx to saki XD~!

  2. himeno22 Aug 23, 2005

    very interesting................
    thats all i have to say^^

  3. PANDAgirl Aug 23, 2005

    Hey, it's pretty cool. I like how it's somewhat simple and I like the gundge-like textures :3 Heheh...I also like the cogs in the back O_o Nice scan btw Great collab! Yay for Saki and mc!!!

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2005

    not a bad dark/abstract/grunge type :D

    nice colors..pink?....mc is gay <_< XD

  5. Chopstickz Aug 23, 2005

    bg looks a lil randow but its still really pretty
    but the character n bike look a bit dark n its weird
    how theres a shadow on him when there's nothing
    to cast the shadow in the wall but it still pretty good overall ^^

  6. gundragon Aug 23, 2005

    Look pretty good :?
    Nice mix of color and texture
    Nice wall skai

  7. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2005

    First, happy birthday Rockie (you can never say happy birthday too much, nyah)

    I like the backround, and the idea is pretty original if you ask me. The shapes are cool, especially with the words / letters grunge on top. The colors are okay, they don't really blend with the scan completely though (the scan is mainly greens while the backround is pinks and yellows) The shapes also come off alittle too sharp in some areas, and they are kind of noticable. But good job on the overall grunge, it is an improvement since your previous ones, I think so atleast.

  8. rocknroll-isgo Aug 23, 2005

    My birthday gift is insulting me. :sweat:

    Well, you know how much I love this... I told you like, what, 20 times? XP
    No critiques whatsoever. I like the choice of colors --- it's different for a kino wall. (Ignore Piggy Brom. *stabs him* Shaddup.) But really, the abstract and grunge kicks ass. ^^ You two did a great job. I can't thank you guys enough! *tackles you both*

    <3 ya Sakiiiii!

  9. YugureKaze Aug 23, 2005

    happy birthday to you rockie

    the bg looks really great, it looks great for a Kino's Journey wall
    espcially because of all the werd placed that Kino visits ^_^
    those colors and figures used for the colorful grungy bg
    truely beautiful work saki-chan! XD

  10. marcoskatsuragi Aug 23, 2005

    A happy birtday to Rockie! So... i really like the background! So wierd... and cool! ^___^ Nice work!

  11. Kinkosami Aug 23, 2005

    Wow! Nice job, both of you! I really like the colors, they're pretty. The wall is unique and I like that. I like all the shapes and stuff. Good job!


  12. Yumi-Chan Aug 23, 2005

    X3 hey you finally submitted this, saki :D *glomps you & mc*

    well happy birthday to rockie (again! X_X) look at her, she's loving your wallpaper :p mwahaha so i think you guys really made the right choice ^^

    Quote by Osirisnot a bad dark/abstract/grunge type :D

    nice colors..pink?....mc is gay &lt;_&lt; XD

    omg evilness ==;;, pink is cool xD lmao. lately guys r into pinku so it's fine :D actually saki made the pinkness rite rite o__o !

    overall i gotta say this once again, it's really good i love the grungeness. it doesnt matter if it's dark or bright, so long it outstands and looks attractive ^^ good job to u both saki & mc :D

  13. euna Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2005

    omg omg.. i luv this kino wall!
    btw, dun tell me you're into kino like tama! =_="
    anwyayz, beautiful wallpaper.
    i luv your concept and the colour choices!
    looks fabulous and i like the way kino looks lost (cluelessly lost =P)
    very nice saki and mc! *fav*

    PS- happy b-day to rockiie again!!!

  14. DarkEVO Aug 23, 2005

    Grungey and abstract background. The colours are good for this but the character's nose is been clouded in the dark and makes it awkward.

  15. chibikko Aug 23, 2005

    Kino no Tabi =_= everyone loves this series, suddenly... anyway good job on the background and the colors. very neat b-day present <3

  16. fukushuusha Aug 23, 2005

    awesome abstratish, grungish texture work in this >_< ...jeez girls can make amazing things when they collab XD one of my fav kino scans used here...with quality work. this means a definite fav
    and happy b-day Rockiee

  17. ayanechan Aug 23, 2005

    clockworks + grunge = <3.. don't we all know that!? XD lol great job you two. i'm sure rockie wubs it to death :3

  18. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 23, 2005

    Great effects! Such lovely deep plum colours mixed with those mechanical looking shadows looming over-head. Makes it look almost bloody or fore-warning.

    Somebody has probably already mentioned this, but the white patches between the tire spokes and behind his legs stick out like a sore thumb. It's a beacon of plain white against your background full of colour and grunge. Maybe fill in those gaps to make him look more lost in your world of mechanical colour? :)

  19. shinorei Aug 23, 2005

    Uwaah. This is a lovely, lovely wallie. The bg's really nice. I wub it!!
    So many things in one - abstract, grunge, brushes, textures...wow!! ^^ +fav
    Keep up the great work!

  20. Yina Aug 23, 2005

    waii.. two amazing wallers together = perfect work XD Love the effects and the colours.. XD omg.. what can I say.. I'm speechless.. *__* nyaa.. now it's on my desktop.. XD +fav ^^

  21. Susan-chan Aug 23, 2005

    excellent work:) the effects the colors everything is perfect:) a fav from m e:) ( i will add it when the service will be available)

  22. AngelKate Aug 24, 2005

    I like the background on this! Its kinda half grunge XD The motorcycle rocks too! XD Nice wallie saki. ^_^

  23. rory07 Aug 24, 2005

    i like the style.

  24. Picard Aug 24, 2005

    Hey shyxsakura! You probably have forgotten about me by now. Xp
    Nice pic and nice work!

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