Gankutsuou Wallpaper: Gankutsuou: Unchained Melody

Gonzo, Gankutsuou, Haydee Tebelin Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Gankutsuou Series Haydee Tebelin Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Of all the character designs in Gankutsuou, Haydee is by far my most favorite. There's something about her elfin beauty, her shimmering glamorous dresses, and her floral hair that makes me wish I could be her...without all that ugly past. I've been wanting to make a wallpaper with Haydee playing her harp in a Greco-Roman rotunda for ages, and finally found a good image from Gankutsuou Complete. Although I was disappointed at the small size of pictures in the illustration gallery, that's when tracing really shows its potential. I had fun using a lot of images from the official website to pattern Haydee, along with a few floral patterns of my own.
The background is a combination of stock and drawing; the ocean and sky, plus the birds, come from several stock photos, as well as the top of the columns. The rest of the rotunda and the bush were drawn in Photoshop. Textures, well, I love texturing. Too much, probably. Oh well.
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  1. faiz138 Jun 14, 2005

    beautiful wallie, the scene and the sence is brilliant. i like this kind of wallie, i wish if i can make one, wonderful wallie and great job you make on the bg, perfect scan that you choose, her pose is real match the whole wallie.
    the effect that you used is so cool.
    thank you so much for sharing the wonderful masterpeace

    honor to +Fav

  2. Karolina Jun 14, 2005

    Woo *-* Beautiful wall! Everything goes so well >_< Ahh You're such a good waller. Great backgroud and effects. I don't know this series (-_-)' but I like this design and this character is very pretty and original :) Yes I like this wall! I't must have been a hard work....but it's a great effect! :D

  3. Lana3007 Jun 14, 2005

    Wow! That's really something! All of the artwork from that series looks so stylish! The colors are really amazing! Looks magical! Thansk so much for sharing!

  4. Criox Jun 14, 2005

    Oh...Tama! Your way of making wallie is always that unique. This kind of wallie feels like its been drawn. Great! A very beautiful wallie. You know you are one of fav wallers now. I find your wallies unqiue and fabulous. I am adding you into my fav artists list in my userpage. :)

  5. ShiNN Jun 14, 2005

    This is really nice. What I like about this wallpaper is the calm atmosphere conveyed, the textures are really soft, and the patterns you used for Haydee are really elegant... it really makes it feel like she's in a place somewhere in Greece or Italy, near the sea.

  6. meteorcloud Jun 14, 2005

    oh...its that girl.....nice vector as allways, like the concept and the atmosphere. texture and patterns are matching well. well done~!

  7. rocknroll-isgo Jun 14, 2005

    I really love the atmosphere this wall has, Tama-Neko --- very soothing. And there's nothing wrong with liking textures when you use them well. ;) The one thing that bugs me, however, is the depth/realism of the columns. It doesn't seem to match well with the rest of the flat image.

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2005

    Wow its sort of indian and malay cultured with so much style everywhere. I love the coors, atmosphere and floral atterns everywhere, you are truly great in making these wall with this kind of series Tama...Great job! :)

  9. Vequinox Jun 14, 2005

    So...unbearably... beautiful... There's something about this that really appeals to me (I've never seen the anime..).
    As usual, you did a terrific job! :D

  10. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2005

    This is a truly incredible wallpaper. I've seen the whole fake-Greek rotunda thing done before, but it always looked fake. The top of your rotunda is a little off, but otherwise this really fits the mood, and looks extremely realistic. The overall mood of 'unchained melody' fits the somewhat melancholy landscape, as she gazes off to a distant land - very poetic, and musical. I don't really know what else to say - my first comment on IRC sums it up: hot damn!

  11. TheSinned Jun 14, 2005

    Excellent wallpaper!! The image of Haydeè in this wall is very beautiful. Congratulations!!

    PS: the background rlz!! ><

    Au revoir!

  12. UndyingShadow Jun 15, 2005

    wow this wall is stunning. The design of this wall looks like a piece of asian art. You also used a wonderful scan

  13. KittyCyn Jun 15, 2005

    Gr8! Tama! I like your work a lot! :) What I like the most in this wallie is that it's not an abstract one...the plants look beautiful also the textures you've applied...
    Ummm...the colors give the wallie an Antique appearance that together with the textures ans scan make a very elegant piece of work!
    A Favie for this very good looking one! ;)
    Keep it up ^_^

  14. Electrastar Jun 15, 2005

    You've been on a Gankutsuou walling frenzy tama (not that it's bad of course.) Love the style, looks like an old photo. The faded colors and textures really add to that look. I just don't have the real words for this, but it's truly beautiful.

  15. MagicianFairy Jun 15, 2005

    well well well, look it it, i like the bg is ....wow....and this anime is new for me ^_^' , i have never heard it before....by the way, what is that of ELITE?...tell nme

  16. bbls Jun 19, 2005

    this is an amazingly stunning and original wall...i luv the textures and the "old" look of the wall. the rotunda looks very realistic, and you really captured a reflective, thoughtful mood in your wall... :D

  17. Naquira Jun 19, 2005

    I really fell in love with this wall :) I absolutely adore the authentic look on this, and the character looks so elegant in this wallpaper. Nice chosen colors also :) Adding to favorites!

  18. markjo Jun 19, 2005

    A great colour combination - though being full of different colours, it's still somehow balanced & soothing for the eye.

  19. Sigourney Jun 19, 2005

    Beautiful *_*... it looks like a painting... I adore the patterns on her dress and hair... simply -> amazing~<3... though *just noticed* the columns are a bit off >.>... you can clearly see the diffrence between the top and the middle part ^^;... other than that -> I like it a lot ;)...

  20. Lenne Jun 19, 2005

    Interesting wall,beautiful. :D I like it very much.
    Keep it up!

  21. mystvearn Jun 19, 2005

    There is something nice about the background is that it mathes with Gankutsuou animation. Keep it up.

  22. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jun 19, 2005

    thatz really nice tama-neko ^__^ i like how u got the entire wall looking like one seemless painting XD great job!

  23. sunakoera Jun 19, 2005

    ^__^ That's absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a fave. Nicely done!

  24. kaolla-kake Jun 19, 2005

    this is really amazing! It looks almost like a painting, the way it so beautifully blends. Gosh, I'm just so amazed by it....definately a fav

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