Gankutsuou Wallpaper: Gankutusuou: Drunk on Life

Gonzo, Gankutsuou, Franz d'Epinay, Albert de Morcerf Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Gankutsuou Series Franz d'Epinay Character Albert de Morcerf Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

At last, I have finished! I've been working on this image for the better part of two months (I first began in March, slowly, slowly picking away at progress.) It wasn't until I recently finished watching the show that I understood the significance of this scene. The idea was to recreate the original image, with the two in their secret hideout... Actually, I just wanted to wall Franz, because he's the only guy with a Clue(tm) in the entire series, it seems. Scans from Minitokyo (I wish I'd had access to the ones Nat had placed in AnimePaper, since I had to redraw the gutter stuff from the MT scans). Background bricks and stone frame textures from ImageAfter; same goes for the overlaid 'old photograph' style texturing. Stained glass window copied out of a screenshot (I was going to redraw it, but was too tired at that point). Many of the floral patterns are from French-Treasures which is actually a seller of gorgeous French textiles - it fit well, considering the setting. As for the title, people sometimes say they're "high on life" well... these two boys sure are drunk on it - literally.
This wallpaper is dedicated to everyone who helped me.... me, myself, and I. Because I love bishie walls. And Franz is cool, even if Albert is a pansy.
EDIT: Additional resolutions are now available at my website.

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  1. Aa-chan May 14, 2005

    It's a nice scene and although I haven't seen the series I like it. The texturing is nice, but I really think the piece could be made so much nicer if you added some colour to the stained glass window.

    Damn good work as always though.

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator May 14, 2005

    Hmm, great job on this wallpaper. I love the feel to it, and the image used is nice. Though, the textures seem like a bit too much? I would like it more if you lowered the opacity to them or something, it might just be me. The brick wall seems to have a low quality something to it, also? But I love the idea, and you pulled the vector off really well. Good job Tama-neko!

  3. Kurosawa May 14, 2005

    wow,it's really nice scene and calm bg :)
    o_O two month ? <_< wow,that's so long .
    Especially, I really like the texture blend and the concept XD
    Good job Tama :D

  4. Ichiru May 14, 2005

    Great job with the vectoring and the texture overlay works well with the image. The scene re-creation is well done, not sure about the choice of text though. Overall a great job on this wall, keep up the great work.

  5. UndyingShadow May 14, 2005

    wow this is an awesome wall Tama! I like your vector work, and the texture you used for this wall. Great job with the bg, and you chose a nice scan. good job!

  6. kai81220 May 15, 2005

    lol it was 'in progress' on your vectorage site for the longest time XD and its finally done! awesome work with the scan, looks amazing ^^ the texturing is also nicely done cause i feel it matches the drunk feeling for the wall. nice work tama

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 15, 2005

    Seems like a coffeeshop/bar grunge style and i love it....Awesome job on the bricks and deatails on the bg...Nice composition of the images all together!
    Great job as always! :P

  8. crewcifix May 15, 2005

    now this is what i call grunge!
    even the topic is grunge (with the who drunkness thing...) ^^
    i really think this deserves more than 19 faves (including me..)
    but anyways, Great work! :)

  9. markjo May 15, 2005

    Great quality and very elaborate, but somehow lacks the certain 'je ne sais quoi' that your other works have. I really don't know why - maybe there is just too much brown colour and the wallpaper looks a bit flat. I also think that the stained glass window is out of perspective and has no depth as the window itself would suggest. A brillant idea with the texture patterns, though - the clothes look awesome.

  10. meteorcloud May 17, 2005

    waah...great work tama =)
    the blending and the texture are really nice ^^
    hmz....thats a long time....2 months=/...ow well..the results are still nice =)

  11. euna Retired Moderator May 18, 2005

    tama and her awesome walls again =D
    wow.. great texture! i luv the bricks and the entire indoors bg...
    great stuff as usual. 2 months of work.. O_O
    well.. great wall *5 thumbs up + fav*

  12. MadWiz May 19, 2005

    gonna comment as I said XD a bit free now o.O
    first off.. nice job on touching up the guys =p as usual anyway hehe
    I like the designs used on them.. especially franz's shirt

    the wall like I mentioned.. looks pretty close to them.. in my perspective at least
    although you showed me the pic for the window.. it still looks kinda weird to me
    the table.. again like I said =p has a weird positioning with the wall
    the overall texture.. sometimes I think its a bit too much yet sometimes I think its just nice~ so not too sure what to actually say about it :X

    anyway its still quite nice and you really spent a pretty long time doing it..
    its a lot of effort put in and a nice outcome surfaced :D

  13. Mordin May 19, 2005

    ah good texture on your wallie as usual, the depiction of the scene is captured nicely by your wallie, I really like the detail you put bricks and the beer bottle, very life like in reflecting the life on those dead object. The character was represent in a very skill way, there is emotion in them, not just some figures being there. good job Tama.

  14. lthnadml May 19, 2005

    Whoa! awesome work! *Thumbs up*
    Excellent! XD XD XD + fav

  15. johngen Oct 21, 2005

    Wow, these are very sad moments shared here, but pure and this wallpaper is beautiful, just pure beauty.

  16. gaaraismylove134 Dec 20, 2008

    This is really cute!

  17. kasandora3 May 24, 2009

    Very nice wallpaper! Thanks so much!

  18. H0ll0wSmile Sep 08, 2009

    Lol. That's really funny and cute!

  19. Widy Sep 29, 2009

    Thank's XD

  20. Bakuri Jun 30, 2010

    Awesome! I really like it! ^^

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