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Omg, I did it! After 1 month working at this, it's finally done~ :D >u<
Before anything else, this wallpaper is my birthday gift to CosmoStar , who had her bd on... august 19. -___-
I'm so sorry, CoStar! I tried all I could to finish it on time... >O<''
But either way, it's here now! >u<

Okay, I'll tell you the story: I asked her "I'll make ya a wallpaper~ What do you want on it? :D"
And she said: Then, make a Green Glass one. ^_^
And I said: O__________O''
That was all. xDDDD

As you can see, I got the scan, Green Glass ~ The Fragrance The Forest Which Stands by saikusa , and reconstructed around it... more like an extension.
It's my first time extending such a big image... and such a complicated one too. XD
I first thought on adding other stuff, and even thought on making all the roses pink, but I guess there's so many details in the leaves and flowers and on her dress (the lower part was so hard of constructing~ >.< ) that adding more complicated stuff would make you go all dizzy just on looking at it. (by the way, you aren't feeling like this now, are you? XD)
So I left a "blank" part, to place the icons and refresh a bit from the wild roses. :D

Oh, since I'm at this, forgive me for the title... I couldn't think on anything else... >w<''

And, if you go searching through the bushes, you may find one or other pair of identical roses... the fact is that I did the copy-and-paste on a lot of then (where else I'd get the ones to fill the whole left? xDD), but I tried to edit some, and turn around and resize so it wouldn't be easily noticed... and, in the top of that, I realized Green Glass did the copy-and-paste on some roses too, so even if I picked two diferent roses to use as base to a new one, they'd be identical to begin with... that makes the job a bit difficult, ya know~ XD
But hey, who can blame him/her/them? If editing them is hard, imagine how it is to draw them all... O_o

One last thing: I made a 1280x1024 version too!
Get it here: http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/7/8/1250551/Wall%20173.jpg ~ :D

That's it... hope you liked it, CoSta, and now I'm going to the AEP, omg! XD
Next thing to do: finish the carnelian wallpaper in time to the contest. o_o
See you~ :D

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  1. cherry12 Sep 23, 2007

    this is SO nice! 2 beautiful 4 words XD

  2. barara Sep 23, 2007

    Kyaaaaaaaaaa! Kawaii! XD I love the dress and the flowers... Great job! :D
    +fav desu~

  3. melymay Sep 23, 2007

    Beautiful :nya: And impressive if I may add ^_^ I love the detial in GREEN GLASS works, I could never wall something this good with GREEN GLASS. And for this scan, I think you did an excellent job walling it :)

    Keep it up! +fave

  4. smallworld Sep 23, 2007

    Love the details with the dress and roses!:D
    Nice colours there
    Great job! :]

  5. Korixxkairi Sep 23, 2007

    Oh Yes! This is it !
    Finally I found the FAV. wallpaper.
    Ahhhhhhh.... I like the rose tree.
    How do you do that! You have my fav.

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2007

    wow, nice job extending the scan, looks seamless ^^

  7. rika23 Sep 23, 2007

    The thumbnail attracts me to see it XD haha beautiful!

  8. xKai Sep 23, 2007

    ah this is nice~ the wallpaper is very detailed.
    +fav =D

  9. nejika Sep 23, 2007

    Great job on this!
    Sure, with patient u can make it possible :D

  10. yui20 Sep 23, 2007

    Wow , the wallpaper looks great =D ~
    It must be hard to do that >.< ~

  11. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2007

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Honestly, I can't think up of a proper description. Instead, I'm just staring at it ^_^'
    First of all, you did a great job on extending the scan. I'm still wondering how come you aren't mad from all that work! If you hadn't mentioned extending the scan, I would've thought it had been like this from the beginning!
    And I hope CosmoStar likes it, she sure has an awesome birthday present!
    Good luck on the Carnelian contest! It must be stressful to cram that much work into a few days...

  12. Silvana11 Sep 23, 2007

    wow! I love GREEN GLASS and your wall is BEAUTIFUL! the gril is soooo pretty XD

  13. BlueAngel17 Sep 23, 2007

    I'm glad someone made a wallpaper out of this lovely scan.. yep, extension seems flawless.. i really really love it.. this is so hard to do, lolz...

  14. Ksysha Sep 23, 2007

    This is really amazing!have no words.....u are a true artist:-)

  15. monicayurie Sep 23, 2007

    Wow! This looks awesome! Green Glass art is superb and I just love the way you extended the background. It looks really natural! :)
    Congratulations! It's a fav!
    Keep up with the good work!

  16. Lariel Sep 23, 2007

    Yey! For once I'm not a day late! Oh, a beauty, definitely! Except that the roses looks slightly messy, with no space for the green to flaunt. Otherwise, this is bewitching! :D

  17. FallenAngelZoicyte Sep 23, 2007

    breath taking! i love green glass' art. beautiful wall.

  18. CosmoStar Sep 23, 2007

    It's awesooooooome! *___________*
    I loved it!
    I feel so happy! *_____*
    It's indeed breathtaking!
    All the job you made on it is nothing less than perfect... you extended the scan is such accurate way! I've always been certain that you could make this! I'm so proud of you! Congrats and thanks a lot!
    A fav, obviously! ^^

    merged: 09-24-2007 ~ 01:22am
    It looks so smooth... *___*

  19. miriambr Sep 23, 2007

    Amo esse scan (esta na minha lista de imagens pra futuros walls XD)
    O wall ficou lindo! Ter reconstruido o vestido deve ter sido dificil >.<

  20. Graverobber Sep 24, 2007

    Wonderfully done, Izzy-chan. T'was worth the wait ^_^

  21. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2007

    just nice Izu-chan!
    is just O.O amazing!
    i really really love it ^^ (you know i love Green Glass) and your wall is a masterpiece!
    fav of course!

  22. Mitsuki24 Sep 24, 2007

    Omg Omg >_<,
    this wallpaper is so gorgeous XD XD
    I love the dress, the flower, the girl and everything about it XD XD
    Nicely done Izumi-chan XD

  23. KiyanaIkebana Sep 25, 2007

    Wow! This wallpaper is very beautiful and pretty! I like it! Very good job! :)

  24. norine07 Sep 26, 2007

    wonderfully done, the wallpaper is just remarkable~ ^-^ lovely indeed~ thanks for sharing~

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