Green Glass Wallpaper: Keep It Simple Now

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Green Glass Mangaka

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you <3 pam, so full view

I know I'm on wallin' crack >_< I've been wallin' a shnit
load alot lately >_< I think I have OCWD ((Obsessive
Complusive Walling Disorder.........?)) I know what you guys are
thinkin', ''when the hell are you going to stop experimenting with
walls and get to some real wall makin'?
Oh shnuts up, I'm
in experimental mode I'm experimenting with simple-ism and I simply
am <3ing it, and I have moved from my over texturing brown
walls stage
to insane simple pattern-licious texture walls stage
O___O Weeeeelllll I'm bored

I vectored it allllllll, and i though bright pweety pastels vs. burgandy-red-ish
colors, i'm telling you I'm mental.....but then the red became green-ish O__O
so yesh, took a while, but I think I'm getting the hang of vectoring XD Yay!
So the title comes from a Cobra Starship song! ''Keep It Simple'',
I know it's empty and simple, but I <3 lame, empty, and simple

Anyways I saw the scan came from Scan Goddess:: Sakiusa ((took me 50 forevers to find the damn
scan again)) Green Glass ~ Candy is Dandy :3 I fell in <3 with the scan, and knew I
had to use my crap wallin' skills to walls it!

Parade of Group Banners
hoteru-no-shiki <Roses Of Melancholy

enjoy and compliments, critisizing, and faving is welcomed yo~
I enjoy putting my circus wall off

I'm Mental XD

EDIT @ the suggestion of MapleRose, I shall remove ze crazy colors yo, the are dizzy-ing @___@ and I tried fixing her shoes, but it wasn't working out though O__o

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Browse Green Glass Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 12, 2007

    <3 pam <3 wallie :3

  2. SakuraShirayuki Mar 12, 2007

    pretty really pretty ^^
    you are mental? oh i like it! you being mental i mean when you are always making such pretty arts while being mental ^^
    i like the way you vectored the scan and everything ^^ pretty

  3. FallenAngelZoicyte Mar 12, 2007

    keep up your walling crack-ness. i love it.

  4. DREAM Mar 13, 2007

    little red riding hood in the suburbs? haha don't you dare go the "trendwhore" route, lady kawaii-chicken. lol

    oh yeah i like the wall. ^^

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2007

    I <3 Pam!
    This is awesomeness, don't ever stop! *Adds to EDD*

  6. inREVERIEforever Mar 13, 2007

    Haha this is really cute.
    I love the red and the green together. Looks pretty awesome.
    Great patterns and textures too. :)

  7. fawna-chan Mar 13, 2007

    Oh, I <3 the triple layering of the scan and yeah, your vectoring's nice. I love how all the colors look together. Keep on doing these simply beautiful walls! XD

  8. Devilet Mar 13, 2007

    No no, don't stop what you're doing. This is awesome. :D
    I like the bright red, is really popping!
    The bottom part of her shoes look a bit weird, like as if it was "cut off" with the cascading "shadows"
    But it really caught my eye today, I'm glad to see something simple. :)

  9. alterlier Mar 13, 2007

    hum, what i see is no more that what I've already seen like 1 million of times, first, a base color, in top a bunch of rectangular shapes giving the idea of a city, this time the city is distorted, but again, a vector of some character that doesn't have anything to do with that city, with some weird color, and the words for simplicity..

    I've seen a lot of your previous works, I've seen a lot of creativity/imagination on them, this time this is only a lackness of originality, and you didn't even worry about the cropping of her vector shape , in the bottom it looks horrible with her feet been cut off....

    in the two sides of simplicity, of the blank paper with a dot on it, screaming for a "nothing visual interesting" thing, and the other side with an image simple/elegant enough to just dont need anything else to be with, cause is perfect like that, this is surely the dot.
    even if you are experimenting with all kinds of usual stuff you should try to make the usual unusual to give a more personal original style......
    I'll wait to see what you'll do next time.

  10. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2007

    yay for simplicity :D (it's hard to find a Green-glass simple wall :D)

    anyway, the composition and textures are pretty nice, though her feet do look a little weird cut off like that. Also, I don't really like her shadows, 'cause they look kinda dizzying, esp with those detailed textures (esp on the blue)...

  11. starrliteangel Mar 14, 2007

    Nice to see colorful walls! heheh I love your brown ones, but your colorful ones are pretty too. The red looks great against the green. I have to agree with alterlier though...>.< (so sorries *hugs* I still love you Pam) But then again theres always that one wall or two where you just use it for experimenting and it doesnt really have a meaning to it (er...like most of my walls since I keep changing styles?! lol) I kind of have a feeling that this wall is one of those walls..just a little quickie you know ^-^ (O.O I hope that doesnt sound like an insult though)

    definitely hope to see more!

  12. Yina Mar 15, 2007

    I don't like green so much, but this wallpaper is just great XD
    the red colour gives a great contrast to the green =D

  13. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2007

    Simple-ism rocks, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I've loved your walls, and adore the walling-demon you've turned into!

    Oh, and if there's anything of mine you can't find, just ask me & I'll track it down for you :3

    But enough chit-chat... get back to work! I expect to see another experiemtnal wall by the end of the week! ;)

  14. peniko Mar 16, 2007

    really unique i love the city and the color is great too xD

  15. lunagata Mar 16, 2007

    I like its simplicity,
    Like the green and love the scan you used :D
    ++adds to favs++

  16. auraderecca Mar 17, 2007

    haha, kawaii-chicken chan! Your works have been really abstract recently huh!
    But i love em'!
    Keep up the enthusiasm and nice works!
    Can't wait to see the next one! =)

  17. ventures May 25, 2007

    powpow! my eyes @_@ ~ its so green.. but I love it . favs

  18. kakyuuchan Oct 10, 2008

    this is cut. good job :3

  19. Alcyndore Oct 24, 2008

    It is late and i've been browsing your work and the only thing that can sum up my opinion is this:
    Kawaii-chicken you really are kawaii. Your works rocks! It is innovative, original in pose, subject, texture and combination of colours. I also like your daring approach and the fine perspective.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. jiop Dec 14, 2009

    omg! love the background....awesome green!

  21. Amanda17 Sep 28, 2010

    so pretty! Thanks for the wallpaper! ^__^

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