Green Glass Wallpaper: Descendant From Heaven

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Green Glass Mangaka

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This is the sunless-haloless version of the wall, I got a bunch of request to remove the sun... :sweat: I dont care! >_< I like the sun-halo watever there! >_< *sulks* I wanted it to look like an old potrait in churches ^_^'

Hey guys, Im finally back from my exams only to know Im about to be sent away for a week-long camp.... T_T :sweat:
This is so cruel... T_T

Anyway, I have always liked Green Glass's work but I wasnt good enough to actually make one... >_<
So, I finally got my guts to make one... XP

Theres a total of three feathers inside here: two which I made tucking in her hair, one half dropping, and another is kinda invisible since its under the font where the light comes shining in... ^^


Borrowed the flowers from a clamp scan, Made the water out of a stock image & did the splashing there with some grunge brushes & smudge tool....
Did the sky as usual, castle from stock image & a small sandy beach underneath the flowers... XD

I did the hills myself with the brush tool...
lay some pattern, blah, blah, blah... >_<
Its my first so I basically hope its okay... >_<
Well... I hope U like it anyway XD
Ill love to hear any comments & everything XD

I paid alot of time in this... >_<
so, I hope U like it too XD

Sorry that I have to be away for a hwile again.... >_<
will try my best to come up XD

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  1. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 19, 2006

    how beautiful, i likwe it, i like a background , flower and mountain is very nice and light around ,too
    add fav

  2. dianas Oct 19, 2006

    :) oo this wallie is cute..i love the chara..the bg is also nice
    especialy the flowers..u have a fav from me for ur work ;)

  3. BlueAngel17 Oct 19, 2006

    whooo! you're alive! >.< she's pretty. but somehow, the hill looks like fake.. haha.. but i love it.. another many extracted things for a wall. hey you recieved my PM? ^^ good luck at camp! >.<

  4. uesugi-kun Oct 19, 2006

    I think the composition is very good. the style isn't one of my favs, but with your good work you beat me. Excelent XD
    fav here!

  5. Blueheart Oct 19, 2006

    pite for the colors and the lines of the scan, otherwise ti would look fabulous...
    also, the hills are not to realistic... Everything else works fine.

  6. kaisui1tatsu Oct 19, 2006

    Nice job! The textures match well together! It would be better if you could make the flowers more sporadic and random, but even without that, it is still a good wall. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Milkiyo Oct 19, 2006

    erm..the quality of the scan with the bg seem different >_<
    but the extraction is pretty good, must've took u ages, I know I'll throw a fit just from extracting it lol ;P
    I don't really like the sun over there..seems a little weird and the flowers are a bit cluttered up :S
    but the scenery is a good one, I like the lake, castle and the hill is pretty lovely too :)
    err...the text somehow is distracting, would've looked better without it >_<

  8. Machika Oct 19, 2006

    I love the bg, rikka-chan ^^ The scan is beautiful and I think you chose the right one. The flowers around her is so pretty >.<
    The extraction is good and I really like it!
    It's my fav ;)

  9. Kiako Oct 20, 2006

    the wallpaper looks nice, the chara and the frame made of flowers fit well together, but the bg scene doesn't quite fit.

  10. Rhonda21 Oct 20, 2006

    Oh lovely. I like the flowers and the water and the castle and all the pretty scenery. Looks nice. Well great job!

  11. uchiha-vegeta Oct 20, 2006

    rikka-cha is bak , with a new magnificent wallie entitled.."decendent from heaven" ! great job *thumbs up*

  12. eternallegend Oct 20, 2006

    i like the composition of the background XD the feathers add a nice touch and the flowers look lovely :D the colours suit well together and i like the nice sceneic background :) overall you made a lovely wall ^^

  13. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 20, 2006

    OHH this is so creative, and oh wow using that scan for a wall, I would have never thought of that. Its so pretty im jealous XD. I love the flowers used in this wallpaper, they even match the painted style or just style of the girl scan! :D. The sky is nice looking, I like the rays of light in there as well. I do agree with Blue in this, the hills look a little bit errr.. maybe you could have shaded some of the flowers and made the hill darker *runs away dont hit me*. I love the sun behind the girl and the lighting source to the left side, its nicely balanced out if i may say XD the text is a little bit to far to the left for me though, but thats just me >.<. I think you did a wonderful job on this wall, im like wow! O.O its like a magical land and this wall takes me right there! Oh and I love the flowers and the stocks were filtered nicely, Lacus Loves Stocks XD! Haha *adds to favs no doubt* Your such a great artist, and kodos for extracting out so much *hugs*. And wow I wrote alot more than I usually do on walls haha, your special though ;).

    ~* Lacus *~

  14. Myaje Oct 20, 2006

    Oh wow! I love it!

    You guys keep making such absolutely fantastic walls out of my scans!

    Everything about this is perfect!

    Please, wall some more!

    + to my faves ^_^

  15. xianghua Oct 20, 2006

    Oh Wow! That is soo beautiful Rikka-san! Congrats!
    The landscape is wonderful! I love the flowers you put around the wallie too!
    Great work my friend! Hope to see more!

  16. rafaellaGP Oct 20, 2006

    oh! this scan are beautiful! *.*
    and i really like this flowers, so pretty! ^^

    beautiful work again! XD
    and finnaly you come back! ;P
    hehe ^^

  17. aznprianime Oct 20, 2006

    I AM SPEECHLESSS! aaawww this is just waaaayyyy beyond words! XD the detail and the design. there r just toooo much BEAUTY in this wally! FANTASTIC, BRAVO! i can go on 4 ever talking about how an amazing job u did on creating this wally .... i am soooo jealous ! OX! even though i know u will mak another beautiful, amazing, BRILLIANT work of art wally! kepp up the amazing work and i look 4ward in seeing mor ;)
    plus fav 4 sur :)

  18. chibichibikaukau Oct 20, 2006

    beautiful! nice work!

  19. Kougaxgirl Oct 20, 2006

    oh wow, talk about beautiful! simply amazing...the scan...i love the way it looks and the girl *sniff* so pretty....and i especially love the background. hehe a cute little castle! well i don't know what else i can say but its pretty much perfect....i love love love it! good job!

  20. meepers369 Oct 20, 2006

    its absolutely cute and the extraction is amazing...except i dont like the weird sun thing behind her head, it looks awkward and out of place compared to the awesome flowers and background. could you make a version without it? >_<;;

  21. Elves Oct 20, 2006

    You have a really nice concept and I like the border of flowers that surround the girl. You did a very nice job on the background, but the elements (hills, water, castle) all feel as though they're missing a texture(?) or something that the girl has. I think it may stem from all the heavy dark lines that are part of the shading on the girl. Aside from that I think that everything fits very nicely and I think the castle is a great addition to the background! :) Is the sun part of the sky or is it a halo around her head? If it goes with the girl you might want to think about bringing it in front of the flowers. If it belongs to the world it's a little too big to be part of the sky, though I can see why it's placed there and that size if it's serving a dual purpose (as I'm assuming it does now). I hope that makes sense. ^_^' I love the font! What is it? It's really grand. Overall, you've got a very well composed piece and I'd say that you captured the feeling of the artwork, but just the stylistic stuff has been illusive. Good job nonetheless. Very nice. :)

  22. enchantment Oct 20, 2006

    wow, its like shes in a fairytale XD the scenery is soo nice :) and i love the background :D she fits nicely as well :) lovely wall~^^

  23. mico-de-avi Oct 20, 2006

    Totally, the scan quality and the bg is wayyy different.. >_> Like, the character's rough and the bg is smooth.. You should add gaussian blurr to the scan I suggest.. >.< And the sun..it's not too bright.. It needs more light and contrast. :) The flowers look a bit crowded at the bottom, and the font need to be put somewhere else.. The hills has quite jagged lines and it looks a bit fake..>.< The castle is well done, the water is calm & beautiful, the the sky is wonderfull. Good job. Keep it up!

  24. mikan-sakura Oct 20, 2006

    i really like the idea but somehow the bg doesn't totally fit the scan (the bg looks so soft and the scan so rough) ><
    but that's only when you take a really good and close look
    but anyways i really like the idea and it really is cute when you use it as a wallpaper xD Good job as always ^^ :)

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