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A waltz when she walks in the room,
She pulls the hair back from her face.
She turns to the window, to sway in the moonlight,
Even her shadow has grace.

A waltz for the girl out of reach.
She lifts her hands up to the sky.
She moves with the music,
The song is her lover
The melody's making her cry.

So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently.

This is the beginning of the song "So She Dances" from Josh Groban's new album Awake (his songs are always so inspirational for me, like Vincent Starry Starry Night). The first time I heard this song, I had shivers run down my spine :) And thus, I was inpired to make a wallpaper.

At first I was planning on drawing a girl dancing, but when I saw this beautiful Green Glass scan, I thought it'd work nicely. ^___^

Anyway, I vectored and painted the scan, which wasn't too hard. But the background took forever... Mostly because I don't know exactly what I wanted ^_^' , and because I can't draw windows... Also, the direction of the lighting took a while, because of the direction of the rays...

Thanks to Saikusa for the awesome scan :)

Yay for wide screen!

Please full view, the thumbnail pixelates the blues and reds T_T

[Edit] Crappy Tutorial on Painting Moonlight rays


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[Edit] Worked on the outline of the window slightly based on Starrliteangel's suggestion.

Entered in Paint-o-rama's Let there be Light contest.

featured at simple-ism

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2007

    Green Glass, baby!
    I really love that scan, I was gonna vector it :p
    The colors are awesome and I love the lighting on her dress. Great job!

  2. Nyuu-chan Feb 19, 2007

    Beautiful! For me it is instant fav!

  3. starrliteangel Feb 20, 2007

    wooowwww you go to the scan first! hehe I was hoping I could wall that sometime soon, but the paint-o-rama contest wall comes first >.< this wall definitely caught my attention on the front page.

    i personally think that the lines on the window could have more variation. for example, with the perspective, the ones farther from the viewer might be thinner?
    I looooooove the lighting though!

  4. DarthTofu Feb 20, 2007

    =O It's so pretty! The dress is so mesmerizing. *stares*
    the lighting and the shadow on the wall. *stares more*

    But most of all I like the contrast of the red and blue.
    =] So pretty...

  5. gaara-no-shukaku Feb 20, 2007

    Lovely painting, and the vector is clean as always. I kinda feel that the shading and highlight on her dress is over-blended? Anyway, nice tutorial. :)

  6. inREVERIEforever Feb 20, 2007

    Uah it's so pretty!
    I love the scan, she's so beautiful. I really like the lighting on her dress. Great job on the painting. :)

  7. eternallegend Feb 20, 2007

    the painting has been really well done and the scenery looks lovely :D the window frame looks nice and i like the way you did the lighting and how they seem to help bring out your wall :) i like how you made her seem really elegant and the colours are well chosen :D lovely wall ^^

  8. Sinever Feb 20, 2007

    its a wonderful work
    I love everything in it
    wel done

  9. enchantment Feb 20, 2007

    wow, i love how you painted and vectored this wall :D its really nicely done :D i just love her dress XD soo nice :D nice wall~^^

  10. kashikosa Feb 20, 2007

    This is just sooo pretty! I just love the fact you make wide screen walls. :) This one's my new desktop! I simply adore the vector of the girl, the lineart is perfect and the colors are mesmerizing! You made a really nice background, the lighting is fabulous. ONce again thanks!

  11. Morphee Feb 20, 2007

    i love the simplicity of the wallpaper! the colours are dark and give and nice and warm feeling to the scene :)
    defenetly a fav for me!

  12. sailorchiron Feb 20, 2007

    Amazing work! You make me want to upgrad my monitor to widescreen!

  13. pamkips Feb 21, 2007

    You need to stop painting, it makes me uber jealous!
    which means you have fabulous skills and that I hate you :3
    anyways nicely done and <3 and favs as always

  14. alterlier Feb 22, 2007

    haha everybody was gonna do something with the scan, not me but you know....everybody lol
    the way she is painted is remarkable, the red tones on the dress and her hair are very dramatic and are really helping to give the image a romantic, mysterious, classical style.
    the only tiny thing that I find out of place are the stars, I dont know if it is because I hate those kind of sparkling stars but in this wall they are taking out the beautiful and elegant feeling, if they were only dots ...I dont...dont listen to me ....

  15. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2007

    Waaaa.... You know, if it weren't for the post I wouldn't recognise this from my scan at all! I love the tones & the colours you've chose. So sumptuous and inviting! There's something about the shadows on the back wall that don't feel quite right, but as a non-artistic person it's hard for me to say just what though. But all over I love it! Wonderful colours & great imagination!

  16. moonescape Feb 25, 2007

    This seems so sd. I like the painting and simple concept of this. The light coming from the window is good, but I think there should be kind of glare on the window. Unless it's not s window, but just like gates. I wasn't very sure. ^_^'

    Wow a tutorial for the rays! It's pretty good because it's not a plain ray shinging from the moon and it's showing how to point where some parts are brighter than others.

  17. Rella Mar 01, 2007

    Oh, wow! This looks amazing! Wonderful job painting and vectoring the scan! The background scene also looks very nice. Keep it up! =D

  18. URanimEnigma Mar 04, 2007

    You gave insight on one of my walls, now it is time for me to comment on yours. HEHE. Well, don't mind me. Alright, mind me. HAHA. Okay. Well... The first thing I noticed was the windows. Then I looked at the dress and the shadows. AHH. The shadows. I noticed there are no shadows of the window frames on the woman. Don't you think that if there are shadows on the walls from the window frames, there should be on the woman, since she is standing in front of them? haha. It looks great though. Like I said. Don't mind me. I never know what I'm doing. HAHA. X'ept now. I'm going. Bye.

  19. moonfire Mar 17, 2007

    the painting is very beautifully done. nice concept as well. all is very nicely done. :)

  20. UchihaTaijiya Apr 06, 2007

    Beautiful and soft
    Thanks for sharing
    and keep it up! <33

  21. clarings Elite Member Jul 26, 2007

    this is beautifull!...
    i love the colors.. her pose.. and the great lighting and shadows you made...

  22. Cobalt-Phoenix Nov 20, 2007

    The shade of red is beautiful! Great job!

  23. abul Nov 25, 2007

    amazing rose-san!
    the dress is just awesome, and i totally love that window idea
    the only flaw is maybe the hair, but its a painty-wallie so thats just fine

  24. YoruAngel866 Dec 15, 2007

    OMG this is so fantastic! No comment!

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