Green Glass Wallpaper: -the garden of everything-

Green Glass Wallpaper
Green Glass Mangaka

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all scan credits go to - http://myaje.minitokyo.net/
thanks for uploading the beautiful scan!

Hiya! FINALLY finished the wall! remind me to never ask Lacus for her critiques on walls ever again...I ended up with 8 versions of this wall. hahah. jk jk. Youre awesome, Sam, even if you talk out loud to yourself. ummm anyways. I didnt really hand-make anything in this wall..which felt kinda wierd cuz thats what Ive done for like the last 2 or 3 walls I made. But I did do ALOT of extracting! It kinda got tiring after awhile..but ahh i guess it was worth it. kinda. It just seems cluttered. Oh well. oh, here are two other versions

Light version without text

Dark version without text

Couldnt pick one that I liked the most. I wanted to make this wall because as soon as I saw that scan...I was TOTALLY walling it! Green glass has the most beautiful artwork and complicated work Ive ever seen (besides CLAMP). Hope you guys like this one! Oh, named it after The Garden of Everything by Steve Conte and Maaya Sakamoto..maybe I'll put the song up on my userpage when I have time.

Enjoy! (hopefully, hehe. and I hope i dont blind anyone)

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 14, 2006

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Starr you win the walling race congrats *hands ya the trophe of Blue and Yellow and then that stale cookie* LOL

    OMG I can not believe this is a wallpaper its way way way to beauitful! My mind hurts at the though of even trying to do this, dang your talented! XD I mean the colors are so vibrant and soft and so well blended together I mean its amazing! Its my new desktop wallpaper and I never use MT walls for my desktop except for mine and scans and yours is mine as you know and plus it matches my media player LOL ;). The scan is sooo cute, and the butterflies add a adorable touch. The texture for this wall was very well picked and nicely placed on here. The text here is wow, my most favorite text of all! Teach me please..I love the colors and the style of it! You did such a great wallpaper, so fairy like and so cute >.<. *adds to my favs list* :D

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. mico-de-avi Oct 14, 2006

    Yay! 1st comment! Wow, it looks very beautifull, and enchantfull. The girl is so pretty too! And I loove the look how it's like a painting! Allthough the text is small but it looks kinda disturbing.. >.< I like the one without the text more. :) Wow, and the water on the leaves are so beautiful! Awesome job! XD

  3. eternallegend Oct 14, 2006

    i like the enchanting atmosphere created through your wall XD the green glass art looks wonderfully presented in your wall :D everything fits in so well and each version looks wonderfully done :) i like the overall composition of your wall and overall you made a lovely wall ^^

  4. aqiaqua Oct 14, 2006

    Weeeheee thats soooo purrrrty! I like all the flowers and the prettyness, and the fresh colour. The scan is sooo pretty too! I could go on for ages about its pretty-ness! Fave from me, and my new desktop ;).

  5. sailorchiron Oct 14, 2006

    Absolutely beautiful Starr! I love it. Garden of Everything is a perfect name for it. You kept the bright, vibrant feeling balanced with the delicate prettiness of it. Excellent. Your links to the other versions don't work tho. :(

  6. aishiteraburu Oct 14, 2006

    Wow u ctually extracted a green glass
    Their so complicated
    I like the background a lot
    Lovely colors and everything
    Nice job

  7. Phantasm Oct 14, 2006

    so beautiful. the feeling of quality of the flowers and the trees is wonderful.
    and cute. excellent work!

  8. BlueAngel17 Oct 14, 2006

    really? lol.. no wonder.. it's really pretty. not to mention that it's Green Glass, so it's so much hard to do.. ^^

    i have no patience in extraction.. lol.. so this is done pretty well.. >.< great wall starr! ^^ i'll fea this at Wings Lovers next week too.. always a next week, haha.. >.<

  9. aneres Oct 14, 2006

    The choice of artwork from Green Glass is beautiful! I kinda like the darker one, it's somewhat more realistic and gives off the vibe of the leaves being 2d XD But that said, this wallie is just as beautiful.

  10. muneera Oct 14, 2006

    you really did a great job....its beautifull...it worth all that hard work you have done....
    excellent work..+fav

  11. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Oct 14, 2006

    It's one of the most beautiful wallies I've ever seen! :D
    The scan is goegeous and I love the background!

    Definatly a fav from me! ^____^

  12. semanga Oct 14, 2006

    hey what for a wonderful wall i see here
    and u use a so cute girl
    wow my eyes are blending i must have this in my fav
    and then i will downloaded
    i wish pham could be here she would fall in love to this wall -_-

  13. Rikkablurhound Oct 14, 2006

    Honestly, I have seen lots of wall with this title... ^_^'
    *sneaking... will be quick... >_< *
    Green Galss's works are just pure madnesss! Its too good! O_O
    Anyway, when I view it from thumb, I was like Wowie! Very lovely! But its kinda grainy when full-viewed... >_<
    It was honestly a lovely piece, it was just the grainess of it... >_< The butterflies are lofely but they are too soft( so is the font) compared to the other parts of the wall... >_<
    But its really lovely... >_< I cant make tress & grass & leaves like that T_T

  14. CaMiLi Oct 15, 2006

    it looks a bit *but only a little bit* flat,.. but who cares,.. i love the colors, they're so shiny and bright *__* and especially i love nature themes,.. awesome,.. one of my fav

  15. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 15, 2006

    ooooooooooh it looks soo colorful
    I like the dark version without text
    green glass is one of the most difficult (but beautiful) artwork I ever seen
    and it seems you got a lot of work and effort in this wall

  16. kiokorenay703 Oct 15, 2006

    WOW this is so uwsom! I am just wondering what the original scan looked like, and what you did to, and stuff. BUT! for SOME?... ^^ reason i think that you have done SOME Tramendous job on this, am i right?

    Nyways, i love it, and i will Support you all the way with this, kay! First off, my fav for this one! and then i dunno.... Just To great to talk about! XD
    Great job Star, i am TOTALY in love with this! :) Thanks so much making it!


  17. lthnadml Oct 15, 2006

    awesome details . . . awesome job! I can't stop my mouth from being open! ^_^'
    thank you so much for the really beautiful share! XD XD XD

  18. x327 Oct 15, 2006

    I've never been one for commenting on walls much (hence a participation rating of 3) but this is just so amazing! You're right, it does seem kinda cluttered but in a good way, it enhances the feeling of lifes bountiful pleasures. so colourful and joyful, really wonderful work, well done. Although i have to say, in a scene so full of natural things, the writing seems a little out of place.
    Great wall, keep it up.

  19. enchantment Oct 15, 2006

    wow, so pretty :) i love all the details that are in it :D i love the colours and she fits in nicely in the wall :) lovely wall~^^

  20. Honchay Oct 15, 2006

    Este wallpaper esta perfecto! Bello! Bonito! En verdad lo hicistes muy bien aqui! Te admiro mucho XD In Other words, this wall are perfect! Wonder! Awesome! U do a good job there, you're such a great waller too neh? Good mix of colors, Love everything, love scan, loves nature! Pecioso! =D

  21. moonfire Oct 15, 2006

    It's such a beautiful wallie!
    Your skills are improving starr-san! :)

    It's very nice, with all the colors blending in together.
    I also like the texture of the wall, it's like a painting.
    And the fairy looks absolutely beautiful and magical.

    Gorgeous work, starr! :D

  22. annakee Oct 15, 2006

    subarashii! not a lot to say, because for me is perfect ^^

  23. soryane Oct 15, 2006

    waouh ^^ thanks it's beautiful ! +fav

  24. Myaje Oct 16, 2006


    I completely love it! I'm so glad you could make such a lovely wall from my scan.

    Instafave! ^_^

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