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Hi everyone ^_^ It's me again, the sweet angel girl ^_^ Well... I have alot of difficulties in making this wallie >__< but guess what? I have finally finished it and i am sure it will be my best wallpaper so far ^_^ So to the very first to say, I hope this wall can be a warm gift from me to my beloved friend that i am sure all of you know Dianas-san This girl is talent and she is just like my big sis now ^_^ I just want to send my big thanks to her for her great help to me :nya:. Hope you like it, sweetie ;)


Time to work: I don't really count it ^_^ But I have started working right after my Summer Grape ^_^ So sure it is 1 month now....
Layers and program: 256 layers+ with Photoshop CS2 ;) It is so huge since i have del all the redundant layers.... Each time i load the file takes about 2 mins to load +__+
File size in PS: well... it shows 62.612mb ^_^
Things I added in:
- Flowers under : extracted + modify colors +__+ Those flowers took me 1 week to finish.... It is really hard since i have this idea in mind from the time i know how to use PS ^_^ So now my dream has at least comes true >___<
- Flowers above: it is included the vase and the branches ^_^ Those both took me about 5 hours to extract carefully ^_^ I really love this part ^_^
- The ground: Don't think it is stock 'cause i made it totally with effect ^_^ The main texture is in square shape ^_^ and i change it into circle shape as you all can see here XD
- Grass and hill : actually i have to say it is really the hardest part ^_^ It is not stock since it is 100% handmade ^_^ I can't tell more about the tip but it is the first time i made hill and grass this deep ^_^
- The trees: well well, those dark one in the nearer side i made 100% by hand. I also add in some tree in the further side to make it deeper ^_^
- The water: ^_^ i guess i have nice skill with water so i don't have any problem in making it 100% by hand ;) Hope it look good as always ^_^
- The sky: i LOVE it >__<! It is my most satisfied sky over all ^_^ It took me 10 hours to create ^_^ I just wish when people see my wall, they won't say smt like: "Oh, that is the sky!" ^_^ I wish they can feel the depth and beauty, liveliness that my sky means and will loud out: "WOW! The sky is so beautiful" I guess i not ask too much but sure I have put all of my heart to this part so wish you all can feel it is "beautiful" and it is here to make the wall more fantastic, not just an element in a scene imagine ^_^
- The bird: I have it from a really nice stock ^_^ I guess the birds here somehow similar to robot ^_^ and it is so stylish >__< The main one got a gray green color and i change it to yellow green ^_^
There is some in the sky too ^_^
- Some sparkle and butterflies are also added XD
- The text: I really like my new style of text ^_^ I guess i am being more creative now ^_^ Hope you all can get what the title means >__<

Scan: The sky is really hard to extract and to vector ^_^ well... I just vec some empty and mistake parts to make it merge better with the wall ^_^ Also the color of the scan is big trouble >__< that took me 1 week to change and get satisfied ^_^ Here you can see the original scan uploaded by Saikusa-san ^_^


Okay then i hope you all can read all of those introduction ^_^ It is long but it comes from my heart

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Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Candy-chan
Wall: random beach wallpaper \o/
Reason: This wall got my dream water ^_^ Do love it >__<!

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  1. aishiteraburu Apr 19, 2006


    awesome wall thuha-chan
    di-chan is going to love it
    its beautiful and half of them is all made by yourself
    everything is perfect and lovely
    its certainly going to my fave

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2006

    OMG, *dies*
    This is so beautiful! The grass, the flowers, the floor thing she's sitting on... everything is awesome. Super excellent job, Phamthuha-sama!

  3. chichiri1907 Apr 19, 2006

    Im so glad that you picked a scan thats different from the other walls, it makes your wall stand out more.
    I think its such a beautiful wall, and im getting suspicious that you like flowery walls :D
    What you did to the scan was quite nice,
    and the sky as always is pretty.
    But my complain is the birds in the background, they seem to fake to be in the same wall as the scan and another thing is that the scan's flowers are outlines in black, I think u should have matched them with the other flowers, because it makes them seem out of place.
    But the entire scenery you created is breathtaking.
    It matches the scan very well and gives the whole atmosphere a beautiful feeling,
    I think this is one of your best works yet Pham, and I hope to see more of these kinds of walls in the future.

  4. SolitaryAngel90X Apr 19, 2006

    its very pretty,
    you really made some of it by yourself?
    wow i could never do that
    great job ^-^

  5. AngelKate Apr 19, 2006

    *waits about 5 minutes for the full view to load* MT is being so slow lately....


    *falls over* GOOD LORD GIRL! How the heck to you do that?! That's amazing! Wow....I'm speechless. That's just....wow.

    *continues staring and faves*

  6. bj0rn Apr 19, 2006

    WOah~ Stares in awe.. Nice background. In fact, its stunning to know that u created that!

  7. Abzuseilue Apr 19, 2006

    you wall is absoultly make ppl attracted , including me also, that nature life ..environment , fresh air. But i hates bugs >.< inclcuding poison bumble bee in garden ~~~XD

  8. semanga Apr 19, 2006

    girl this is breath taking i love this wall
    i think this is the best wall what i have ever see from you
    but my fav is still my wall which u did for me <3

    the flowers wow they are perfect every flowers are perfect wonderful .... and the birds mhhhh so sweet it remember me a bit of the birds from clover but i love it sooooooooooooo much. ohh honey the sky the hils and the gras the river and the butterflys and and and ... everything is fits so perfect with the scan .... fall in love @.@ and i am hypnotise and i must add this to my fav girl love love love it <3

  9. dianas Apr 19, 2006

    oOo i cant` beleive it >.< this is SO SO SO lovely
    Pham dear you have made my day (i have catchd a cold lately and i was not feeling to good..but because of your beautiful present i`m happy)
    this is one of your best wallpapers..you have add so many magical things..
    i`m so lucky to have a sweet friend like you..you are one of the best in my eyes #Di hugs you tight#
    love the inocence look of this wall..your stile..and i must say that
    this is one of my fav chacacters..
    oOo i still can`t beleive it..that you are dedicateing this enchating wall to me .n_n.
    hugs again..

  10. Leaf Apr 19, 2006

    O__O Holy crap you just keep getting better and better! It's amazing and beautiful! Awesome job +fav

  11. sukie Apr 19, 2006

    wow this looks sooooooo very very very nice! =D i love the colours! =D you are realy getting better and better!@ =D you=so good!

  12. Bla-demer Apr 19, 2006

    Fantastic looking wall you have made. :D :D It's really beautiful a real piece of art.The blue sky is really beautiful :D :)with those white clouds and with that beautiful grass and river. Those two birds are fantasticly beautiful that green colour matches perfectly with all those flower in the wall. :D :D :) The flowers are fantastic looking with thegirl in the wall the clothes are beautiful the color that are in the clothes matc perfectly with all the other colors. I could praise it all day :D :D :) ;)So I will Only say
    IT'S MAGNIFICENT, PERFECT PIECE OF ART. RealbeautySo you have done fantastic work. Thanks from sharing and I hope I can see more wall with this high quality. :D :D :D Keep it up.

  13. moonelf313 Apr 19, 2006

    WOWsers...this is one of your best! I can't believe you made all that(actaully I can) Wonderful job and you inspire me to want to make walls like this...Wonderful job with everything, I can't list it all as it would take me all day. +Favs for me

  14. KittyCyn Apr 19, 2006

    This must be your Best work till now Pham-san! Awesome! Those details are so well done and the composition is perfect!

    Keep it up girl! I'm impressed with your endless skills! O_O
    +FAVIE (of course)

  15. chichiri1907 Apr 19, 2006

    Im so glad u fixed the flower border, now its more breathtaking then before <33
    Im glad i could have helped

  16. Dufoe88 Apr 19, 2006

    to me this wall is the bestest wall i had ever seen in mt!
    its really lovely :)
    fav for ya ^^

  17. ejwcobra Apr 19, 2006

    very nice. i'm not sure that its the best wall you've done, but for being almost completely original it certainly is up there.

  18. uchiha-vegeta Apr 19, 2006

    ..........its so good , i cant describe it ....DAMN! this is awesome!

  19. bluSake Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2006

    It's incredible what you've done with that scan; you've really constructed a glittering wonderland for it. & the, I'm assuming CLAMP, birds fit in perfectly.

  20. Zoamel Apr 19, 2006

    Beautiful :D
    The character in the wall is always looking so different from the character in the source. Especially the new colours are turning out great. The background is fantastic, too :D
    I'm always happy to see new walls from you :)

  21. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 19, 2006

    Wow... I just love it when people use my scans (technically you'e used two, because I recognise the bird :3 ) And I have to say that's an amazing job you've done constructing that whole background! I wouldn't even know where to begin!

    Someone has already beaten me to the Elite Gallery, but I'm glad they did. Your hard work is evident, and I'm just stunned at the leel of detail and quality here! Stunning!

    Thank you for turning one of my scans into something even more beautiful ^^

  22. YoKoBaNdiT Apr 19, 2006

    such a beautiful wallie! it feel's like spring now! lol the flowers are gorgeous and the colors! very nice.

  23. fukushuusha Apr 19, 2006

    you really have some amazing skillz for scenic backgrounds...totally gorgeous work with this one. I am enjoying the colors though the scan is definitely not my type. Here goes a well-worth fav

  24. Rhonda21 Apr 19, 2006

    Woah. So great! The sky is SO beautiful! I mean really! I love the flowers! Very lovely! The whole background is really pretty! Well WONDERFUL job! :D

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