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I seriously should stop submitting walls yo+ Right now i should be
working on my Research Paper ZOMG I'M SO GOING TO FAIL U.S. HISTORY
HONORS AHHHHHHHHH! *PANICS* Oh well :3 Anyways I wanted a simple wall
for my desktop and well, this is what came about

JuiceBox?, yesh I shall continue my legendness of naming my crap walls after
songs I love::::: this weeks is The Strokes 'Juicebox', because I put my iTunes in shuffle and this is the first song that came about {ironic huh :3}

I got so bored I went through all my walls and I counted all the walls I named after songs and I have 16 walls.....that's sad

I did not have fun vectoring the image, yesh I vectored it and it wasn't fun
and I seriously am dying right now---oh but I had so much fun playing with textures
and gradients, yesh, I personaly like hot it came out, maybe you guys won't but I
<3 it......it's so bubblegum-ish PLUS I'm currently obsessed with things popping out of peeps heads and hands yo, don't know why, but @ the same time I'm not satisfied with it :(

Oh it's from here (MT) I've had this scan in my hard drive for months and I've been wanting to do something with it but I didn't know what, and the other day I staterd vectoring it and I felt that the vector would need something insanely odd
and this is what came up

Scan: Pin-up

I don't know if you guys have noticed but I keep putting off the submission of my Panic! @ The Disco-Circus wallie off-----I am making it, but I just keep putting it off

Parade of Group Banners
hoteru-no-shiki <Roses Of Melancholy

I'm @ 100 now yo---haha look @ my last wall an you'll know ((haha a scam I teellllls you)) << oh poor iPod

enjoy....holy shnit I typed alot
*laughs* this is my 60th wall on MT, do I seriously have nothing to do, that I have 60 walls :3

pssstt this was featured in Simple-ism :D

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  1. inREVERIEforever Mar 06, 2007

    Haha personally I really love this whole wall, even if there is a lot of "empty" space. Wallpapers are for desktops, you know? XD Well usually... XD And we need room for icons! No use to have too many details when there's going to be icons blocking the way. >D

    I love all the textures and gradients you used! And I really like the vector. The colors are soo pretty. ^_^ Indeed, it's really bubblegum-ish. Awesome work. This goes instantly to my desktop wall. :3

  2. Sinever Mar 06, 2007

    I like it
    the colors are awesome also the vector & the texture are great
    well done Kawaii-chan

  3. eternallegend Mar 06, 2007

    the vector is well done and i like the simplicity of your wall :D i like how the colours seem nice and happy and bubbly in a way XD i like the way you went about making your wall :) nice wall ^^

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Mar 06, 2007

    Quote by kawaii-chicken
    this is my 60th wall on MT, do I seriously have nothing to do, that I have 60 walls :3

    LOL, seriously, KEEP WALLING! XD

    I love the colours, and nice vector too. I think the background is tooo tooo plain, but it's still great for a desktop. I love how the font weirds itself out. XD

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2007

    Yeah, there's a lot of white space, but it's such a beautiful job you've done with this, and I love the subtle touches of texture in those bright fruity colours!

    But don't neglect your studies too much!

  6. starrliteangel Mar 06, 2007

    sweeeeetttt! I LUVS it! so daring to make such a simple wall with a white bg, but man, it looks great because of all the colors you put in there. So prettyful! *-*

    prettyfulnesss prettyfulnesss *dances around*

    yea omg you really should start studying. O.O er...but i shouldnt be saying anything since Im commenting on your wall rather than writing a story for my creative writing class and filling out scholarship apps? ahhahaha

    hey you know what, just my personal op, but i think you need to add some of those splash thingies (behind the character) on the edges of the wall or something so its not so plain? but it still looks great, and now that I think about it, mebbe it looks better with just plain white. Either way, its an illumination at CL!

    ahh goshies this is weird. I have a 1280x960 but the wall doesnt seem to fill up my entire screen? my computer is messed up. seriously. hey, you know what..my house is really cold right now, and this wall makes me feel so warm and bubbly (hmm, maybe its the bubbles in her drink) XD heehee.

    did i say i love the colors?

  7. tareren Mar 06, 2007

    Vector could be improved ^^ but I like the colors, especially the daring pink though not so much on the blue part (and i can tell u that i am a blue person ;P) I wonder if it would look better on some other background color? Though white works pretty well here.. am just not one who would support white background for walls hahaha

  8. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2007

    Nooooo~ You shall not fail history! I believe in you!

    As for the wallpaper name, I personally think it's rather cute. I always find random to be some of the best things in life, and this is one of em' XD. You know..that's rather funny cause an old coworker bought a CD called "Blue Grass does the Strokes" or something like that. XD It was so great.

    Anyways, onto the wall. First off, you did a gorgeous job on the vector, it looks simply stunning. I also love the colors that you chose as well. Even with the background being all white, there is more than enough color on the character to make up for that and actually makes it very fitting as well. I'm glad to hear that you had fun with the textures and gradients though XD That's the most important thing is to have fun and it looks fantastic as well.

    I could probably go on about this, but I won't =x hehe, all in all, this is a beautiful wall and it's a favorite for me. Excellant work and congrats on reaching the sixith (or however it's spelt, I'm not fully awake yet @_@) wall. GO YOU!

  9. Tinbad Mar 06, 2007

    I agree that its a wonderful vector and the colors are awsome. The backgrounds a little plain but thats good alot of the time, I like it, it gives a higher contrast to the character.

    And as for your research paper, Im good with those so if you need any help I could we what assistance I could offer. T_T

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2007

    Excellent vector and the colors + textures look awesome! *Adds to EDD* Great job!

  11. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 07, 2007

    ooh funky :D great vectoring and awesome design ;) Nice job with the textures, and I love the colours and the angles ^__^ awesomeness :D

  12. fawna-chan Mar 07, 2007

    Oh, that's awesome, yo!
    The textures look nice and I love what you did to the scan. The emptiness actually makes the bubbleguminess more...XD! But, really, this is awesome. *nod nod*

  13. alterlier Mar 07, 2007

    the rainbow color suits the mood, but the white bg was to much for me.
    love the simple design, that's for sure.

  14. BBShadowCat Mar 07, 2007

    oh i love this. The colors are beautiful and the textures? Beautiful!

  15. Sakura-K Mar 07, 2007

    Nice wallpaper ^^
    I really like it ^^
    Wow...60th! OMG...I don't know how you do that. Um...I wish I had a lot of ideas...so much that I can make 60...my wallpapers suck, they always have the same things.

    Anyway, I love it. the colours are great, the texture is nice to, and I like how you placed the text on the side. it's great ^^


  16. norine07 Mar 07, 2007

    omg! kawaii-chan! lovely work of art! the colours and all though simple and all, wonderful! ^^

  17. fukushuusha Mar 07, 2007

    most people know...its very hard to impress me with mere backgrounds or typefaces. The colors and little plays for manipulating the image is so well done in this one; I faved it instantly as soon as I see the image in full-view. Great work

  18. aplastictree Mar 07, 2007

    These colors are awesome and the head design >s me. Superb work :]

  19. DREAM Mar 07, 2007

    allow me: Pin-up by llilliathari

  20. auraderecca Mar 08, 2007

    cute babe! I love it as usual! It is cute and plain. but simplicity usually marks the spot! I love this! =)

  21. enchantment Mar 09, 2007

    i love the rainbow colours and i love the simplicity of your wall :D nice wall~^^

  22. Mandarine Mar 10, 2007

    Piiiink ^^
    Wow, so pretty and so sweet. I love the little touch of blue.
    But is still a little too blank ^^

  23. sailorchiron Mar 10, 2007

    I am in awe of your vectoring skills...this is the bomb, K-C, don't stop walling...AFTER YOU WRITE YOUR PAPER.

  24. BlueAngel17 Mar 10, 2007

    whoa.. very yummy colors.. stimulates my appetite well, haha. ^^

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