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I've been wanting to make an Okama wall for ages but it never seemed much of a priority... then when Candy-chan started making some, I figured I'd better get this one done before someone else gets the same idea!
Anyways, I liked this painting of an archer so I went to transform the vertical image into a horizontal one. I wanted to keep the same sort of grain so I used Painter to watercolor the background (which led me to learn a lot about how Painter's digital watercolor tool works -- the blenders still don't make sense, but mocking up a plain color background and using the clone option allowed me to recreate the gradients). I also painted a layer to be used to create the grass.
The grass itself was created in Illustrator by tracing over the blades, then using them as a vector mask over the watercolor layer in Photoshop. There are about 8 layers of grass at with different colorations and blendings in order to create an illusion of depth, although it's not perfect. But at 245mb (the file was 3200x2400) Photoshop slowed down to the speed of molasses, so I figured it was good enough for now.
I used some texture so that the foreground and background blended together, and in the process lost all the texture I gained from watercoloring in Painter. Oh well. It was good Painter practice, that's what's important.
The text reads "Pampas Grass Hunter" since the original had the words "Pampas grass" on it. I was working on an English title "The Hunter in the Grass" but couldn't get it to fit in with the picture. Since this was very traditional art print/paint style I decided to continue with that and use a strictly enclosed Kanji title that you sometimes see.
Additional resolutions at DA! Desktop Anime
EDIT: Someone mentioned they got a pwn3d image when they tried to download the image. However, it downloads perfectly fine for me. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but you can always grab the wall from my site *points above*
P.S. Dear mods and elites,
Pretty please stop highlighting my works; it's rather embarassing and I don't particularly feel I deserve it; I can't imagine how original these works are if I am merely copying someone else's work (or extending out a piece so it looks almost exactly the same as the original.) I love you tons, but really, this is getting silly.
Hugs and kitties,


Chosen by jasmine and shyxsakura

originality is one of tama's special abilities, and this wall is a pure example of it <3 her walls are always professional and clean... so look up to her and admire <33

Proposed by jasmine and highlighted by shyxsakura.

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  1. Susan-chan Jan 18, 2006

    ur wallys r always very imaginative and special! i like this a lot! great quality and nice compositon! thx for it!

  2. Kiako Jan 18, 2006

    the scene is good and the colors make a nice atmosphere.
    keep it up

  3. Ayasal Jan 18, 2006

    owww O_O the scenery looks GREAT! its just breath-taking! just prefect! nothing more said. good job as always^^

  4. Andreiush Jan 18, 2006

    Great job! Totally amazing! The effect is superb!

  5. animefairy Jan 19, 2006

    Very nicely done! The color goe very well with the Chinese theme!

  6. chingetscook Jan 19, 2006

    Actually, I did get a "pwn3d" image when I first tried to download this, but it was well worth spending double credits on, added to favorites, thanks for posting.

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2006

    Lovely soothing background for the most part, I like the grass and archer that come together because its must have been hard hunting ducks with a bow but nonetheless its a great piece! :P

  8. phamthuha Jan 19, 2006

    Wonderful OoO You made me jealous, Tama-neko chan ^_^ Fav from me and you are talent >_<!

  9. markjo Jan 19, 2006

    As most times, the wallpaper is perfect is terms of cleanliness, sharpness and composition. What I particularly like here is the art itself and the sooting, warm colours. As usually, I admire the hard work you put in your wallpapers...

  10. Elves Jan 19, 2006

    Hey, you deserve the credit and the highlight. Just reading what you did to make this wall puts me at awe (Awesome wall!). I only dabble in those programs and have to read tutorials to figure stuff out. You had an idea and went with it, so take the ego rush and run with it. XD Besides, if your head gets too big we'll just have to pop it with a pin and bring you back down to earth. lol

    You might want to add some stubble or fallen grass at the hunter's feet, but it looks great as is. Loving the textures which really give it a dated feel of an ancient piece of art work. Very much deserved credit.

  11. crapmonster Jan 20, 2006

    that is seriously some amazing work......

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2006

    I would prefer it with less texture so I can see more of the details, but still, the texturing matches the style so it does work out really well anyway. The grass looks awesome, and the scan blends perfectly. You did an awesome job with this wallpaper, keep up the good work and keep producing amazing stuffs.

  13. Aplos Jan 20, 2006

    The background is pretty good. You really managed to blend the figure pretty well to it. And I love the look. Good job bringing out the old worn out folk art style.

  14. Guts Jan 20, 2006

    Wow, that's a awesome hunting scene, gives you a real feel of japanese art with the color blend. I highly enjoy the work you've done.

  15. Osaka-dono Jan 21, 2006

    b e a u t i f u l

  16. DeathD13 Jan 21, 2006

    So beautiful! The colors are gorgeous, and the work you did to get the background to fit so well... definitely a great piece! :)

  17. GaiJiN Jan 22, 2006

    It may be "just" an extension of an original (beautiful) artwork, but it still shows great skills to get to such a level of perfection. Great choice of scan, awesome composition. It works great as a wallpaper. One of your bests in my opinion. Thank you :)

  18. vodkamint Jan 22, 2006

    It's beautiful! *___*
    Your wallies are so nice always, you deserve to be highlighted XD
    I love the atmosphere in this wallie. It's so... ancient yet so attractive. A hard feeling to describe and you brought it so well.
    Great job as always, well done! Keep it up! *adds to faves*

  19. ZeroFear Jan 23, 2006

    I have to admit this has a quality I rarely see in these types of walls. Nice.

  20. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 23, 2006

    At last I can post!
    Oh my....this is so cool
    I love it :D
    When i thought you can't be more awesome, you surprised me with this amazing piece
    + fav

  21. euna Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2006

    omg tama.. i luv those grass! *eats them* O_O
    it looks really really awesome. everything flows very well together and i luv that brownish tone of the wall.
    really nice textures and wonderful concept. *a must fav*

  22. jin-chan Jan 26, 2006

    Magnificent! I love this wall, it's so different from the rest of wallpapers I've seen so far ^-^

  23. hallo22 Jan 26, 2006

    it looks really really amazing but it´s too dark

  24. ipio Mute Member Jan 28, 2006


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