Okama Wallpaper: O K A M A

Okama Wallpaper
Okama Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Actually Okama is the artist's name but I couldn't find a proper title XD
now this is a little different from my usual type of walls,a nd it was lots of fun to do. No painting! \o/
Now now, what did I do with this? first I made the most time-consuming extraction of all my life x_x took me hours. I decided to keep the black border around the wal like in the original scan since I thought it was very fitting and added a little originality. I cloned and edited the flowers to make them fall from all over the top of the wall, changed the patterns off the kimono (for fun :D was fun) And added birdies clouds and some random calligraphy to keep the faint japanese style. I wanted to keep the bg quite pale and simple, not to remove attention to the magnificent scan artwort. Texturing was fun too.

Scan from: MT gallery
Textures from: AccuStudios.com
Patterns from: Tama-Neko's Pattern collection
Brushes from: CreativeMac.com

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Nov 26, 2005

    I love the paper-ish effect you have going on in this wallpaper. You did a great job of cloning the flowers, and even though the backround seems rather simple, it fits very well. If it was any more than the wallpaper would explode.

    Good job~

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 26, 2005

    I saw the wip of it and I was just simply amazed. Honestly, this is just simply gorgeous. An interesting style of artwork, but wow *__* This wall is just gorgeous. It really caught my eye and knowing that this is the first wall that you've used textures in, it really is something else.

    The scan is beautiful. I do have to say that it is quite elegant and you did a wonderful job (as always) with the extraction. Such beauty and yet such a unique artistic style done by the artist. First time I've ever seen work from Okama, but I really like it. She fits so perfectly with the background and really just brings a relaxing feeling to this wall overall, beautiful choice, Candy.

    The background is really what blew me away, what looks to be like the scenery turned upside down and the scan rightside up, really gives a very interesting perspective. Though, I can say for a fact that it's just incredibly lush. Very nicely detailed and beautiful brush work as well, the birds were a nice addition and the scenery style really matches with the artist's drawing style, giving a beautiful combination that looks gorgeous overall. I have to say being a texture wall, this is just simply gorgeous. Even if textures are considered 'trendwhorish' who cares, the texturing fits so perfectly with the style of art and honestly it gives a sorta wallscroll look to it. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing this as a wallscroll, but heya, desktop works too. Everything just is so very peaceful and calm, it's just soothing looking at this background and the colors are very pleasant and work very well for the fall season (though it feels like winter here ~_~). Overall for the bg, it's perfect in my eyes, the detail, the texture, the brushing. You really are something else when it comes to walling, Candy.

    What can I say? I'm inlove with this background. I always considered myself more of a fan of something more abstract and full of life, yet I can't but to be attracted to this. Even the text is simply amazing and I love the boarder as well, sorta gives a 'picture in a frame' type feel to it, either or it just is simply astonishing and I'm really amazed, Candy. Honestly, I think you outdid yourself on this background and it's earned my favorite.

  3. HongAnime Nov 26, 2005

    i saw ones that manga ^^ Okama is really talented artist. That wallpaper is fantastic i like is at all.

  4. DernierCri Nov 26, 2005

    absolutely beautiful... i love the canvas look
    prety amazing use of tama's patterns.
    mad props from em for that one.
    it's very candy... XD

  5. MizuhofanFFX2 Restricted Member Nov 26, 2005

    nice work candy-chan.

  6. jamessparda Nov 26, 2005

    amazing ! is very beautiful ...

  7. ayaki Nov 26, 2005

    simply gorgeous >_<
    the birds u've added to the bg gives a nice touch. it makes it look more like a trad japanese painting.
    and wow...u've added a different pattern to her dress, and it definitely looks better than the original one.
    this looks sooo good..... +_+

  8. Milkiyo Nov 27, 2005

    lol..her expression is very funny..daydreaming about something izzit?
    the bg style is nice but a bit too much of the big flowers on top..

  9. boogybro Nov 27, 2005

    You just need to fix that one part of her cut off hair. Apart from that, this is an awesome wallpaper. XD

  10. Tama-Neko Nov 27, 2005

    Darn, I've been wanting to wall Okama for a while, but never found the time. Guess you beat me to it. You did an awesome job, it really feels like the original work, and the flowers draping gracefully over the black border is a nice touch that gives the image an amazing amount of depth.

  11. bluSake Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2005

    It's beautiful. I love it XD The work with the wisteria is simply incredible.

    One thing though: um...I think the calligraphy is reversed. At least, the line on the left is flipped horizontally.

  12. FullMetal8 Nov 27, 2005

    Wow very nicely themed wallpaper. I really like the flowers hanging from the top, they add a great effect. A nice japanese feel the wall! Awesome job!

  13. juanicths Nov 27, 2005

    woh~ real great oriental feel to the entire wall ^^ BTW, bluSake seems to be right, the calligraphy is flipped over horizontally (like a mirror image)... one of the first things that just struck *lol*

    do you know wat manga titles okama did? now i am curious to read them and see more of the art...

  14. phamthuha Nov 27, 2005

    Just don't know why, ur work always amazed me ^_^ You never did a normal work, all ur works contains mistery and beauty ^_^ Of course a fav, candy-chan!

  15. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2005

    ;-; saki was going to wall this.. *good thing saki didnt or else it wouldve been major defeat* xD
    this is just beautiful and i don't knnow what to say... this was my favorite scan and you made it even more boootiful~

    >_< CANDY! MARRY ME!

  16. zaira Nov 27, 2005

    wow! i like the japanese style in this wall! the scan is cute and ii like her outfit! XD the bg is sooo nice! the texture and the pattern are really placed well! and those flowers are soo cute! nice colors as well! +fav! XD

  17. gadgetgirl16 Nov 27, 2005

    wow! that is verry beautiful and colorful! i love the flowers on the top and how everything fits togather, great job! +favs

  18. winged Nov 27, 2005

    Very diff from ur usual paintings, but still a great wallie ^^ Texture looks very Japan-ish, suits the scan well! Nice job on the orchids as well ^^ +favs

  19. Sandra Nov 27, 2005

    Great one ! I love the patterns you used . And this soft colours...And the hanging flowers ..... Awesome ! So calm i love calm wallies ! +fav

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2005

    Its like eating a whole teaspoon of wasabi Candy... O_O
    I love the clonage and simpleness of the wall, nice textures and everything else which i cant explain cos it is beautiful. Nice job as always girl! ^_^'

  21. markjo Nov 27, 2005

    The wallpaper immediately caught my attention - it's such an eye-candy! The only thing that bothers me is this cut-off lock of hair. I don't know whether it's intentional (looking at her fringe) but to me it looks awkward.

  22. Ecchan Nov 27, 2005

    The style is different and interesting. I really like it! Love the paper effect.

    Nice job!

  23. cherry-star Nov 27, 2005

    oOo very nice candy-chan! I love your wallpapers so much!

  24. Akira-san Nov 27, 2005

    Oh, it's very nice, candy-chan! ^^
    Agreed it's different from your usual wallies, but it's nice as always! Liked the style of this wallie, pretty different and interesting.
    Just think you could cut some hair from her... it looks weird in the left side. The flowers are from the scan too? ^^'
    Well, good job on it! +fav

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