Okama Wallpaper: Patience Under the Wisteria

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Okama Mangaka

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Patience under the wisteria tree... I wonder what she's waiting for?

Dedicated to everyone involved in this year's w.a.r.

When chara (organizer extraordinaire <3) asked me a while back if I felt bad that this year's w.a.r. is a lot smaller, I sorta gave a nonchalant answer and thought that was that. When she asked me another variation of the same question recently, I thought, hmm...

To be honest, the scale of the competition hasn't been something that concerned me much at all. If I organized the competition with that in mind, it probably would've not been held at all after I heard some initial responses from the planning thread, and I knew that the war on AP was sucking away a lot of people, since I was one of those involved >:3 For me this competition has always been special because it's so inspirational, not only to see what people can come up with under pressure, but also because you get to work with a really great bunch of organizers/judges behind the scenes. And it's a tremendous amount of fun. So, much thanks to everyone involved this year... It's been inspirational, on many different levels.

This wall is also my virtue for the 7 Virtues Project over @ the Invalid Litter Department... She's my patience XD I've wanted to wall this scan for ages, but had no idea what to do until I happened across this image at the Graceful Lament Gallery and thought... hmm... XD The original idea didn't quite work, but it gave me inspiration enough to finish the wall. I also stole the smoke from that scan...

Girl from this scan, with alterations... I covered up her butt and cut off the fox ears 'cause I've never been an ecchi/animal ears fan >:3 Wisteria (painfully) extracted/modified/blended from this scan... butterfly appropriated from this xxxHolic scan... thanks to nageni-kun for the butterfly idea (to make it look like she's been there for a while!), crap for the check, and tat0rs with eagle eyes for doing last checks... and driving me with a whip XD Loves for you <3

I really enjoyed working on this since it provided a nice vector break, and it's something a bit different from me. I miss walling Asian style, so I may try some more like this X) This is the first wall in a while that I really like, so I hope you all enjoy too; if it looks kind of empty on the left, it's because I have five rows of icons right now >XD

Additional res at pixel ellipsis! :D

9/3/06: Brushed over the butterfly and resmudged her kimono a bit... thanks shinn for the suggest :3

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  1. naless Sep 03, 2006

    sugoi sugoi o.o
    It's amazing work...
    very cute and nice!

    Good work ;)

  2. pamkips Sep 03, 2006

    simple but beautiful
    it's so stunning ^_^
    great job

  3. ShiXon Sep 03, 2006

    whyyyy ? whyyyy ? DD: ...is this wallpaper so awesome ? xDD
    seriously it IS, i love the wisteria? flowers shining a bit vibrantly agains the dark background. it looks fantastic :D
    you've really done it this time flyin-chama xDD ~~
    i want to download but it doesn't seem to be progressing >->
    i want it as my desktop DD:

  4. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 03, 2006

    Seems kind of low quality, but it's quite clean considering the scan/s you originally worked with was just plain crap. Good job.

  5. rythem Sep 04, 2006

    oooooh very nice :3 I love the extra thingies u've added and nice work in covering her butt XD
    the wisteria is a bit noisy though . and some parts of her kimono . but overall u've done a lovely work ne ~ keep it up <33

  6. zaira Sep 04, 2006

    wow! i like the scan + those nice flowers! XD
    very simple yet creative! :D
    + fav! >__<

  7. ayaki Sep 05, 2006

    woah....looking at the original scan >_< cleaning up and alterations must be a pain...o___O
    you're always great with simplistic style.
    some parts of the scan still looks a bit blurry... -_- but it's okie~ hehehhe

  8. charaznableamurorei Sep 06, 2006

    *note: this comment isn't spam; this post is just very very highly contextual... right, flyindreams? ^^^

    "When you are speaking a new, private language, one that no one understands, you must sometimes wait a long time before you get an echo."

    Faux Meret Oppenheim's answer to your question: go for "inspiration"? ^_~

  9. Ephemeral-Garden Sep 08, 2006

    Wai~ A dark wall! >.<

    You sure did great removing the fox ears and tail and covered her butt, it must be really hard to do so. :)

    So floral, and the wisteria looks pretty too. Though maybe the wisteria looks a little.. bad in quality for some reason.. but it's nice that you turned the whole wall dark.


  10. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2006

    It's gorgeous; the contrast of rich colors on black is very dramatic. I've always liked this image, and I'm very happy about your alterations.

  11. AlexXan Sep 11, 2006

    Josh :) nice and clean wallie gota f+ this one ~
    I must say i realy like this switch-over from kimono through nature to bg ^^
    Realy good idea.

  12. hydetenshi Sep 12, 2006

    this is really beautiful; the color contrast is soo lovely with the black BG and the purple flowers... I love the traditional Japanese feeling this wall creates; wonderful work! ^^

  13. rocknroll-isgo Sep 14, 2006

    *sneaks in* Boo! :E

    I just love to disappear for a few days and magically reappear at a later time and damn if I'm not good at it. (I'm a perfectionist. ;D) Anyways! Heyo! I haven't been able to keep up with the 256 walls you've made lately---or at least commenting on them---but they really have been amazing. As is this one; I've always been a sucker for that minimalistic style. I'd say a good 98% have graced my desktop presence, and then of course changed two days later because you've made another. ==;; Slow down woman! D:

    On a completely random note, I'm reluctant to admit that I'm still unemployed. *whimper* Actually, the whole point of bringing that up was because I was wondering if you've had any luck finding a job you like.
    (If not, perhaps we should start a club... The Unsuccessful Candidates? The Unemployed Faction? The Lazy Asses? [... Is this humorous or depressing? >.>])

    *spots Murphy's Law approaching*

    Uh oh, time to vanish again.

    *Power Ranger pose* Form of: Ninja Exit! *poof*

  14. markjo Sep 16, 2006

    Finally a wallpaper which will not be disturbed by my icons :) .
    Great colours, I love how the dark background contrasts with the purple of the flowers and the character's kimono. Plus, it's Okama and we definitely need more Okama wallpapers!

  15. Milkiyo Sep 21, 2006

    And here I thought it was about Wisteria lane lol.. >_>
    love everything about it and..well...I'm too lazy to continue :3
    just keep up this style :D

  16. j12on Oct 05, 2006

    this is such a beautiful wallpaper.
    just my type of wallpaper; simple, dark, sexy
    going on my desktop!

  17. rufflesia Oct 22, 2007

    you made the scan into something so beautiful. i like (:

  18. kewilan Nov 14, 2009


  19. Gamma-imoto-chan Mute Member Jan 22, 2010

    Wow \*W*/ That's very beautiful! Thank you very much!

  20. Makiloos Jul 29, 2010

    Very cute this wall ^____^ I liked!

  21. HUCONGWEI Mar 16, 2011

    this is such a beautiful wallpaper.

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