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TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Illyasviel von Einzbern Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Illyasviel von Einzbern Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

^^ new one. a product of 12 whole weeks of walling experience XD hmm thats about 3 months ^_^'
eh, im not that experienced then...
well original idea here is its just after midnight during summer cause the sky lightens at the edge of the horizon but the suns still far off. i decided no moon for this one so i made the stars really stand out more. some sort of resemblance to milky way >.>
grass has many layers to get a fog receding effect. water is very calm, didnt want to make huge waves.
the typography bit is the weirdest thing ive done cause theres no moon in the wall but theres a moon in the title lol.

hope ya like ^^

EDIT: spelled eternity wrong o_0 thanks to aria and veronika for pointing it out ^_^'
EDIT: dimmed the stars near the horizon. thanks to shinn and rsk ^^

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  1. Tatsuya May 16, 2005

    the sky, grass and the character very well together, and the text fix as well

  2. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 16, 2005

    Hmmmm the bg is fine as it is, wish the stars werent so much cluttered all around the whole ky but the milky way theme works well together. The Bg kinda reminds me of a place i use to hunt for crabs and catch fish at night....Nice job mate! :)

  3. Shinobu13 Banned Member May 16, 2005

    hum really nice the scan, the sky looks nice but a little empty
    anyways good job my friend :)

  4. Coordinator May 16, 2005

    As always... Nice wallpaper... The sky is soo beutiful, damn I want to be good as you ^_^.
    Hmm you're from Canada right? Are you interested in Ice hockey? You know World championship has just ended... Canada lost to the Czech republic... guess what? I am from the Czech republic :D

  5. exentric May 16, 2005

    wow... I didnt know MT had another such talented waller >_<
    maybe i really shud visit the gallery more often >_<

    anyway, your wall. its nice. very nice.
    I really like stars actually. beautiful~
    the grass, good job indeed. not many ppl can use the grass brush that well. (they alwayz turn out weird). but you, you've done it quite nicely.

    all in all, its a good job. a very good job. ^_^

  6. Raiyne May 16, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. :D I like the background, soooo stary, and the character fits well with the starlit scene and fireflies. The absence of the moon is a nice change.
    Good job. :)

  7. THE-DARK-PRINCE May 16, 2005

    Nice background...
    Like the effects...
    Keep up the good work... :) :D :)

  8. Maija May 16, 2005

    uhuuuuuu...... XD

    What can I say ? you have talent......your talented....Cool....Keep up your talent OK? It a Promise..... ;)

  9. zaira May 16, 2005

    wooo!! this one is pwettie!! me like the scan!! and the awesome bg!! nice starry starry sky!! me like it!+fav! XD

  10. Kougaxgirl May 16, 2005

    awww she's so cute! hehe and i really like the fireflies! and the background is beautiful! and i love the lil moon that goes with the title and i love love love it! the wholet thing. Wonderful job this time...wonderfil! oh and nice new icon too! well tootles! :D i gotta go to school! *sniff sniff* >_<

  11. chisana May 16, 2005

    Realllyyyy niceee!!! :D I love the sky and the grass and the water and the scan... what did I forgot? Oh, and the little glowing things in the grass ^^ And the text too ;) Awesome wallie, thanks for sharing it here Kai :) I think I'll add it to my favs.... ;)

  12. Yina May 16, 2005

    The sky is so beautiful... XD XD I wish I could be there instead of the girl... :nya: and the bg fits perfectly to the girl... XD and I love the font.. cuz it looks beautiful as well.. +fav ^^

  13. IllusionistAria May 16, 2005

    Excellent wall. ^^ The background and composition of the wallpaper is fantastic. The sky is beautiful and the font you chose matches well. I think you spelt "eternity" wrong though, you spelt it as "enternity". *adds to faves*

  14. nekosasu May 16, 2005

    there's probably nothing more to add, very very nice and clean wall xD
    everything turned out well, the grass, the stars, blah good work kai, thanks for your effort ^^ keep genki! ~~neko

  15. ShiNN May 16, 2005

    It's an ok wallpaper and it is surely better than half of the stuff that is in the tops submissions right now. It is simple but at least it shows effort and it shows that you thought about a concept and developed it throughly.

    In any case, it can be improved ;). Especially:
    - The grass field is ok... somehow. I'd say that you could have used way more layers to give more depth, tricking with the fog over the grass is a good way to give depth but at the same time you appearently used not so many layers, so it's a bit weird. But it's still good.
    - The starfield. Hehe, Greg Martin style spotted! lol, nothing bad with it, but I want you to remind that Greg Martin's tutorials is based for scenarios that capture starscapes from a point of view of an imaginary "satellite", or "space ships", in the middle of the starscapes itself. If you are looking at the stars during a night from a "normal" point of view (lol) you'll notice that close to the horizon line there are almost no stars visible, while the sky begins to be more and more "populated" with stars as your gaze goes upwards looking at it. ;)

  16. Kiako May 16, 2005

    nice wallpaper. the girl is very pretty and the background looks great. but the grass there could look beter.

  17. shiwei May 16, 2005

    a beautiful night walls... ^^
    background is great, though the sky maybe is abit empty, but the starry is great...
    like the grass and the sea very much, i like it :) scan is good too...
    keep it up, sure a fav from me

  18. Odysseus May 16, 2005

    Nice Wall, everything goes together very well. The grass is nice as ar the fireflies. The sky is pretty good, a little cluttered for my taste but it still looks nice. The scan is good and clear. (And Cute of course.) What I like in particular is the lighting. It makes the wall very .... peaceful I guess...Great job!

  19. Chobiits May 16, 2005

    Nice wallpaper.
    The bg composition is good, everything matches well.
    Those layers of grass made the grass field look realistic, good work.
    That foggy effect and those fireflies enhances the midnight effect.
    And the captions, its cool how you implemented a moon in it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Veronika May 16, 2005

    Hey, I just love those stars ^_^ But shouldn't there be eternity instead of enterity? If not, please let me know the meaning =)

  21. Idril May 16, 2005

    nice background composicion!! scan is good too!!
    humm... you should put more effects on background but it is ok!
    Keep the great work!

  22. Nona May 16, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!!!
    I like the bg, and the effects. The sky, wirh the stars is sooo beautiful!!!!
    And the little fireflys also!!!!!!
    I like it!!!!!

  23. pegassuss May 16, 2005

    Really nice wall! ^^ It's beautiful! I think the grass field is really well done, and the star field is lovely! ^^ Great job! keep it up!

  24. slivermoon May 16, 2005

    very nice wally
    the sky is wonderful, the grass looks good too
    what are those flying yellow things??
    are they suppose to be fireflys?
    and i can see that u'r credits are smaller XP

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