Fate/stay night Wallpaper: The Girl With Spear

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello again, uh.. First of all, I am REALLY sorry about disappear for a long time (again) because I had so many things to do.

I say that because I feel so sorry, for not showing in MT for a LONG period of time.
since I'm not busy this moment, I thought about create wallpaper for you all,
so.... i'm going to gave you my first anime wallpaper.

Ps: I had no idea about whoever she is. maybe you guys can give me a clue about her?
and oh.....! I will thank for any french guy who will kindly tell me if the french parse is wrong
(I use Worldlingo for it =P )

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  1. naibaf2 May 05, 2005

    Well, I gotta admit this is a really good wallpaper. I mean it's like a cool blurry fran├žais messaged picture...

    Andrew. :)

  2. fabismine May 05, 2005

    Ok, I forgive you for disappearing and stop posting these beautiful wallpapers... but only because you poted this new beauty!

    Welcome back! ^ ^

  3. MS0B9 May 06, 2005

    Hey pertty nice wall you got there Radeonator. I like it though. Adding to favs!

  4. Kanvas May 06, 2005

    good wall! Overal the wall looks great, althought the black bands look kinda empty ( you could've put some words or line there and made it more interesting).
    And maybe becuase you wasn't here for a long time as you said, This gal is from Fate Stay Night. I'm sure about that.

  5. tareren May 06, 2005

    I think it's too simple >.< I like it more with lotsa effects... but the scan blends nicely with the background ^^ nice one :D

  6. rayearth May 06, 2005

    hmm...the text seems to be a bit jaggy but the rest is done very good, even though it might seems to be lack of colour but it blends perfectly between the pic and the background, nice one :)

  7. KorganoS May 06, 2005

    She is Saber from Fate/Stay Night

    as for the wallpaper :
    it looks ok, in fact that it is quite simple, and little color variation... it looks like an official wallpaper or such... :)
    I'm not that fond of the black blocks on top and at bottom. Not because it's bad or obstructing, but it makes normal CRT users view the main image as something widerspread along the screen (while LCD users might find it not that annoying, since it's in DVD ratio...
    the effects are also quite simple, but a bit too blurry for my tastes,... because of that, in some places, Saber looks blurry, too...
    But overall, yeah, it's okay,... but I suggest the font to be smaller, and put it somewhere near the left-bottom corner of the main image... that would be nicer... and use FSN's logo somewhere in the black area, that would be a nice addition... (also in order to make it looks more like an official one)

  8. Elvandro May 07, 2005

    i don't understand france laguage, but the armor and france remind me to joane of arc

  9. NanakiREDXIII May 08, 2005

    Voici une traduction qui me semble plus fran├žaise bien qu'un peut etrange encore :

    La lance noir

    la puissance de les frapper tous.
    la puissance de nuire a leur coeur.
    la puissance de percer leur peau.
    la puissance de regner sur tous.

    Avec le texte original english je pourrais certainement proposer une traduction plus harmonieuse ;)

  10. FredGreg Jul 10, 2005

    This is nice... I like the general composition of it, the blurred look. But the text really does let it down - it's not anti-aliased, & also doesn't fit too well. Couldn't care less that it's in French (I think? I don't speak it but it certainly looks it...), that's mad, but the font & the way it just sits there look dodgy. It is well positioned, though, with one flaw: the spear touches it. It's too close, needs some separation, say, oh, half the x-height of the font? (height of given font's "x" glyph - it's the proper term). I'm debating whether to fave it - I would in a second, but the text really is a major drawback...

  11. souseki Dec 24, 2005

    nice wall
    i like this

  12. eonir Dec 25, 2005

    hmm.... ~.~ ....i don't know French but... I know how looks a cool wall >:>

  13. enchantment Apr 20, 2006

    ohh, really, nice, love the blue colour^^

  14. Roma53 Jun 02, 2006

    hello guys , i'm french so i can arrange your traduction ;)
    I think a better traduction will be :

    La Lance noire

    La puissance de tous les frapper
    La puissance de leur faire de la peine
    La puissance de les transpercer
    La puissance du regne absolue

    I made some modification , because a litteral translation don't phone good

    (sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me)
    Nice wall at all

  15. ake2000 Sep 15, 2009

    Beautiful! I like this scan very much! Thanks for sharing!

  16. hotsaber Oct 04, 2010

    thanks for sharing a very nice picture

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