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Well.. Just for some discloser I'm not of a Christian faith so dont get all weird on me for making this wallie now .. XP I'm just trying to paid my repects. -_-

I make this as a in memory of a great politial and spiritual leader that had past away today 4/2/2005 at about 9:30 am PMT. Pope John Paul II. Even though as I said I'm not a christian, you can't help but to respect the man that helps takes down the communist regimes, willing to accepts other religionist teachings as long as they are for peace on earth, and as one of the leading leader for harmony in this crazy world. Even with all the nutty stuff going on with the churches here in the US. You definitely have my repect. With tis said, here is my expression to the Man he is. Thank you so much for all the good you have done old friend to us all mankind. -_- You will be greatly and deeply missed... T_T

Glory to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit.

"Hooray for God, whom Jesus tells us is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

As it was in the beginning,
is now and will be forever.

"Hooray for God, who made things good from the beginning, when everything was new."

"Hooray for God, who is good right now and holds us in his hands."

"Hooray for God, whose goodness never fails. Every new day God surprises us with gifts we never expect."

- girl image I got it here in MT.
- bg the church glass part was some a image that I got from google it. other stuff are mainly brushes work like most of the time. XP
- I putted the prayer Our Father on the bg as well.. well It suits it petty ok I guess.... ^_^'
- theres about 56 layers on this one. Been working on it since this morning *about 5-6 hrs or work* when I hear the news. >_>
okay what else.. hmm.. if I leave out anything let me know. XP

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  1. Shinobu13 Banned Member Apr 03, 2005

    yosh really nice this wall and good thing for the pope, i really love your composition
    great job, add to my fav of course
    and for the pope RIP T_T

  2. Archer79 Apr 03, 2005

    It's a very nice wallpaper on a day the world mourns for a great pope. Take care.

  3. xtigy Apr 03, 2005

    Nice wallpaper Frosty.

    And i really like your composition dedicated to the pope. He will be missed.

  4. tenchigirl15 Apr 03, 2005

    o my, that deatheny beautiful colors!!! my memories for the pope John Paul II and my neighbor Rose S. -_-

  5. Sugasuga Apr 03, 2005

    *skims through nutty's long message* XD ok, judging by the posts, ur dedicating this wallie to the dead pope? well, nice dedication, nutty ^^ the scan is perfect for it and bg too. though, the top left is veri dizzy @_@ good job anyhoo ^^

  6. gadgetgirl16 Apr 03, 2005

    its verry beautiful! RIP to the pope........*savs to favs*

  7. broken-dreamz Apr 03, 2005

    frostieeeeeeekyunn a very nice wallieee =) I like the girl and the window-ish effect o_o''
    may the pope john paul II rest in peace =)~~

  8. MadMover Apr 03, 2005

    I have to salute anyone who shows their repect for anyone, even if you have deferent religious beliefs. Especially when you do it with such a great wall. I must comment you to the highest level! + fav!

  9. slivermoon Apr 03, 2005

    i don't know what to say... ~_~
    okay first the wall has a lot or very good blending and
    u've given it a lot of feeling in this one too
    and for the pope i will surely mourn for him, we will surely miss him :(

  10. DarkVirus Apr 03, 2005

    ...interesting wall u made Frosty...
    decided to dedicate to someone huh...
    good job on the wall..

  11. Nakayori Apr 03, 2005

    Wahhh, it's so pretty! *-*;; I love the scan you used, and you did an awesome job on the text. =D~

  12. AiLi Apr 03, 2005

    T_T I'm not a Christian but I had to pay respact to him because his is a friend to our school founder Dato'Rev.Father A.Julien.A minit silence to Pope John Paul II & our school founder Dato'Rev.Father A.Julien.They both already RIP T_T.

  13. halcyonTwilight Apr 03, 2005

    There's no doubt about it...the man that helped change the world deserves our respect. Let the future hold brighter days so all that he has done won't be in vain.

    I really really like the scan....it's awesome, and you made a bg perfect for it. The prayer is well done, and doesn't stick out too much, but it complements everything. Awesome work man :) +fav

  14. ShiroiLina Apr 03, 2005

    yes.. its a great loss for everybody... we lost a great man, that fought for peace, and loved teenagers and lived a great life! thanks for this great wall :D i love it ^^ espescially for the great thought! keep it up :D

  15. chibikko Apr 03, 2005

    i was waiting for the first wallpaper like this. anyway i'll just review the wallpaper itself. the scan is very pretty, a praying girl for such a girl is really perfect xD the background is pretty. dark atmosphere but still light because the girl is smiling and praying. very nice wallpaper, frosty

  16. DarkEVO Apr 03, 2005

    Very cool and moving wallpaper. Very nicely done. Very well tribute to the Pope. +Fav.

    R.I.P John Paul II

  17. pegassuss Apr 03, 2005

    Really lovely wallpaper!! The scan you chose is soooooooo beautiful and it fits so perfectly with the background! The background you created is amazing. I really like your idea, the atmosphere is so peaceful and lovely. And you did an awesome job with the text. Thanks a lot for dedicating this to the Pope, it is beautiful. You did a fantastic wrok! ^^

  18. Nona Apr 03, 2005

    Very cool!! I like the bg!!!!!
    It nice for you, that you make a wallpaper for John Paul II. memory. Nice idea!
    I hope he like it! Great job! I hope that I can do so cool wallpaper in the future.

  19. DarkCrimson Apr 03, 2005

    Oh Im so late*sorry*Hope you can forgive me^_^"
    Im always looking forward for a new Wallie from my dear Friend Frosty.And here it is.
    Wow looks really wonderfull.I like the cute praying Girl and the nice looking Background wth the Lyrics in it.It has such an calm and Peacefully Atmosphere.Add it to my Favs for sure and I think it goes on my Desktop as well.hanks so much for sharing.I visit you soon and write in your GB ok.
    Until then.Keep up the great Work. :D :)

  20. semanga Apr 03, 2005

    they looks so sweet boy very good work honey ^^
    i have miss your nice works great to see some new stuff from you ^^

  21. catlike Apr 03, 2005


  22. Mordin Apr 03, 2005

    very pure and a great tribute wallie, it gives a peaceful feeling just by looking at it, great job Frosty.

  23. NikaNeko Apr 04, 2005

    Oh wow the scan is soo pretty !
    Prayer to heaven ,prayer for luck :3
    Wallpaper love it . I love the writing you have put !
    Well done , deserve a fav for sure :D

  24. Evanrued Apr 04, 2005

    The fact that this wall was born from good intent, is truly wonderful. And it really does show. I really do love what you have done with this wall. The background is so blurely perfect. Its a good kind of blure lol. And I also like the light stairway. Its so wonderful. Everything is perfect! Excellent work Frosty!

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