Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper: All.You.Need.Is.To.Kill. [V.1]

Yoshitoshi Abe, All You Need Is Kill Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For the words are contempt of comprimise
the walls have already been severed
the city runs amuck from the vile grotesqueries
these fog like people roam like ghosts
ever peering to what love has to say to them
the crows have flown so high...
For our love will never be the same....

Dedicated to Crapmonster
for his walls never ceases to amaze me and because hes on a walling streak! XD

AT last after 3 weeks of no walls i finally scrapped up little of my computers bloody RAM and made a wall i truly was amazed and excited because the aura of it coming to me was a blast from my grunge skillz. Kudos to Nuriko for providing the scan and Yoshitoshi Abe for making me have his newest creations of godly proportions!! I used mostly some stain brushes to depict a dark scene almost like in a coming of a storm when the clouds are dark and the shrubs and fauna are dark as well. The city was an easy picking cos it was just abstracted motion blurred excellence and the people and birds hold a significant role to this wall.

The little text namely "Ito ang paraan para mahaharapin ng aking Diyos" (Sorri to the Flips cos my tagalog is sketchy... >_> ) means this is the only way to face God....and the rest you can figure it out! ^ ^

Lots of burning, duplicate, overlayed and experimental design here and there...Love how the text turned out and the insignia which was a breeze to make in such a short time span. So all in all it was 46 layers and 4 hours of workage baby! :p

More resolutions in Imanimetions.net once i put it up on the server
Dont worry Shinta and sammo.... o_O

Hope ya likey! ^ ^

Personal intent:
I could never understand most people in the world nowadays cos i dont seem to care anymore at what theyre doing...Ive always said that theres always someone for everyone and because of that i forget even the meaning of it, cos ive given up! Maybe someday i might find someone who is looking for the right person and it might be me but for the mean time ill just let God do his stuff and his plans for me.

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Browse Yoshitoshi Abe Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Aa-chan Feb 08, 2005

    Never heard of the anime, but I love the grungy looking background. The colours are brilliant and the background and foreground actively look as if they're meant to be together. Great characters and altogether, a very impressive scene ^^ .

  2. Aa-chan Feb 08, 2005

    Never heard of the anime, but I love the grungy looking background. The colours are brilliant and the background and foreground actively look as if they're meant to be together. Great characters and altogether, a very impressive scene ^^ .

  3. Celessa Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2005

    Wow - holy, OracleAngel - supreme wall indeed. I love the flares and the mists in the background. You did one heck of a job - and I love the effort and thought you placed into the layout. Well done. Keep it up.

  4. UndyingShadow Feb 08, 2005

    wow very nice change of style Oracle. this is a very dark wall, and its hard making dark and gloomy walls, but you did an amazing job. kick ass wall!

  5. calisqo Feb 08, 2005

    ah monochrome ^_^ my fav element in grunge wall ^_^.
    Something about it just feels right to be in grunge ^_^

    u got one nice color scheme here, I kinda like the abstarction of city and the birds (if I'm right , i think it looks like it)

    Texture on the darkend bg is so nice and also the scan , yes the scan is cool .
    Thanks for sharin >
    GOod work OA ^_^

  6. Osiris Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2005

    hey love the atmosphere, so dark @.@

    *sends oracle to a therapist* joo need happy thoughts XD XD j.k

  7. DarkEVO Feb 08, 2005

    Another cool grungy and scenic wallpaper. i like how you did it . Splendid. +Fav

  8. shinta Feb 08, 2005

    Hahaha ok....for the sake of correction o_o
    "Ito ang paraan para harapin ang aking Diyos"
    That's ok OA it has been a while since you've used Filipino...ne? o.o
    Maybe next time when I talk to ya at YIM I'll use Filipino ^_~
    Wonder why you're getting all sentimental too...O_O
    Demo ne, your wallpapers roxorz!!! =3

  9. ded113 Feb 08, 2005

    Whoah! THis is a different approach. Well the BG is great as usual, like the 'end of the world' theme to it. I don't like the idea of killing but...all I need is to fave this great work!! ^^

  10. tecnophreak Feb 08, 2005

    yeah, the insigna looks great man, and the BG is pretty cool too! I've never heard of that artist...

  11. StarCentury Feb 08, 2005

    o_0 Damn, OA! You don't play around when it comes to making a wallie, ne? XD Very insane grunge effects you have there, the city looks fantastic from far away, and the emotons of the characters fits seamlessly! To top it off, you dedicate your wall to one of my fav wallers in MT, crapmonster! ^_^' Kudos to you and your awesome wall, OA! [+ 2 favs, sets as desktop]

    OracleAngel & Crapmonster roxors XD (*hope that's ok if I say roxors, shinta*) ^_^'

  12. DayBreak Feb 08, 2005

    Quote by tecnophreakyeah, the insigna looks great man, and the BG is pretty cool too! I've never heard of that artist...

    Well then techno, you spended too much of your time on commenting scenic wallz, that actually seeing other, great grunge wallz, from crapmonster? *cough*

    well anyway, Oracle angel...
    you never seize to amaze me.....
    god damn O.o....thats some very dark insane background you got there..
    wish i can have those new brushes >_<
    if i do! i would so go isane XP
    Excellent job. "d" grunge king...i'll take that title some day >_>

  13. Skillzpay Feb 09, 2005

    My god, this is some of your darkest work to date and I've gotta say that I love it. That cityscape and the dark and murky fog covering, what seems to be dead ppl walking around, just make this wall ooze with death and decay. This one deserves to be a highlighted submission on the frontpage man :)

  14. peachiemint Feb 09, 2005

    ur soo amazing oracle!! luv the details and the style of da wallie. sobra sa ganda! tee hee. a faviee for mee. keep it up =^^=

  15. crapmonster Feb 09, 2005

    OA, im gonna kiss you haha!! this wall is my new desktop, amazing job here man. the grunge style done here is something completely different then your other walls and seriously did an awesome job. as others have said, this better make it to the highlighted submissions cause it damn well deserves it. also, its nice to just see a pic i mysefl walled done in a different way, i myself would never have come up with something like thisand am really amazed by this one!! haha also thanks for the dedication, im glad to know that you appreciate my works. hahaha and also, dont worry, my streak probably wont stop anytime soon!!

  16. KorganoS Feb 09, 2005

    LoL I have the same urge as Crap here... <_< but nah, I'm not goin to kiss you or what....
    man, I love ABe's works, and his newest work is godly.....
    yeah, you've made one hell of a wallpaper.... I've been looking for one like ages..... XD
    thanks for this wall... superb and awesome overall ;)

  17. Aztec Feb 10, 2005

    Very Intresting wall you did.
    I have to say the background looks amazing.

  18. Spriggan Feb 10, 2005

    ooh man..how could I hate your wall! they always impress me....man you got the style haha
    amazing work in all his splendour.

  19. Noctum Feb 12, 2005

    The entire atmosphere makes me think of the song "When It's all Burning" from Strata.
    Due to Yoshitoshi's drawing style, though, the characters seem quite a lot sharper than the bg.

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