Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper: Death is a lonely business

Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. -
Anais Nin

The scan is from naimoka.com
I was recently accused that my grunge works are too colorful and... RED?! /what do you guys think, is that right?/ so I went kinda of darker, since i'm in a dark period anyway.

Dedicated to Shadowdude... he knows why?

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  1. Electrastar Jan 30, 2005

    Ohh I like it...it's a little creepy :D You did an amazing job of blending the picture in your grunge work, very nice indeed .

  2. polar Jan 30, 2005

    it gives me the real creeps~~i love it more than the creepiness it gives~favfav

  3. Subl1mation Jan 30, 2005

    Very cool. Reminds of those diagrams Da Vinci drew of his inventions. Except charred and nightmarish. Rock on.

  4. DayBreak Jan 30, 2005

    HEY! i never said it in a BAD WAY! i said it in a good way!
    Anyway! thats some funky grunge right there. the Texture is well done.
    and you made the scan part of the grunge!
    Thx!!! to thank you enough, i will smash your head! XP

  5. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jan 30, 2005

    really creepy wall,different from the NWP contest entry,im getting a idea for my next wall,like always,youre work give me inspiration,i like the dark of this work,i hope new work of youre dark period

  6. Kotter Jan 30, 2005

    No words, Just adds.

  7. shirahana Jan 30, 2005

    The eye is so scary >__<; Ah, I see the text... It's very hard to read though @_@;

  8. Ninja Jan 30, 2005

    Nice grunge there DernierCri, another cool and creepy like wallpaper.

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2005

    Death is another journey for me, a state of m ind where we dont exist but live to see a new heaven we make of. Death is my friend and my only way to get through life when it is the end. Awesome deep wall for this grunge stuff...awesome work mate!

    Anyway ive been looking for that site for years... thanks! XD

  10. Skillzpay Jan 31, 2005

    lol I don't think your grunge work is overly colorful or red, maybe that last red one you did but that's just an exception. This one certainly is very good, kinda reminds me of OA's grunge style. You did a great job in blending in the scan since I can't even really tell where it even is O_O

  11. calisqo Jan 31, 2005

    nice tittle .
    Kinda like it ^^

    The wall is intersting , especially the concept u have chosen.
    It's very abstarct and very moody , in the way it delivers it's story.
    It has a nice composition of color, enoguh light and dark to balance each other^^

    Overall nice wall ^^.
    Thanks for sharin ^^

  12. RustedGlass Jan 31, 2005

    Very nice! I like the major grungyness in it and that it is creepy makes it even better, lol.

  13. itsDchlorine Jan 31, 2005

    wow this wall is really dark and the pic looks like someone was burned into very cool, great work, but the words are a bit hard to see, jsut minor detail, great work^^

  14. mentis Jan 31, 2005

    Indeed, a dark and silent image. I find myself wishing for a larger version, though I am guessing you may be restricted here by your sample size? In any case, you ability in grunge work is obvious :D. However, you have once again managed to show an emotional depth that is often lacking in digital art. Well done friend!

  15. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2005

    Wow, seriously eerie! The dark tones, textures and colours are really effective... Really haunting!!

  16. charaznableamurorei Feb 04, 2005

    Stagnation, or complacency, or mediocrity, or standardization, or loneliness. Giving up, or leaving things/situations as they are, or limiting one's potential by imposing rigid frames and rules. That is death itself. Death, at least according to your caption by Anais Nin, is definitely not a journey (I'd have to disagree with OracleAngel's comment, sorry); death is the destination. Life is the journey; when we struggle to live out our existence (whether we are disatisfied with it or not), we move on this 'journey'. And where life's journey ends (or when one has finally attained his/her goals/aims or when you've finally given up and have accepted whatever the fates have granted you), there is where you meet death. But death is not necessarily a 'bad thing'. Absolutely, I am not entertaining any form of morals here.

    My first impression of your work was that there was some kind of motion going on between the 'eye' and the 'fist/blob', that the fist/blob is about to hit or make violent contact with the 'eye'. However, after reading the caption you made (of course, DernierCri-friend, you taught me that the caption, the title of the artwork and the artwork itself are complementary ^^), I had a change of perception. Now, I perceive that the 'act' of 'eye-meets-fist/blob' had been frozen or stilled; otherwise, shouldn't there be more lines and other patterns which indicate more motion leading to the impending violence? (I must really see the original scan to compare notes, but the graphics on the site you provided aren't showing on the browser Im using [ie]).

    The 'scratches' and 'dirty patterns' you made somehow remind me of a worn-down wooden school desk (ahh, memories of elementary school days...) and of a child divulging his frustrations on the desk by sketching an 'eye' and the 'fist/blob' hitting it -- maybe he was involved in a school fight and this is his way of re-living the moment. He's not satisfied (or he's really pissed off with the whole affair) with his drawing that he takes out his art class cutting blade and proceeds to etch the desk, unmindful of the possible consequences of his actions! After making his marks of frustration on it, he gets up and leaves. He never gets to realize his mistakes, he never takes responsibility for the fight or for mauling the wooden desk, he never gets to talk again to the playmate he punched, he never reflects on his actions, he ends up alone, his business is his own.

    And that is the 'death' of that boy. 'Hope this comment helps.
    (Oh, and I just realized -- is it the grunge style you are so fond of using, or are you really fascinated with 'antiquities', 'age' and 'old-ness'? At least for me, it is evident in your works. ^_^)

    Oh, and in my humble opinion, although 'darkness' is commonly/stereotypically attributed to black-white-grey colors, it is not limited to that. There are many aspects and facets of darkness; color is but one of them. So, I just feel that the 'red' here is OK. It would look too drab in black-white-grey, though. Hmm, Im sounding esoteric again... 'hope I got my message thru. ^^

    Critical edit #3:
    (err, gomen, mods, really this is looong... but I just feel this piece deserves it)

    Funny how perspectives change when people use different 'lenses' to view truths, so to speak. ^^ Thanks, DernierCri-friend, for giving me a different 'lens' (the original artwork from Yoshitoshi ABe). I had to flip the original scan 90 degrees counterclockwise so that I can compare it with your latest wall. Tricky to figure out without clues, really, but I had a fun experience figuring it out!

    Now most comments that I have written above changes. It's not the eye-fist that I see now, but the 'femme demon' figure positioned differently. I think that what happened is that this is an instance of being 'trapped' or enclosed by whoever 'framed the discussion/comments' or whoever set the mood/tone/limits. (Hope that message gets thru ^_^') Since it was shirahana who first said that she saw the 'eye' on your wall, she set or 'framed the discussion'. She set the mood/tone/limits on what I see in the wall.

    Anyway, 'framing the discussion' isn't really bad per se. But as any artwork impresses differently on different viewers, different viewers can impress on the artwork itself. (haha, now that's really esoteric...) It's kinda like the observer-affects-the-observed-&-vice-versa effect. Though I attempted to 'get out of the trap' or 'frame' by giving a different opinion on your caption.

    OK, now I have to revise my comments! The original scan had lots of motion and the character is showing a lot of emotion in it (she seems to be smirking, in my view). What I feel happened in your wall is that the scan lost the motion and the character lost its emotion, probably because of the grunge effect ya used and the scratch lines/blotch patterns which seems to 'enclose/limit' or 'trap' the femme demon figure. And by doing so, it imposes 'death' on the femme demon. ^^

    Oh, also, I had another kerazy thought! If I would reconcile my first comment with that of my second comment, then your wall would be some sort of 'optical illusion' kind of wall. It would solely depend on the viewer what he/she sees in your wall: does he see the eye-fist, or does she see the femme demon? ^^ In that case, the caption from Ananis Nin would not be complementary with this 'optical illusion' perception, because since different people see different things on your wall, they undergo 'different states of being', therefore there is life and not death. (haha, again I hope this makes sense ^_^")

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