Yoshitoshi Abe Wallpaper: falling apart

Yoshitoshi Abe, All You Need Is Kill Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

the second wall of my mini flood, as you can see the title and font are very similar to my previous one. i did that for a reason sense i tried to do the same thing over again and kind of wanted to make them connect. here, i really focused on getting those textures to look real nice on the characters skin to make them look like they are decaying. with the guy on the left, i tried to make it look like his face was cracking off and his hand as well was beginning to crack. for the girl, i tried to make it look like her arm was severly burned and cracked. and lastly, the textures on her face was actually done accidently but i really like how it looked so i kept it. it really reminds me of something hr giger would have drawn so it definitely made me want to leave it in. for both their clothes i used torn wallpaper and chipped paint i believe to texture it while the bg was kinda random and not sure what i really did with that.
and whoops, i just realized i forgot to mention where to scan is from. everyone should be able to recognize that the artwork is yoshitoshi ABe and i believe it is from a manga called "all you need is kill".

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  1. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    Very nice and surreal atmosphere. The feeling is very forlorn and abandoned, it's kinda creeping me out. XD I absolutely love your grunge though, the sense of decay is very real. ^^

  2. DayBreak Jan 19, 2005

    Now thats what i call, a creepy,dark wall Oo
    whoa.....its creepying me out! giving me the chillz.
    nice grunge crapmonster!.

  3. DeathD13 Jan 19, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper! I love the mood this wallpaper gives the viewer, and the use of so many textures and techniques just adds to the overall intesity of it. Great job! :)

  4. Septillion Jan 19, 2005

    wow!! beautiful grunge!!! the textures are great!! and the colours' nicely picked. i really like how you've blended the charcters so well with the background. a job well done :D

  5. Foolish-ishness Jan 19, 2005

    Awesome crapmonster. The grunge blends in so nicely with the scan. And I'm glad that someone decided to wall some of ABe's artwork. :D

  6. UndyingShadow Jan 19, 2005

    Ooooooh scray grunge wall crap! the textures look very nice...but not as nice as your cheek texture...

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2005

    kekeke, typical grunge colors XD but great effects, tho that brown box on top of the left guy's head is bothering me...
    the mix of soft and rough textures surprisingly blends in vewry well, plus i like the text :3

  8. Asahi Jan 19, 2005

    mmh nice concept but imo the textur on the left one is to hard ~ on the face ! the right one looking a bit better . wallpaper rockz ! =)

  9. darkwaterbunny Jan 19, 2005

    you make the nicest wallies, this is really different ^_^. So, I love it, I like the effects and overall texture you used on this ^_^ really looks good, fav!

  10. Spettro Jan 20, 2005

    @_@ ...cool!

  11. artgeek12 Jan 20, 2005

    This particular BG is probably one of your best ones! There are so many different types of texture that it should be enough to keep anyone busy for a while. It even has that errie feeling needed for this type of image/wall. It truly is awsome. Even the type treatment is nice. The black with the slight outer glow and the reduced transparency of white behind goes well with the contrasting BG and foreground image.

    Now onto the bad stuff, j/k XP But seriously...Even though they may be evenly spaced on the wall, the words seem different lengths apart from the characters. Maybe move "apart" a little closer to the girl since the space between seems really large. The texture overlay on the characters skins is creepy and awsome but that one spot on the guys face is way too sharp/clear. Try to blur that little part to match the rest of the image. Other than those two little things, I really love this wall!! XD

    EDIT: Did you paint that BG yourself and then scan it? What kind of paint was it? Excellent skills!

  12. euna Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    big bro... you do one of the best grunges on mt... wow O_O
    a creepy wallie, but awesome in its own way!!
    the scan and the bg go together so well... just love how it blends in together...
    wonderful wallie as usual. *fav*

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2005

    Theres always a beauty death sense in your walls man...love the whole feel of falling apart and ABE is a great addition to the whole all alltogether!
    Fava! :)

  14. Kotter Jan 20, 2005

    It's very interesting, though I don't like the image.

  15. bucket-shot Jan 20, 2005

    Wuh. o_0 All praise to be said has already been taken. By biri, first poster, no less. I'm especially impressed by your contrast between sharp and soft on the figures' skin. :) Top work, very unique (which is great for a grunge wall). Btw, what font did you use? :x Great choice.

  16. Noctum Jan 22, 2005

    I haven't seen twisted flesh-forming like this outside of DeviantART before.
    You anime grunge wallpapers are definitely among the best and most original. :)

  17. sammo Retired Moderator Jan 23, 2005

    i like the texture on this...to me, it kinda shows frailty of the image like an old piece of paper, so great job on the grunge.

  18. boogerking399 Jan 25, 2005

    wow it looks amazing! i like the whole grudge look it looks really cool.keep it up homie! lol.....yeah i'ma dork

  19. Rex Jan 26, 2005


    i wish i could do grunge u_u

    anyways, this is good grunge stuff....and i love your style of grunge too xd

  20. ManuallyBlinking Feb 02, 2005

    Woah.... *shiver* That's somewhere between amazing and creepy. I really love the grunge-y feel to it, amazing work!!

  21. Chobiits May 12, 2005

    Wow, nice grunge wallpaper again.
    This one is really intimidating though, with the decomposing bg and chars.
    Thanks for sharing.

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