Psychic Detective Yakumo Wallpaper: Eight Clouds of Summer

Suzuka Oda, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Yakumo Saitou, Vector Art Wallpaper
Suzuka Oda Mangaka Psychic Detective Yakumo Series Yakumo Saitou Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So, after a pair of boobs, I thought it was time to wall a shirtless hot male. I also needed something to vent my frustration on when I couldn't stand looking at the thesis anymore, lol.

The scan was a bit warped in the middle so some tweaking and redrawing had to be done. Vectored lines, painted the rest. I used different textures and brushes on the wall so it differs from the original somewhat. I had fun with clouds and the sky and that wall was surprisingly quickly done. I had most trouble with Yakumo's skin since it was such a big expanse of space to paint on but I'm glad how it turned out. All those nice sinewy muscles~ Pants slightly killed me. Thank Odin for textures and patterns otherwise I would've hated them. This all took me 2 days which kinda baffled me. I started yesterday, finished today. Maybe I really needed a break from thesis that desperately lol.

So, yeah, anyway, that's it. The title is a pun on Yakumo's name since according to Wiki, 'Yakumo' means 'Eight Clouds'. And if you squint, there are 8 clouds in the sky. Kinda. And I finally started making summer-themed walls in summer. Hoozah.

Original scan: Here.
Brushes/patterns/textures (c) Adonihs and KeReN-R

Hope you like and feedback is, as always, welcome.
Do not repost, alter or cut out for 'renders'. For personal use only.

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Browse Psychic Detective Yakumo Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Korra Jul 02, 2015

    The Holy Wallers! That's fuc***king great! ! You have an interesting style of work!.. Hoh Special thanks to the guys who contributed! :D Your work with lines and textures is awesome! He looks so natural! And of course, your work with the folds on the denim really was worth it! By the way - i see the new logo on the belt buckle : "ALENAS" - its cool logo ;) 0riginal* And That's wonderful skin! I like your choice - this scan really missed your participation! I was not very fond of this boy until this moment but now I really saw it from another view! Oh, yeah, baby i would give you a towel throughout the life ;) My god, this is cruel! XxD ; Aaaaaaaaa! ;D Sexy, SEXY, SeXy! Thaaank Yooou! ! !

  2. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2015

    And I'm in love again (by again I mean this wall is my second crush this week lol)
    I don't know if its just co-incidence but two days ago when I checked MT early morning with my phone, I saw Elisa-sama's Hottie with smexy chest, and today when I did the same I saw Golden Goddess' Hottie with smexy back! If it's not a coincidence then I will check MT early morning everyday just to see more bishies combined with epic walling goddesses work! xD
    I can sense that the era of Bishies is coming back, now MT just need few hakuouki (I'm working on one, btw) and few KHR wall to make MT a heaven for bishie lovers! <3 lol

    putting trivial stuff aside, I love this! I mean not just because it's bishie and you used one of my favorite scan of this anime, but because you made his skin so tasty, and that red eye is my love!
    The textures looks so awesome and his jeans! Holy donkeys! now you started a jeans manufacturing company as well? XD I remember your T-shirt company in your Gareki's wall, and your clock manufacturing company in your another wall! lol I wanna buy a jeans of Alenas' brand too! xD
    This is truly amazing wall! I just can't describe how much wonderful it is looking and those Jaw-dropping lightning effects proves that you're a walling goddess for sure!

    PS: Oh god just 2 days of work! are you kidding me? only making lineart of this scan and filling base color will take my two days lol, I envy your speed in walling so much x3

  3. DragonBlood Jul 02, 2015

    eheheh! I'm glad you thought it was time for a shirtless hot male wall! looks incredible!

  4. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2015

    >I thought it was time to wall a shirtless hot male.
    I do concur. Yum.

    >And if you squint, there are 8 clouds in the sky.
    Dayum, more foreshadowing than a major GoT plot twist.

    The fact that this took only 2 days and came out looking so amazing baffles me. You are seriously fast at coming up with good stuff! And aside from the obvious man candy, I really like the clouds and your signature on his belt, haha. Am a big fan of the shading on the skin as well, you have a way with highlights that I've not honestly seen anyone else showing. +faving and saving <3

  5. Painter Jul 04, 2015

    Hey-hey more awsome staff from Alenas! :DD Must say it was a surprise since I got back home only yesterday after five days of sunbathing and catching such wall made me laugh happily XDD Of course, it makes me feel the sence of deja vu because of the character. Oh my, he really loves to pose under sunrays XDD
    As usual I'm in love with your skills of putting shadows and highlights <3 And this water is just aaah (wanna be able to make such things)! And the walls with the textures and his jeans and his sight! I must bow to you with tears of happiness in my eyes for such beauty :o
    Great work! Look forward for seeing more!

    P.S. you guys make me wanna create a bishie wall too, due to the season XDD

  6. aIshiRoi Jul 06, 2015

    just what i needed on rainy days... something hot! those glistening water drops...on...his... *drools* face. *w* *clears throat*. As always your lighting and shading are superb! so soft i wanna hug that ikemen *3* Great job! <3

  7. srsn Jul 07, 2015

    *decided to drop by MT*
    *saw a shirtless hotmale on the front page*
    *Thinks of Alenas since I kinda recognize your style
    *Logged in to check and I was right!

    I'm nosebleeding here. Deymn it I can't even finish my bishie hahahaha give me more Alenas so that I can feel motivated to wall again.

  8. Mishieruu Jul 09, 2015

    Wow..~ I think this is amazing. I don't know what to say. lol Its very well made. *stares at the wallpaper*

  9. WhiteParker Banned Member Apr 29, 2016

    hard working man , U are the an that every time doin work, I like that type of wallpaper

  10. jacobgraves Banned Member Jun 20, 2016

    it is looking like a hard working man. i really appreciate that man. i like the picture also

  11. matthewtweedie Banned Member Aug 31, 2016

    creative wallpaper. good job man

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