xxxHOLiC Wallpaper: ??????~ Midnight Bloom

CLAMP, Production I.G, xxxHOLiC, Mokona, Himawari Kunogi Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Production I.G Studio xxxHOLiC Series,OVA Mokona Character Himawari Kunogi Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Seinaru Aoi Hasu~ Midnight Bloom
Sacred Blue Lotus~ Midnight Bloom

Years ago, I found out there were yellow lotuses blooming during the afternoon. I concluded: Pink=Morning, Yellow=Afternoon and Blue=Night. Blue lotuses exist; sadly, it doesn't bloom in the evening. I still want to believe Blue Lotuses bloom in the night... this is the inspiration for this wall.

Scan Used

I vectored Watanuki, Himawari, Mokona, some lotuses, the table, the window (which is in Wataniki's earring. I couldn't see the design in his earring so I replaced it with the design in the window.) and the smoke. I removed Domeki and Yuuko because I like Watanuki and Himawari. Since I removed Domeki, Watanuki will lose balance over the flower dish so I removed the dish and let his arm rest on top othe table and then added Mokona. Now it's more logical.

One thing nice about making this wall is that I used different coloring styles. The black lines, black shade, black hair and white smoke are vectors; the lotuses have gradient coloring; and the rest having soft blur shadings. I didn't get tired of coloring.

Dark Version
I made 2 versions, Light and Dark.
Comments and +fave appriciated.

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2009

    Nice and simple, the vectoring is really neat and clean.
    I'm not sure the blurring shades look so well, I prefer sharp
    but thats just my personal preference :3

    I mention it because the way you have it is not
    in a painting style so to me it just looks weird.
    I think just making the cellshades and keeping them sharp
    would've really fit with the sharpness of the other aspects in the wall.

    I love the smoke, simple bg and flowers <3
    Mokona looks kinda funny...could be the way his eyes and mouth
    were done, I dunno lol

    Great job, can't wait to see more ^^

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2009

    Ah, sorry, I went to sleep so I didn't offer you my opinion...well, I would say I liked the light version better anyway so I'm glad you uploaded that one first. Love the simple BG but as Kit has mentioned, the blurred cell shading looks a bit odd compared to the sharpness of everything else. XD

    Other than that, everything else looks lovely! :)

  3. sailorchiron Oct 25, 2009

    I prefer the light version, since the simple bg and smoke look so nice! I've vectored smoke from XXXholic, it's HARD. And Himawari's hair...I can't imagine how frustrated I would have been trying to do all of those curls. Great work, great vector, great wall. I heart it.

  4. vitaamin Oct 25, 2009

    agree with kitten about the shades.. they are too blurred and soft--when you dont use alot of shades in painting you lose detail

  5. zaira Oct 27, 2009

    Wow nice scan used :D and you did a great job making it into a couple scan.
    Anyway nice job for the vector, everything is so sharp and clean.
    I like the smoke + the simple bg but maybe add texture from there. I agree
    both with Kitten and Vita, the shades are too blurred and it doesn't fit the
    whole sharp wall. Colors are a-ok too and i found Mokona a bit odd maybe
    of his weird face but overall nice bg so +fav! ^^,

  6. OctaDiamond Oct 29, 2009

    Oh.. I'm not quite decided on which of the two I like the most.. I really like the feel this one here gives me.. it's rather cool & enchanting, but can't deny that I also like how the two characters stand out in a rather interesting contrast to their dark surrounding in the other^_^ ..thanks for taking the trouble to victor the images & make them into two cool versions, & for sharing & providing all the helpful links^__^

  7. chardylovesme Oct 29, 2009

    I like Himawari's hair XD

  8. QueenYukoSora Oct 30, 2009

    Oooh, that is one that would remind you of romance.

  9. mavisy Restricted Member Oct 30, 2009

    So beautiful~
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. e-kul Oct 30, 2009

    Clean, simple, lovely ^^ Well done ! :D

  11. ravenruiwen Nov 01, 2009

    why can't they be 2gether?

  12. TomoyoYumemi Nov 02, 2009

    I liked the palette
    holic is always a win

  13. tsukiko1989 Mute Member Nov 03, 2009

    thanks for cool wallpaper((=

  14. nellandreatta Dec 05, 2009

    perfect... very very very perfect.... kawaii...

  15. Feanor Dec 13, 2009

    I like colours! Black mokona in the centre with big flower is so cute ) Nice work!

  16. NadeshikoCrystal Dec 20, 2009

    Blooming in the night like the moon nee~ ^-^

  17. GameQueen1988 Dec 26, 2009

    i think the light blue contrasts very well with those two!

  18. Kodaizo Dec 30, 2009

    mucahs gracias, me encanta CLAMP y esta img de wata junto a himawari es demasiado genial n_n

  19. XmiharuX Jan 10, 2010

    muthanks for sharing!
    I love wata~~

  20. Tevy Jan 21, 2010

    Tiene un cablello hermoso. muy largo y boluminoso.

  21. Gamma-imoto-chan Mute Member Jan 22, 2010

    Wow \*W*/ That's very beautiful! Thank you very much!

  22. silverwinganime Mute Member Jan 22, 2010

    i love the hair this woman has...very neat thanks

  23. phongttp001 Feb 05, 2010

    she's beautiful XD
    great scan!
    must add to Favorites!
    keep it up! ^_^
    Thanks for sharing

  24. snowrabbit Feb 14, 2010

    i kinda like the dark version more.. it looks more mystical..
    so i went and download that one..

    but still.. this is one effort, considering the different character arrangement in the original scan.

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