xxxHOLiC Wallpaper: No Tomorrow

CLAMP, Production I.G, xxxHOLiC, Himawari Kunogi, Vector Art Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Production I.G Studio xxxHOLiC Series,OVA Himawari Kunogi Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please Do not repost it without my permission.

My mum said it looks like a bug ;___;

My entry for the http://forum.minitokyo.net/t64642 also a late Bday gift for my new friend http://m2vz.minitokyo.net/

My description right now would be "meh" but that's not much of a description. I was really busy these past months plus lazy too or else this wall would've been ready a long time ago.
I worked pretty much on it given the fact that at first I chose it for light vectoring so I can relax after my last "AHHHHHHHHH kill it" wall. Not to mention I'm such a baka cause I haven't looked for the good scan and cause of that I had to reconstruct. wipi to see what I mean : http://img90.imageshack.us/i/himawariwip.jpg/
I did a lot of changes cause I didn't liked how it was at the beginning, I know the ripped clothes and withered flowers are like supposed to mean the she brings bad luck and almost everything around her dies, but I didn't wanted that, and what's with her toe O_____O

Many thanks for support, and comments and passing by.

Ah~ thanks so much to the uploader of the scans here on MT =D

mangaholics vector-wallers

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  1. EevaLeena Aug 22, 2009

    Very neat.. and cleaned! Just love how the blue color stands out >.<

  2. trofikabinet Aug 22, 2009

    Yay, you did it ^^
    Gosh Tina-chan, this wall is so beautiful @@ I like how the blue stands out, it's really pretty :)
    The vectroing is very neat and even if it's monochrome is a very pretty wall xD Like the colors lol

  3. aneznam Aug 22, 2009

    wow! this is beautiful, somehow monochrome really matches with her :D
    and i like how you removed all the dying sunflowers around her, it looks much better with toys
    and black + blue = love <3

  4. jns Aug 22, 2009

    A bug? xD

    Neat vector but i think if her skin tone were lighter it would make her stand out more
    And the background could use some more contrast cos the gray tones are just too simliar
    That star pillow and bunny are just too cute >_<
    Blue + b&w is <3

  5. vitaamin Aug 22, 2009

    I think the foreground is nicely coordinated but the background is where it gets flat and bland. with monochome projects that aren't abstract you really do need more contrast and lighting to avoid flatness. I like the shades of her skin against the blue and the dress but the bc uses midtone grays which aren't the most attractive. I don't know what else to say about the bg but it's worth thinking about how to get those tones to look good
    on a more
    minor note I think your shaped on the dress need to be bolder and flow more--kinda difficult to explain though
    good luck with the contest :D

  6. animanga Aug 23, 2009

    Oo I love the blue, it looks really striking against the black and white. I won't comment on the monotone, I'll leave it to people who know what they're talking about. XD But it's a hard colour palette to work with, so well done. :)

  7. FrikiGirl Aug 23, 2009

    thanks its beatuful, the colors are great<3

  8. Sinever Aug 23, 2009

    oh your mom really said that?! @@
    I really like your wall & the colors you chose are very nice :3
    well done & good luck in the contest!

  9. Tifa-chan Aug 23, 2009

    I loved your wallpaper! It's very beautiful, specialy the colors *-*

  10. M2Vz Aug 25, 2009

    for me? :D

    Thank you so much ^___^
    I'm so sorry for the late comment, and I haven't replied to your GB D: college has been quite busy...
    I'll reply in weekends :3

    and... she does not look like a bug lol
    I love her hair~ I would love to grow my hair to that length <3 and curl it :P
    also I love the star thingie.. Is it a pillow? ?

    Once again, thanks ^__^
    Best of luck for the contest! :3

  11. Lady08 Sep 06, 2009

    Your mom was wrong. It's absolutely stunning. Kudos to you.

  12. belcullen Dec 02, 2009

    thanks its beatuful,specialy the colors blue and black ^_^

  13. RayyL Dec 04, 2009

    It looks so cute, and the hair looks very ncice.

  14. nellandreatta Dec 05, 2009

    perfect... very very very perfect.... kawaii...

  15. jac450633 Feb 19, 2010

    wowie thanks you very much =)!

  16. MoonDust Mute Member Mar 16, 2010

    lovely picture.thanks for sharing.

  17. luaoc Mute Member Apr 08, 2010

    hmmm... Thanks for sharing! Really nice!

  18. rllimson Jun 03, 2010

    wow this is amazing

    tnx 4 sharing

  19. Paige03 Mute Member Jun 07, 2010

    sweet & kawaii! thx for scan!

  20. skyeeee Oct 05, 2010

    thank you for doing this beloved photo!awesome!thumbs up!

  21. DanRen Nov 03, 2010

    exelen is the lower apreciation word i can use please keep doing art like this

  22. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2011

    Tiger Cy is here again, finishing up on his harassment of your wallpapers and notifications comments with one sexy monochrome-ish bug wallpaper! Get ready for it, Tina. : 3 I'm making up for missing so many beautifully executed pieces, and this is one of my personal favorites.

    In my eyes, another huge sign of a talented artist is being able to work within limitations. Granted, you could of probably waited and searched around for a better version of the scan, but by constructing it the way you did it gives such a greater sense of talent shown and gives us, the viewer, and even greater example of the time and work invested in this. It's very nice to see Himiwari getting some love for a change and quite a bit at that. One look at the thumbnail alone and it's obvious you really know your way around vectoring. She's been beautifully re-constructed and the additions given to her as well, like helping her find her lost shoe, are welcomed additions that help put this vector well above the original. The blue eyes, lipstick and ribbons were also a very nice touch as well and really give off that sense of appeal. I seriously could just continue talking about how much I love the revisions you made to Himiwari, but I'll keep this flowing.

    So the background. I noticed that there was no sheep, tiger, or lion and I was immediately displeased and then decided to throw a bunch of papers around my room. Seriously though, it's a cute background with a lot of fun knick-knacks in it. As with a lot of my others comments on some of your works, I'm glad you made the background simplistic and kept a neutral color palette so that we can focus on Himiwari. Probably my favorite addition is the fact that you decided to stray away from the rose route. While very elegant, this route has a bit more..personality to it that's fitting of the style you used and as a result displays more fluidity. A nice, cute and simple background.

    So Tina, you completely knocked it out of the park with this one. It's a cute piece that's easy on the eyes, with pops of color that give it that extra bit of life. Seriously, this is a perfect wallpaper style for an xxxHolic character. So, now I'm done bombarding you for the time being and I really do type too much, oh gosh.

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