Shunpei Wallpaper: Merrymaking

Shunpei, Vector Art Wallpaper
Shunpei Mangaka Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This time, it's Shunpei (AKA, creative artistic god) Shunpei is probably my favorite artist...When it comes to creativity and abstract works..Well anyway, I started on this wallpaper in the beginning of December. I took my time with it, and never rushed. I would work on it on and off..Whenever I had to patience to sit down for hours and just vector without being disturbed.

I don't really want to go in depth on how everything is made. I'm sure you can all tell its vectored. The textures in some shapes are ink splats that I made on a piece of paper, then scanned and incorporated it into the wallpaper. I also would like to thank those who told me to make more anime based wallpapers. It lets me explore more different arts than just my own works. So thanks! I guess it was just a little push for me to actually finish.

Another thanks to DREAM for submitting the scan!



Chosen by markjo and Saikusa

A sumptuous feast of textures, crisp lines & colours. A rainbow of pastel colours delight the eyes like candy, while the textures and delicate lines dance around drawing your attention all over the canvas. A beautiful treat for your sense of sight. A true delight.

Proposed by markjo and highlighted by Saikusa.

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Browse Shunpei Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Saki-Sama Feb 24, 2007

    :o! I admire your patience! it's so detailed and I love the colors :D Everything is so well done and so well combined! It's neither very clear nor very dark, I really like the tones and the textures ... very creative! congratulations Ashley!

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2007

    *evil laugh* Shunpei is quite a big one to vector expecially with all the detail. She's probably my favourite artist too and you've done well >D

  3. shiningdays Feb 24, 2007

    shunnpeiiiii! :D

    the colors are a bit too pastel/bubblegum-y for me when it comes to Shunpei; i'm too in love with her use of oranges and bright blues and other such colors, but definitely a vector for the recordbooks.

  4. Regenbogen Feb 24, 2007

    Hello! ^_^

    I love this wallpaper. Shunpei is such a great artist, I agree with you! You chose these soft colors, I enjoy looking at them. And the whole vector is very clean and well done. I can see how you took a lot of time for this one... I'm using it on my desktop now... Thanks a lot for submitting it.

  5. lunagata Feb 24, 2007

    Great Vectoring as always ^.^
    I love how you work with the textures and excellent choice of colors,
    like Saki-Sama said, I also admire your patience :D
    I get tired easily with the pen tool *lol*
    ++adds to favs++

  6. sailorchiron Feb 24, 2007


  7. markjo Feb 24, 2007

    Must have been a real hell to vector with all those detail, but I love the outcome as much as I love Shunpei's artwork :).

  8. eonir Feb 24, 2007

    Whoa! This is surely a wonderful wall :D
    Great job with vectoring, balanced colours and tones...

  9. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2007

    very courageous indeed to finish this! love the flowery details in the dresses.

  10. pamkips Feb 24, 2007

    I love the color tones, vectoring, perspective, basically everything
    beautifully done

  11. sakuya-sama Feb 25, 2007

    WOW It's really great Chubby-chan, loved it
    You're simple amazing


  12. IzumiChan Feb 25, 2007

    OMG, this is a such a kaleidoscope. XD
    I loved the colors, yay for softness! :D
    Their eyelashes are so elagant... and their hand are big... they remind me of Tsubasa's people hands. XD
    Either way, this is amazing. Great work, I loved it!~ :D

  13. Somnabu Feb 25, 2007

    what a fantastic deisgn concept you have created in your wall.
    the idea is very predominant in thie pic, and the vivid color with gorgeous pattern make the wall very attractive

  14. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2007

    I just have to say, chubby you already know I love this but

    I am sick and tired of seeing any Shunpei wallpaper be highlighted!

  15. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2007

    Beautiful colors and vectoring is all I can say. Excellent job!

  16. alterlier Feb 26, 2007

    oh candy, you need a glass of ice tea

    this is indeed, my favorite thing around here in weeks, it is remarkable that you even finished, is not another simple random vector to work with, I dont know why but I'm glad to see this....guess I'm kind of sentimental.

  17. enchantment Feb 26, 2007

    wow, i love the pastel colours :D the vectoring is really nicely done :D and the textures add a nice touch :D i love how you compsed everything and every detail is really nice :) lovely wall~^^

  18. sayuritchan Feb 26, 2007

    It looks so beautiful! I loved the colors you used!
    Great job!
    Bye... :)

  19. Kyelor Feb 26, 2007

    Abstract art, huh? There's really a lot to look at here! It is easy to see that hours and hours of work were concentrated into creating so much detailing.

  20. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2007

    ooh pretty pastel colours! I envy your vectoring skills... the lines are so thin and smooth :)

    nice use of textures too ;)

  21. norine07 Feb 27, 2007

    omg, i love the colours used! the abstract is just lovely! nice one! ^-^

  22. JKLeganes Feb 27, 2007

    its so different from what we see here usually...maybe thats one of the reasons to love it! thxs for sharing :D

  23. royaldarkness Feb 28, 2007

    Wow this wall is so neat and cool ^^ And very unusual concept too! Nice :D

  24. Esty Mar 01, 2007

    the colours a so beautiful and pretty :) i love pastel colours!

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