Shunpei Wallpaper: SAYOUNARA [fate may let us meet again]

Shunpei Wallpaper
Shunpei Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I painstakingly prepared a nice cheerful thank you gallery description for this entry after the results came out, but I decided against it.I was also wondering if I should upload this, but I decided that I love this anyway. It has no sparkles, cute girls etc. and I put my all into this. It stays.

This is my W.A.R third round entry: I won the third round with AYAKI and scored highest for originality. Therefore I am VIRTUOSO AND LEGEND OF W.A.R thanks to this entry. I represented:

Some people may have not been able to see the theme in mine [I thought it was very obvious though]so I decided to reach back to the official W.A.R site.

My W.A.R description was also a "non-description" that had more of my mental processes rather than explaining the theme. It didn't need a description. I did not want to restrict your freedom. But here it is:

* THE FINAL ACT [Interpretation]- the last scene/ part of a book, movie, play etc.
1. SHUNPEI- Shunpei's art looks like KABUKI costuming. [Kabuki = Japanese theatre. The Final Act = connotations of theatre, drama]
2. THE TITLE - SAYOUNARA aka Goodbye, symbolises the end in any situation.

* BITTERSWEET- Something dear to us has come to an end. We wil cherish the memories and we will never forget about it, but still in this moment we cannot but feel sad for it. It was good, but it has ended and so we cannot help but be sad now.
1. MEMORIES - The medal is a memory. ANY medal you receive for anything is a token of memorabilia.
2. NEVER FORGET ABOUT IT - Implies looking back. The orientation of the eyes: they are trying to look at each other, but can't.
3. SAD - Tears. I also changed the mouth from the original from a smile to a frown.

* TRAGIC- All things eventually come to an end. And sometimes this is not what we hoped for. Something has ended, and it has ended in a bad way/the worst possible way. Still we cannot change it.
1. WE CANNOT CHANGE IT - Die with 6 dots on every face- an inevitable fate. Nothing can be changed.
2. SPLIT PATHS - One is glorious, taking their path over water [a symbol of prosperity]. The other must trudge on land top find her own oasis. They won't meet again- tragic.

From the official site: [although this was under the expression point](use a) combination of design elements and motifs. There is loads of symbolism in there. Look beyond it. :) Overall I felt that I achieved what I needed for the intents of W.A.R - if not, it was a great experience and I improved lots :)

There was a long thank you list, but in short: UA, friends, W.A.R coordinators, contestants and the judges - you all made this happen :)

Last comments: When the competition started I never thought I'd make it this far. Semper sint in flore, ^_^V

PS: For the technicalities
PSD: 35.7MB
Layers: 90 with maybe 50 invisible layers.
Time: 12 days
You are looking at: Version 3 of the wallpaper
Made by: vectoring and brushes.
http://download.minitokyo.net:8001/thumbs/104122.jpg<-- Scan by DREAM [hai hai... editing in the name >_< *whacks myself*]


Chosen by SugarxDaddy and biriwilg

When you cross Salvador Dali with kabuki, put it in a blender, and give it to kuroimisa, this is what comes out. Devastatingly original, artfully executed, and just plain unusual, this is a tour-de-force from a rising new star.

Proposed by SugarxDaddy and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 01, 2005

    I've seen the full viewed-version and I have it in my folders, so I guess there's no need for me to download it. Hehhe.

    Coz one word, LOVE!

    I love this amazing wall, everything is vectored into detail.

    Though I don't get why they say there's no feeling of sayounara in the wall, but I do. Maybe coz they looked like they're smiling that took every bitterness of parting away, but still I really like it.

    This wall really has lots of meaning, and it's really amazing how you get to mix and place all those feelings into it. Reminds me of the old Japanese and Chinese brush pantings. Really touchy.

    Overall, spectacular job. I really can't stand myself but to fav this work. Really... must... fav... *clicks add to fave*

  2. Regenbogen Dec 01, 2005

    Hello Misa,

    congratulations again for your W.A.R. results! ^-^
    I am so happy that you uploaded your entry "Sayounara"... I think it's my most favorite wallpaper that I have ever seen here on Minitokyo...
    It looks really extraordinary... I saw the original art in DREAM's gallery before... but I never thought of using it as a wallpaper since it must be really difficult to use these two for a wallpaper... but you did it... and I am definitely in love with the result!

    First: the characters...
    It's impressing how you vectored them! The original scan is beautiful also... but you changed the position of the character that in the scan is looking down, touching the leg of the other one... and in your version the two characters are going different ways... so it really expresses the goodbye of your title... ^-^ They are vectored in such a perfect way... O_o... wow! I love the colors! I love the detailed vectored clothes...

    Second: the background...
    I can only sort of see the idea with the circles in the original scan... so all the rest is made by you... but it looks as if it has always been like this... the exact same style... XD I love how the water is dripping down from the platforms... And the other forms all seem to shape flowers to me...
    This goodbye is so sad... but yet it seems to be so beautiful here... bittersweet....

    I cannot write any criticism for this at all... for this wallpaper is really simply perfect to me! It is so original.... you won't find someone like this again at Minitokyo!
    Thank you for uploading it! I love your work... and it is definitely a fav for me! ^_^ But I don't think I still had to write that actually... *lol*

  3. RahX101 Dec 01, 2005

    let me just say that this is a wonderful play of colors and amazing looking vectors. like i mentioned earlier, i thought this was all you being creative but now i see it was the scan. XD your background looks great though, and considering that it was all you, i must say "amazing." ^^ not only does it complement the complexity of the characters, it also suits the characters perfectly.
    you knwo how i am with vectors but i must say this is flawless to me. like you said way back before the start of war, this is all to improve and you sure did. great job misa. ^^ +fav

  4. kakitsubata Dec 01, 2005

    i'm just speechless. everything is so. WOW. ephie's right: this is LOVE. the colours and all that complexity. i honestly have nothing to say or critique. only "OMG MISA THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!" okay i'll go away before i embarrass myself anymore with my lack of intelligent comments. ^_________^"

  5. bbls Dec 01, 2005

    omigosh, your wallie is so exquisite and incredibly detailed into perfection!
    your composition is also quite amazing, and i luv how they're positioned away from each other because that certainly depicts them leaving each other and saying good-bye.
    i also luv the dichotomy of one going towards the water and the other one towards land. that shows a nice split between the two.
    and although your wallie has a lot of colors, they're still a bit muted, which gives the impression of sadness that they're leaving each other.
    your wallie is definitely mesmerizing because of its intricate details and exquisite beauty!

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2005

    I guess you derve the wall title of Legend i gues eh Kuro? ^__^ but yeah i thought it would be simple but its more complicated closeup than i thought, love the patterns and lots of moeving colors of goodness. Nice job as always! :P

  7. DREAM Dec 01, 2005

    my scan can be found HERE

    simply beautiful- i have been hoping for a long time that a talented waller would wall Shunpei's work...

    keep walling Misa. :)

    + favs

  8. phamthuha Dec 01, 2005

    Amazing @o@
    It is the prettiest work i see for today after Semanga's new work ^_^
    Oh my, can't stop my hand faving Y__Y

  9. cardmage Dec 01, 2005

    I was wondering if I should start again on how nice your wall is, but you're probably bored of me telling you how wonderful your walls are by now... Suffice to say that this is definitely an amazing entry. The theme is an ending... Hmmm... this wall gives me the feeling of a separation. Not a separation by chance or fate but one that is planned and purposeful and all the more heart-wrenching. Each has chosen a path in life and must follow it, wherever it may lead thinking that perhaps one day their paths may cross again, but never sure of it. If we see it in this light I guess we can say its an ending to their earlier times. And we have to remember that every ending is but a new beginning. Never will all things come to an eternal halt. And so each one will trudge their own path and have their own journies and adventures... Yup, I like your wall. Effort really pays off well.

  10. ShiNN Dec 01, 2005

    Probably the most original wallpaper I've judged during the whole contest. At the same time though, it kinda stops there. In my honest personal opinion, this wallpaper it's not as effective as the other one that won the contest.

    I surely give you lot of props for using your imagination and creativity to make something like this, and props to your skills as well because it's well done on a technical level, but it doesn't do that well in terms of expressivity. The fact that you made it this busy, that you played so much with distorted shapes makes it too busy for the eyes and it gets hard to figure out what the wallpaper is trying to convey. One can use his/her own imagination to figure it out, that's true, but since this wallpaper was produced for specific theme, if I look at it and think of the theme it doesn't give a clear expression of it.

    To sum it up, inside the contest theme, this wallpaper lacks of effectiveness (though it succeeds at being very original, creative and technically good, as stated above), whereas outside the contest (where a user can just use the imagination to think of a proper theme for it) this wallpaper gains more points, atleast in my eyes.

  11. tareren Dec 01, 2005

    Love the wall <3 seriously, I think this is the best wall you ever made :D
    Very original, and the color is just great :) maybe some minor over-burning/texturing here and there, but it is still great nonethless ;)
    but then again, it kinda cluttered up desktop too much hehe >_<
    not really a problem to me, but some other may mind :P
    Oh, and I do not think sayonara has a 'u' in it >_> or am I wrong?

  12. ayaki Dec 01, 2005

    after looking at the scan...oh my.....u did a wonderful job at vectoring the scan...
    and i noticed that the girl in the left is holding a w.a.r. medal?!? HAHAH i just realized that after looking at the original scan....LOL wow!~ am i the first to realize that?...hahahah j/k
    this just looks simply amazing....and i respect for choosing a shunpei scan nto vector...cuz it looks it'll take me forever to do one as nice as u did.
    u totally deserve the award..and i'm honored to share it with u XP ....

  13. Sandra Dec 01, 2005

    BRILLIANT *_____*

  14. pamkips Dec 01, 2005

    Oh this is wicked awesome! Wow O_O i'm just sooo speechless from this wallie 'cause it's so original and stylish, it's just so brilliant, kuddoooooos to ya

  15. fukushuusha Dec 01, 2005

    Compared to the scan; this is really something to be seen by everyone.
    The creativity and execution is skillful. The colors and different shapes really makes the wall busy but err...a little too busy I guess ^_^ .As for the theme of the 3rd round. I dunno it's kinda feel different for some reason. I am not saying not fitting or exactly lacking but it's not expressing the theme exactly. Anyways...a marvelous and extremely creative work from you misa.

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2005

    OMG it's incredible. When I first saw it I just stared and stared at it, trying to come to grips with the overwhelming complexity. Then I saw the scan and...OMG how on Earth did you untwine the two charas; I can't tell where one ends and the other begins. & constructing the bg from elements of other Shunpei images was a stroke of brilliance. Thank you thank you thank you. XD

  17. asianspirit Dec 01, 2005

    MISA! :D this is such an amazing piece! and one of the winning ones as well. [clapps madly] you are truely an asipring artist and definatly one of my idols. :)

    i love how the colors are like all out in the open. no common color theme. no cute girl scan. and most importantly not a common idea. very special hold in my heart... and favorite section. XD

    and i especially love the soft, very light texture you used. it doesnt give that solid vector color we usually see. :)

    hats off to you. :D

  18. Akaiken Dec 02, 2005

    And yet one of your another great walls. After your digital sketch, this wall rocks. ;)

    I kinda remember your work last June or July if I recall it right. This really resembles the traditional Japanese Art. The smoothness of this wall gives its beauty. You said you vectored it, right? You made that job well done. And damn! The expression... it's... ACK!

    This is really indeed worthy to be a highlighted submission. :D

  19. rythem Dec 02, 2005

    this is just .... wow @_@

    the details r really impressive .. love the colours n the style is unique n colourful XD lol

    certainly a fav ^^ great work

  20. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Dec 02, 2005

    Another strange wall I see >_< .. it seems this wallpaper style is popular now, no? .. unique color, strange layers .. nothing to say more .. add to favs

  21. nolove Dec 02, 2005

    so so awesome ><, sty;ist and wonderful, so so so strange but somehow it look weird, oh I love all things like that yeah, cant wait adding it to my fav ><

  22. flyindreams Dec 03, 2005

    ... I almost cried after I saw this in the w.a.r. email inbox and read your description... t_t This is one of your best walls so far, I think... the bright colors and beautiful design just brightens up my desktop wonderfully :D

    XD Stunning work, Legend + Virtuoso of W.A.R... :) Best of luck with TREC! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with for that competition :D

  23. sakurachan9 Dec 03, 2005

    It's sooooo beautiful XD
    I love your color , >.< .
    Can't help feeling strange when look at it ^^
    Fav , of course XD

  24. Anjhurin Dec 03, 2005

    I can't believe how well you blended the scan style into you bg, it's really done with great taste :).

    The abstractishness is awesome, the colors are soft, and it gives a very nice feeling (it doesn't seem that sad though ^_^).
    I guess the extraction is top notch (based on the scan, must have been hard), and i like the way motion is suggested.
    Then the bg is really great, no more things to say, it's really hard to say how good this is :)

    thumbs up and fav XP

    PS ahah maybe you could bribe me for TREC ;)

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