Aria Wallpaper: Neo-Venice

Kozue Amano, Aria, Akari Mizunashi Wallpaper
Kozue Amano Mangaka Aria Series Akari Mizunashi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First off...


Yes. After months we've finally started, so go check it out.
To the wallpaper: this thing was actually completed a few weeks ago, I was keeping it safe until Shinndou.com would kick in so here it is. I always wanted to make atleast one wallpaper about Aria which is probably my most favorite slice of life serie along with Mushishi. It's hard to hate Akari and her friends. :)

Akari got vectored off this scan, which actually had a different pose so I just went and changed her pose redrawing her central part, and her clothes as well. Poor Aria President (the animal in the original scan) was too white and awkward for the kind of idea I had in mind, haha. The background has been entirely drawn and painted from scratch, it was rather fun and I am slowly getting the hang of it, at painting through photoshop. I also pimped Akari a bit to make her shine and look even more cute.

And that's it, for further resolutions, you can now visit Shinndou.com!

P.S. Big shoutout to grayserg for being an awesome friend and partner at shinndou, to Amroth for having a tremendous amount of patience and to the IRC crew of friends for being insane people to hang around with. :)
P.P.S. I am really sorry I can't edit anything of this wallpaper because I'm currently using a small laptop which doesn't really allow me to even start photoshop, lol. As for the water/sea, that was actually my first attempt at it. Oh well, practice will make better, I think.


Chosen by flyindreams and euna

It's amazing what a good bit of vectoring can do. Not only has ShiNN vectored this to perfection, but he even altered the scan to fit it the way he wanted it. Even better, it looks perfect.

The bright nature of this wallpaper is perfect for Akari. The bg is unbelievably well painted and it's almost hard to believe it was made from scratch. This wall has been well-composed and produced. This has to be one of the best Aria wallpapers we've seen to this day.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by euna.

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  1. aishiteraburu Sep 07, 2006

    The vector is amazing since it looks more like a high quality scan plus comparing with the original scan you've re-drawn her fastastically. The background has been painted nice as well. I personally love the clouds. Fave from me

  2. flyindreams Sep 07, 2006

    Not much else to add from what I've said already except really sweet job yo, on the wall and the site >xD

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2006

    well I've been procrastinating long enough, here goes:

    haha, I see you're improving, nice shot. The best things about this wall are definately Akari's vector and the color scheme. Every pixel of this wall seems to be of the correct colour, great job on on that. The lightning touches and transformation to vector for the girl are top notch, very nicely executed as ussual.
    The one thing would be her left hip, wich looks very akward. Something about her position there isn't right to my eyes. I can see the original scan has it too but it doesn't look deformed like on your version.

    to me the water painting is pretty good, I don't see where people don't like it. Allthough it is true that you shouldn't have kept so crisp the white foam, cause right now it doesn't look like it's part of the water but some weird thing you stuck on top of it.

    another thing is the pillars. Greatly painted inside, they lack blending with their environment. They look too crisp somehow, even though I wouldn't smudge over that pretty painting.

    city in the background is flawless, I'm surprised this was done from scratch :3
    That floating island is hawt too. I hate floating islands though..

    onto the clouds: Again, I would say the colours and gradients look perfect. The inside texture is fine too, but everything is missing form. They seem more smushy than fluffy XD I would personally add one more layer of paint with a hard round brush, altering transparancy and size. Did I say that sky's colour was delicious?

    So yeah conclusively I would say your positive points are vector, colours and effort on the detail. Negative would be blending and balancing of vector and paint styles.
    And congrats on FINALLY opening shinnpoo, looking foward to it's development :3

  4. kyokujitsu Sep 08, 2006

    Lol, after such a big post, no wonder the comment to favourites ratio is unbalanced. It's quite daunting posting after a mod ^_^' But wow, that wall is beautiful ^_^ The vector scan is amazing, it really seems to shine out of the wall. But drawing almost the entire wall from scratch o.o It's so good that it's almost scary. The whole wall is amazing ^^ Thanks for sharing, and good luck on making Shinndou successful ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  5. rythem Sep 08, 2006

    wow . the high-qualityness of the wall makes me drool . *LOL*

    *wipes mouth*
    everything is just flawless (esp the vector) . and to add the fact that u made the bg from scratch o_O ahhh my fav wall for the month XD

  6. zaira Sep 09, 2006

    wow! nice one shinn-sama! i like this wall :D
    nice sharp colors and very cool vector of akari!
    great job also on the bg! +fav!
    check also your webie! XD

  7. euna Retired Moderator Sep 09, 2006

    I've said it before, but your vectoring skills is impressive <333
    It's flawless. *_*
    Lovely lighting effects and colours. I just love the bright element in this wall. It's perfect for Akari's personality. ^^ I can't believe the bg was done from scratch. It looks perfect. It's all lovely, but I wish the clouds fitted in a bit better. But, it's still a wonderful piece of work. *fav*

  8. nolove Sep 09, 2006

    what a perfect thing to see >______<
    the vector is just....a msterpiece >_<, ppl reach to this skill really not much today T___T
    flawless and beautiful i really cant believe such thing a vector and how you redraw all the center part o__0
    clean and so fresh >_<
    long time to see such impressive wallpaper >"<

  9. Lenne Sep 09, 2006

    As i said on AP i simply love it.The background is beautiful,love it! ;)

  10. yue_hikaru Sep 09, 2006

    This one is great can't believe what a vectoring can do to the work.

  11. Devilet Sep 09, 2006

    Wow, this is amazing! It's been a long time since I've been taken away by a scenic. There are simply no words to describe how good of a job you did. The only thing that looks a tad strange is the water around the poles, it looks more like glue or something white attached to the poles than water waves, I think it's the shadow causing this. Excellent work though, a definate favourite. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Northy Sep 09, 2006

    This one is awesome, and I'm saying that as a huge fan of Aria.

    I'm somewhat of a nitpicky grouch, though, so I'm gonna make some small comments. First, the... erm, gem in her bow/tie/thingie is about half the size of what it really is (I think.) And secondly, in the original image, she was leaning up to a wall, which would explain the arching of her back. Here, it looks more like she's swinging her butt around, which is somewhat un-Akari like. ^^;;

    Still, this is awesome work.

  13. moonfire Sep 10, 2006

    Wow. XD

    This wallie is just flawless in my perspective, everything is blended well together.
    The colors are lovely and pleasing, and the vectoring is awesome. The chara looks so pretty and she really matches with the bg you made. :)

    Just beautiful work. Keep on improving, ShiNN! :D

  14. onewer111 Mute Member Sep 11, 2006

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Zoamel Sep 12, 2006

    The colours are so wonderful. Everything is well extracted and the colours are so shiny :D +fav

  16. FluffyNeko Sep 12, 2006

    I love the color and the clean lines. Nice wall!

  17. motoko Sep 13, 2006

    Dude, like everything you do: it's more than perfect!
    About the wall:
    Vector:: hard to do better than what you do ;-) Man... Your work is really amazing!
    Background:: I had to read the "painted from scratch" at least 20 times before I stoped blinking at it ;) Dude! It's so beautiful! The castle in the sky --> are you a friend of Miyazaki ?!?! The shore, the water effect: outstanding! + the vectorised effect on it = damn good! Looks like out of a manga illustration book! The sky + clouds... uh... No way... it's to beautiful to describe it...
    What you did is outstanding! fav fav fav!
    Keep it up my friend!
    Oh, btw, I browsed on your shinndou website: this is stuff is great :-) I added it to my book mark, one more site to keep track on ;-)

  18. tsukasagr Sep 13, 2006

    Probably best wallpaper ever. I Love this series. Thank you very much!

  19. thefrig Sep 14, 2006

    I hate this. haha

  20. SethChan Sep 14, 2006


  21. Val3f0r Sep 14, 2006

    Pretty great vectoring on this wall... No other words other than perfect! The background made from scratch, thats a hella lot of effort into it and turn out to be O_O wow... lovely! Also, I am amazed at the scan itself that you redrawn to be fit in the idea that you want and seriously, it really fits!

    A must fav and well done... and your site looks neat ^^

  22. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2006

    *jaw DROPS* It's incredible. Akari positively glows. & the bg... x_x

  23. DJZephyr Sep 19, 2006

    Wow. She's gorgeous. Guess I'll hafta check this anime out! :D Nice work!

  24. Lachette Sep 19, 2006

    pretty colors, the girl is well vectored and i like how you painted the bg it matches well. awsome work

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