Aria Wallpaper: "E N C H A N T E D"

Kozue Amano, Aria, Alicia Florence Wallpaper
Kozue Amano Mangaka Aria Series Alicia Florence Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

weee another crappy! finished wallie!
glad i made an ARIA wall XD my favorite anime! though i haven't watched it! ^_^'
well the scan came from here! just check the browser for the aria category!
well i'm not really sure that i need to make a wallie from aria... the one that i was thinking of making one is shakugan no shana
but oh well! :D

i promised that i will not going to make a scenic wallie which is not related to christmas, but thats me! i can't resist it! waaah >_<
i love the scan! alicia is sooo cute there standing in the old building!
i added some life in the wall! make it a little enchanted! like putting a moon, stars, wierd stars, shooting stars, some weird looky thing
in the pillars! XD well just trying to use some of my new brushes, adding some leaves blowing somewhere (dunno what to add), then a cute butterfly
in alicia's hat! XD

gomen for the title i'm sure the wallies is not enchanted for some reasons wakekeke ^_^'
well thats all! have a nice day and...................have a nice day! XD

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  1. aishiteraburu Dec 12, 2005

    geez zaira why do u call ur walls crappy
    when they are fabulous
    like this one
    i mean its an awesome work
    the bg is great and the scan looks totally cool with the background

  2. zefiris Dec 12, 2005

    yes puzzeling comments for such a beautiful wall...
    love it :)
    especially the butterfly

  3. dax3 Dec 12, 2005

    wow very cool bg is great ><
    thanks to share ><

  4. phamthuha Dec 12, 2005

    amazing ^_^ i love the building around her, make the wall scene so wonderful >_<
    One fav from me, sweetie ^_^

  5. akari-tenshi Dec 12, 2005

    Omigosh! Your work are way awesome. indeed a fav from akari ne!

  6. Khei Dec 12, 2005

    its beautiful :)

  7. revontulet Dec 12, 2005

    Whoa! Thats very nice! Awesome colours and contrast!
    Love the sky very much \(^o^)/!

  8. Rhonda21 Dec 12, 2005

    Oh so beautiful! I so wish I had your talent.
    The background is really pretty and the scan goes perfect with it.
    I really like it. Wonderful Work!

  9. Sandra Dec 12, 2005

    Too similiar to the scan ..... but nice ... :P

  10. AC2N Dec 12, 2005

    what a nice scan ! really love it... this one make me feel sweet, restfull... thanx a lot for sharing this dream with us...
    add fav absolutly !

  11. SkyKing8 Dec 12, 2005

    Very Pretty :D Thanks For Sharing, Much Appreciated! ;)

  12. Xueli Dec 12, 2005

    I like the perspective, but I think the moon is a bit big. nice wall overall.

  13. Arashi-san Dec 12, 2005

    really nice =) i like the quality of this wallpaper and the scan looks great =)

  14. Kiako Dec 12, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the moon looks great, i liek its colors, it goes very well with the bg and the clouds there are very pretty and look so soft.
    you did a good job on the bg.
    keep it up

  15. fawna-chan Dec 12, 2005

    I love the colors and the background looks really nice...I really like the bg! It's such a good wallie. :)

  16. MagicianFairy Dec 12, 2005

    Oh wow!
    I really love it XD
    what a nice and awesome bg!

  17. hatsukanezumi Dec 12, 2005

    Great work Zaira-chan!You really can feel the wind. Nothing more to say ;D
    *adds to favs*

  18. trinigirl524 Dec 12, 2005

    wow very very beautiful! i like the different perspective going here, its different and the scene here just looks really pretty. great job!

  19. knightstar3 Dec 12, 2005

    i love aria too. XD this is such a nice wallie of Alicia, yeah i've seen this scan many times and i even think about walling it too. :)
    i love the all of the sparklies, planet and butterfly. so beautiful. :nya:

  20. studio Dec 13, 2005

    Oh that beautiful! Aira has such beautiful at in great perspectives and you have taken good advantage of it - looks wonderful from here.

    Love the sky, and the motion in the wp. Love it heaps! <3

  21. winxfairykay Dec 13, 2005

    I love it, Zaira!
    The scenic bg is amazing. I love the moon and the scan. I get the feeling like she wants to fly.
    Of course, you DON'T suck! You rock.
    Now.. compare my work to yours... I'm the sucky one ^_^' .
    Keep it up!

  22. angelchan8123 Dec 13, 2005

    Outstanding job on the bg. Great colors, well great everything. Generaly the wallpaper looks amazing and beautiful. Nice job on it

    This one is an instant favorite (at least for me)

  23. Electrastar Dec 13, 2005

    I just discovered this anime and I really love it. Very nice wallpaper. I love the sky and the glitter, you didn't overdid it, so it looks perfect.

  24. Akaiken Dec 13, 2005

    Damn... iba ka talaga Queen of Walls!

    I like this wall very much! You made it very smooth and fine!

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