Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper: Mysterious Ruminations

Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka

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Gee, this is actually my first wallpaper where I've lost interest in making a bg by myself. So personally, I loathe this wall. Scan is taking a walk? by Lantist and bg came from Pueblo by McDragon (Honestly it looked like Silent Hill).

Of course I'm not gonna just slap it on like the old days. I made it much more.. grungy. Actually I made this wall to test noise techniques and layer levels. Full view if you want to see. And geez, what a pain to extract the girl! As you could see in the original scan it's not perfect wallpaper quality.. I went *grrrr* while extracting it. Sorry if I made such a pretty and innocent girl stuck in a creepy bg like this. Mutsumi Sasaki's wallpapers don't follow this style. It's just that her angelic looks made it also haunting.. Maybe it's also cuz I'm frustrated of many things.. and I'm under pressure.. wanna throw something at some dork out of the blue.. grrr..

Dedicated to Cldmani. I think he knows well why I've done so. >.< More resolutions at KatzKrafts if you like it so just wait for it..

EDIT:: can some mod please put Mutsumi Sasaki as the creator of this wall?!?! T_T thank you!

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  1. krisaiee Aug 16, 2006

    ohh interesting. well i love that cat!^^ nice wall!

  2. uesugi-kun Aug 16, 2006

    oh... lovely chara. its a good wallpaper. only... for me the chara would be a little more dark ^^

  3. vaden Aug 16, 2006


  4. cheza2283 Aug 16, 2006

    Dark and kind of creepy! Nice job!

  5. mirkoemir Aug 16, 2006

    I love the background, it's very well made it. And the fusion of both scans ... it's very cool. Congratulations FAV!

  6. eternallegend Aug 16, 2006

    wow, i like the olden, grudgey background, the colour scheme looks nice, the scan you chose looks really nice and i like how you portrayed your wall with a slight mysterious atmosphere :D overall your wall is lovely ^^

  7. enchantment Aug 16, 2006

    i love the background, so creepy and dark looking :) lovely wall like usual~^^

  8. Rhonda21 Aug 17, 2006

    Well I like what you did with the background with the grungy look. Great dark atmosphere. And I like how the girl goes with the background. Well nice job!

  9. PinkPrincessLacus Aug 17, 2006

    OH I love it, the innocent looking girl with her face turned that way and with the dark background looks really good, that was clever of you to put this together as you did. The girl looks like she is sad and it makes ya just want to give her a hug. I love grudges in the wall as well. I think that because your wallie doesnt follow Mutsumi Sasaki's style of wallpapers, it is even more beautiful and more creative. Great Job on it, I saw this in F-O-E and knew I had to comment on it. :D

    ~* Lacus *~

  10. starrliteangel Aug 17, 2006

    I love the grunge look. You did an awfully good job! I cant believe you loathe this wall, Blue-chan. This is so different from your usual style, and I must admit it came out great. I like how you added lightning to the sky. It almost reminds me....of a scary movie, like the grudge or the ring you know? that static-y look you made. at first i thought it was bad image quality, but it looks really good! I really never would have thought of making a scene like this by looking at the scan. Love your imagination. wonderful! I really wish people would comment more on dark walls as well!

  11. semanga Aug 17, 2006

    wonderful your work i must tell u that it looks amazing honey and that this go to my fav thanks for share it

  12. schwindelmagier Aug 17, 2006

    wow, sugooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi O.o
    this wallpaper is really amazing.I love such kind of wallies: dark, mysterious, lonely. It has totally touched my taste. ^_^
    The village in the bg looks a little bit like Sleepy Hollow ^o^
    I hope there is no headless horseman in the village - heads will fly *_*
    The cat of the innocent-looking and sweet girl who completely fits to the village looks totally cuuuuute T^T
    The face of her....funny ^_^
    well, keep up the great work and of course faaaaaaaaaaav

  13. x-lawss Aug 17, 2006

    It looks likes something bad have just happen, this wallpaper looks a litter sad. But it a good wallpaper.

  14. Korixxkairi Aug 17, 2006

    Wahh > <! Dark mode ehh? VERY NICE SHOT ! when i found this scan i really love it~~ i like DARK MODE~~ it look very AWESOME ! you know .. >.<
    + fav

  15. Somnabu Aug 17, 2006

    The background effects shock me alot. you really did a very good job on the backround. Making me think of some sort of supernatural image, and the glowing transparent clouds make a good source to deceive my eyes too

  16. Fatdude168 Aug 17, 2006

    yea its the background thats all good , but it woulda be even better if you try to make the girl stand out a little doe , cuz its kinda plain , otherwise its all good , look forward to your next work ^^

  17. Lum-sann Aug 18, 2006

    Woah! O_O so so beautiful your wallie!
    I love the background and the character fits really well the bg ^^
    Really amazing your wallie!
    Keep it up! ^^

  18. Angi Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2006

    nice effects!
    lovely bg

  19. annakee Aug 19, 2006

    oh... great wallie my master. the work with the background is very nice and the extraction of the chara is really cool. a lot of work ^^
    this would be my last comment anf fav on MT. gambatene, master!

  20. lthnadml Aug 19, 2006

    ahhhh the background is just beautiful and i just love the cat . . . excellent work! XD XD XD

  21. drastikhate Aug 19, 2006

    an innocent girl walking aimlessly in an abandon village. A great theme! +fav

  22. gabysango2011 Aug 19, 2006

    NICE WORK...
    i like the idea...i think it's something mysterious...and the bgr is perfect with the girl...
    the combination is awesome...also....the cat is very cute...
    i like it...
    nice job...very very nice...
    + fav

  23. Alfredigital Aug 19, 2006

    Very well colored background, reminds me of Resident Evil 4.

  24. pamkips Aug 19, 2006

    so awesome >_< i love the idea
    it was portrayed well ^_^

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