Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper: Angel's Light

Mutsumi Sasaki Wallpaper
Mutsumi Sasaki Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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FULL VIEW for better and clear outcome. thanks!

weeee at last my very first wall to be sumbitted this 2006!
wow! its been a while since i made a new wall again! ehehe
lets see.. i've stop making wallies since...m.........almost 1 year?

well never mind that

first for the wall!
well as usual i came back with my original style. making clouds, starry skies and others.... i think i become a noob again *sigh*
well i guess i made this wall much a like to the original but oh well the color combos suits best ^_^'

this wall is dedicated to all my MT friends! >__< thank you for all your support in the past years(?)

ok! that's all! hope you guys like it! and enjoy and there will be more wallies to come so watch out!

comments, critiques and others are welcome! >__<

wow its my first time to put an ad here

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  1. BlueAngel17 Aug 12, 2006

    OMG this is sooo beautiful! T_T this is something wings-lovers will love.. T_T it's so heavenly, and the girl is cute too. :)

    +desktop. >.< keep it up! >.<

  2. aishiteraburu Aug 12, 2006

    oooh zaira's new wallie is so sparklish but the extraction in top of the wings is little bit off other than that i love that heavenly background
    and those sparkly lines
    Fave from me as well

  3. rythem Aug 12, 2006

    hi zaira-chan :D ~ hisashiburi ^^

    the wall is a cliche .. try to make different themes next time ~ the scan needs to be improved quality wise and a little contrast . it doesnt blend with the bg at all ^_^;

    its okay overall ~ just not something new *O* gambare ne ~ <3

  4. EldaLacus92 Aug 12, 2006

    It's really cute! I love the moon and the clouds... I love the whole background!
    So spaklish O_O!<3 And those seed-like things coming out of her hands are funny ^_^!

  5. nolove Aug 12, 2006

    mmm....hah? nearly a year o_0 >____<
    it just come to my eyes the name zaira is so so popular that i didnt even realize that you've stopped walling for a year o_0
    this wall impress me xD, impress mee sooo much. a magical feeling is sooo beautiful
    omg nice color too xD
    geezee, you're still not a n00b hohoho

  6. enchantment Aug 12, 2006

    wow, lovely wall :D i love the clouds and the colours you used :) i love the moon~^^

  7. eternallegend Aug 12, 2006

    i like the nice blend of colours that you chose for your wall, the sky looks great and i like the clouds, overall lovely wall ^^

  8. Firemace Aug 12, 2006

    0_o Eye opener.

    Nice bkgd. The scan can use some good vector.
    Love the Clouds lots. Thank you for making ! XD

    Good Theme too.

  9. starrliteangel Aug 12, 2006

    really lovely colors. The character seems a bit big..but that might be just me. the scan you chose is so beautiful though, and the clouds are puffy and soft looking. ahh...what a lovely celestial wallie! the text matches perfectly, and I like the brushes you used (that light thats coming out of her hands) it almost looks as if she is trying to grow seedlings of light! good job and I cant wait to see more walls from you!

  10. sailorchiron Aug 12, 2006

    So pretty and fluffy! :)

  11. Boko Aug 12, 2006

    nice ^^

  12. pitbull Aug 12, 2006

    cute pic!

  13. x-lawss Aug 12, 2006

    Beautiful! The heaven is nice, and the girl is cute too!
    Keep it up!XD

  14. melymay Aug 12, 2006

    Oh my, haven't seen anything from you for a while ^^ Seems like time doesn't affect you XD Your walling talent is still awsome XD Great job :) The scene looks beautiful, keep it up!

  15. Rhonda21 Aug 12, 2006

    oh how very beautiful. I love the clouds. Well nice work!

  16. Devilet Aug 12, 2006

    Hmmm, nice to see you've gone back to walling after SO long. Didn't even notice, lol.
    Well, what do we have here? Girl with wings ... clouds ... sparkles ... planet, what else is new?
    If you're going to make a comeback you should try to do it with a BANG! y'know?
    While, I'm not saying this style sucks, it's just very boring now, since I've see 5 billion others like this (not literally that many). I know this might be one of the styles you started with, and you were here probably longer than those other people who do it .. BUT, if you insist keeping this unoriginal style, at least do it high quality.

    The girl looks very odd, I don't know why, if it's the extraction or what. She just doesn't fit, next time try a different colour background. Also this wall only has pink and white, maybe some more variation could help her tones, they're just too different, and leads it being unappealing in that matter. A scan that has more white or pink would of been better.

    Either way, it's still pretty, I like the clouds xD and the swirls coming out of her hands. Good luck in the future. Don't take me too hard, hehe, I'm not trying to insult you, yah? Keep it up!

  17. kyara17 Aug 13, 2006

    an angel so cuuuute xD i think the wall is very beautifull :) great job! *adds to fav*

  18. AngelKate Aug 13, 2006

    That is gorgeous zaira-chan! I have missed your pretty wallies. ^_^ The heavenly atmosphere is so beautiful and I love the soft colors. :) Great work!

  19. Idril Aug 13, 2006

    OMG Zaira-chan! your wallie is amazing! XD
    I luv the colors and scan is also cute!
    Prettie light effects and exctration ^.~
    favs for ya, honey!

  20. CuteSherry Aug 13, 2006

    WELCOME BACK in the wall making world!
    It's been SO long since I last a wall made by you, but you sure didn't loose your skills during your one year break ^_~
    Lovely wall Zaira-chan! I will be waiting for more submissions from you :)

  21. CosmoStar Aug 13, 2006

    Ooh, so pretty! I love dthe colors in the sky and the scan used! The layout is very charming, very sweet. Congrats!

  22. irix Aug 14, 2006

    looks great in one of my desktops! :nya: great colorful work! XD

  23. semanga Aug 14, 2006

    this wall is very nice the color and scan is a wonderful composition and it haves a wonderful feeling
    this wall is now futured in the colorfull Wallies and u get 2 poins for your awesome work ... :) congratulation sweety

  24. inu-rin1350 Aug 14, 2006

    i really like the backround. And how the girl is positioned. NICE WORK ! :))

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