To Heart 2 Wallpaper: Forever Angel

AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Lucy Maria Misora Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Lucy Maria Misora Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

If anyone has ever read my "Lost Angel" comment then you would have known that my kitten went missing and that i dedicated that wall for him.

Lost Angel
Well, sadly my kitten didn't come back, and of course it would be like a 1% chance for him to come back at this time, so this wall is dedicated for him..again.
Instead of being a 'Lost angel" he is now a 'forever angel'meaning he will always be in my heart.

Now back to the wall,
I wanted it to look like...it was mystical but yet.....i dont know how to explain it so im stopping their >.<
Yes...their are bubbless in my wall, and plz dont comment saying "why are their bubbles" theirs just bbbless and I like it that way T_T

This is a light wall, So far in my past walls they have been all dark, and I felt like I wanted this one to be a light one, after all I dont want it to seem that im like depressed....lol!
O, just so u know, the lamp post is sppose to be dark, I dont care that it doesn't match the 'lightness' of the wall, I wanted it to be dark becase, just imagine if it was light.it would look weird >.<

Thank you everyone from before for the comments on lost angel, you made me have hope so thank you so much :)


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  1. CosmoStar Mar 18, 2006

    Another well made sky! It's looking awesome, congrats! I like the hues you used at the sky, they added lot of light making everything is beautifully clear and aethereal. This is a perfect heavenly atmosphere!
    The scan is pretty too, the girl looks so serene...

    I'm so sorry about your cat... It's so sad when things like these happens. But I'm sure you will be okay.

    Congrats again! Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. schwindelmagier Mar 18, 2006

    oh...this wallie looks amazing o.O
    like all your other wallpapers^______^
    the angel is so cute>.< and I love your bg...especially the lamps
    I want to have those lamps too T_T
    the sky is very beautiful;it goes perfectly with the angel
    in general...a wonderful wallie from you
    add it to favs^.^
    have a nice day and take care of yourself

    +++I am sorry about your cat T.T...I clearly know it when you lost important persons/pets+++

  3. Devildude Mar 18, 2006

    Oh wow, an impressively bright wallpaper with the works of Chichiri's great hands on photoshop. Very good extraction clean and wonderful. It is still kind of bright for my taste, the overall effects is very cool and beautiful, the many layers of clouds, very accurately describes the heaven.
    I would like to offer my condolences for your loss, I know how hard it is, as I myself have lost a friend before. Your theme is wondrous, forever angel is a beautiful name, and of course, the wonders of attention to detail, onto the lamp post and the minute details of the bubbles, which add so much character. You would not have noticed the intended sad theme this wallpaper has to offer until you have placed your eyes nearer, and noticed the description for this wallpaper, and of course, the sad feeling that emanates from the scan towards the whole wallpaper.

    A fav from me.

  4. animanga Mar 18, 2006

    You did a wonderful job! The sky looks so pretty & you chose the perfect scan!
    Everything looks perfect & the elite gallery in 34 minutes! Congrats! ^^
    Definitely worth a fave, your cat would be proud. :)

  5. Yina Mar 18, 2006

    uaaahh.. so bright.. x__x
    the scan kinda reminds me of the header-pic from uchiki.de o__o
    mhmm the wallie is a bit too cliched.. with clouds, stars etc.. but nevertheless nice work =D

  6. AngelKate Mar 18, 2006

    Heh?! I didn't get a notification for this >.<

    Awww I'm so sorry your kitten didn't come back. :( *hugs* Maybe you can get a new kitten. :) This wallie is very lovely though! The sky is really pretty. I love how it glitters. It feels so heavenly. ^^ Wonderful!

  7. Rhonda21 Mar 18, 2006

    Oh that is so sad. I hate when animals go missing.

    This wall is beautiful! I just love your style! The sky is so pretty! This is just really great and I luv it! Wonderful Work! :)

  8. inREVERIEforever Mar 18, 2006

    Aw this wallpaper is dedicated to your lost kitten. My puppy ran away too. T_T So sad when it happens.

    Haha I love this wallpaper. The bubbles rock. XD The light textures and effects go in very well. I found nothing wrong with the lampost at all. It goes in very well. It looks very enchanting. Yay! Keep up the lovely work! ^_^

  9. moonelf313 Mar 18, 2006

    I am so sorry about your kitten...I have had a close call with one of my cats not coming home, it was heart-wrenching, but he did come home. I am sorry about your loss, but your wallie is amazing! I love the clouds and effects. Adding to favs

  10. MoonlightEternity Mar 18, 2006

    I'm so sorry about your kitten =( I hope it does come back, but you should never give up hope right? ^^'' gomen ne, i'm not helping >.<

    It's very nice wallpaper! ^-^ love the brushwork... it makes the sky look really nice. Only complaint i have is the ground... it doesn't look like its at the right angle, but the tiles look really nice all the same. the lamps are identical XD it still looks wonderful though. great work! *Adds to favs*

  11. Arashi-san Mar 18, 2006

    wowi this looks realy sweet =)
    i love the color and the girl is just cute ^^
    *fav* from me

  12. ShiXon Mar 18, 2006

    aww you must've loved your kitten chi-chan :3
    well i'm he'll love it <33 tee-hee, does cats like wallpapers? o.o
    some lovely effects here and there combined with soft pastel colors to make the wall look all dreamy and adoring <33

  13. sangel99 Mar 18, 2006

    Wow ^-^ Lovely! +fav

  14. fawna-chan Mar 19, 2006

    You shouldn't think that your kitten wouldn't come back, there are cases in where the pet comes home after a few years you know. :) And if he knew that you were making a wall for him, he'd be very happy! :D It's a very nice and angelic wall and the light colors look good with the light colored character! Great work.

  15. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 19, 2006

    This is so awesome!
    I really love the colors. They blend so well together and the scan is perfect.
    And I'm so sorry about your kitty. It's hard when a pet goes missing :(

  16. enchantressinthedark Mar 19, 2006

    Its really mystical! ^_^ Not only that, its magical! :) I really really love the background a lot, especially the clouds, they're just so amazing :D Oooh..I just love everything about this wall! I'm so sad that your kitty ran away.....it must be a hard time for you...I remembered 4 years ago, I had a puppy, it got stolen by somebody.. T.T And I cried for 2 days. I assume you feel the same as I was when my puppy was missing... *hugs*

  17. phamthuha Mar 19, 2006

    Oh Chi-chan ^_^ I love it >__<! This wallie is so smooth and so magical ^_^ Love it so sure fav+ and feature to CW ^_^ You skill is above good now, sweetie >_<!

  18. jaguar88 Mar 19, 2006

    Very nice Wallpaper..... the girl fits the theme :D
    Well done and keep up the good work!

    merged: 03-19-2006 ~ 11:22am
    Very nice Wallpaper..... the girl fits the theme :D
    Well done and keep up the good work!

  19. katz291 Mar 19, 2006

    Oh my! I love the way you did that sky! It's just plain gorgeous! The bubbles was a nice touch! It adds alot of the mystical feel of the wallpaper. =^_^=

  20. Amru-chan Mar 19, 2006

    Wow, very very lovely wallpaper. Fav from me >_<

  21. quantixar Mar 19, 2006

    Very well done wallpaper. Omedetou! (I have no idea if I can say 'omedetou' in situation like this) :D

  22. AnoxiaAngelus Mar 19, 2006

    that is actually really nice. i like the bg colors.

  23. IzumiChan Mar 20, 2006

    You really seem to like walling this girl ^_^
    I'm very sorry for your little kitten -_-
    I think that this is a very beautiful requiem for him! :D
    The wallie is amazing, as always ^.~
    + fav :D

  24. KittyCyn Mar 20, 2006

    awww...too bad your kitten didn't come back... :( But well...I like very much the mood you gave to this one! The pastel colors are very well mixed...effects in the clouds are very nicely done too
    Keep it up! :)

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