To Heart 2 Wallpaper: Cant wait for u

AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Lucy Maria Misora Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Lucy Maria Misora Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this wally is a gift to my boyfriend :) i cant see him so often..so it's little gesture :)
and yeah..it's not a busy wally...not full of effects and brushes...i only wanted to make a clear wally which he can use :)
the city is from a stockphoto, and the sky is non-realistic:D i know:) :P

time: an afternoon:D
layers +30 ?

the scan was from an image board...it was quite hard to extract it....because of the size...

cu later! and thx for the comments and favs! :)

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  1. boogybro Feb 01, 2006

    This is one of my favourites from you, Susan-chan. The sky and background is so nice, and the overall piece is so calm, which is the way I like it. You should make more like that. (:
    Nice wall.

  2. private-meta Feb 01, 2006

    Very nice City Silhouettes... superb colouring... One of my favourites...

  3. ShiXon Feb 01, 2006

    it has such a nice scenery and i think the whole thing blends together well ^___^ i love the colors you used on the background, not too chaotic.. it's just so nice with a little of simplicity xD

  4. WWLAOS Feb 01, 2006

    Wow, I love the colors you used, it gives the wallpaper a very "dream-like" feel to it. The background scenery itself is just gorgeous. The scan looks fantastic, it melds into the background wonderfully, and the colors complement eachother perfectly, rather than stepping on eachother's toes, as happens in many wallpapers. The clock behind the title is an awesome effect, too. In fact...I'd have to say that the clock is my favorite part of the whole wallpaper. The city-scape is nice. It looks great and it adds to the overall image without looking out of place.

    My only complaint...and this is one I have with hundreds of wallpapers...is that, like so many other artists, you put a starfield where the rest of the moon/planet would be. Yeah, I read the whole "not a realistic sky" thing, but...that in particular always chafes my chicken. It's a stupid little nit-picky problem, but it annoys me. Oh well, no harm done, I suppose, and it does look pretty.

    Anyway, it's a gorgeous wallpaper. Thanks for posting it for us to enjoy.

  5. ventures Feb 02, 2006

    i love it to bits susan-chan . the atmosphere is so calm and soothing . definitely a good present for ur bf ;)
    I love the scan and how the colours blend into her like that . u did an awesome sceneric wall this time .

  6. phamthuha Feb 02, 2006

    Yeah, that is you, Susan-chan ^_^ This beautiful atmosphere can only be created by you, and i LOVE it!
    Fav from me for sure and keep it up ^_^

  7. enchantressinthedark Feb 02, 2006

    I just love this wall so much! You've applied wonderul effects and I like the lighting! Very nice work Susan-chan!

  8. nolove Feb 02, 2006

    oh susan-chan, how wonderful it is XD, i just sooo love it, the sky is so awesome, and everything >_<, great job, susan0-chan ^^

  9. Milkiyo Feb 02, 2006

    nice style and all..everything seems in the right place, yeah..she's fainting? hahaha...must've waited long..jk
    lovely effects... :P

  10. zaira Feb 02, 2006

    wow! susan-sama is back for her wallie style again! XD
    i like the scan + the bg me love the sky! great color combo!
    + the lighting effect is good too! +fav!

  11. RonWeasley Feb 02, 2006

    the bg looks awesome! great work!

  12. Acuni Feb 02, 2006

    wow how beautifull i like the chara and the bg scenary is realy great
    keep it up

  13. Rikimaru-jp Feb 02, 2006

    Well you showed me this wallie before ;) and you already know what I think of it!
    but I'll say it again it's really amazing :) the colors are fantastic and the background looks so gorgeous!
    I'm sure that your boyfriend gonna love it ;)
    *adds it to his favorites*

  14. MoonlightEternity Feb 02, 2006

    O_O wha its so pretty! =) I love the colours of the background, it really suits the Heart 2 style ^^ great work! wonderful colours too

  15. Semuta Feb 02, 2006

    It's very, very good! Color, scan, other... Amazing. Wallpaper of day and + fav ^^

  16. jeffng9 Feb 02, 2006

    i like your concept of this wallpaper
    nice cleaning and croping
    the bg is very good as well with the character there~

  17. FlowerDog Feb 02, 2006

    You extracted the character very well. :) I really love the feel of your wallpaper. Makes me feel hopeful. It's beautiful and the lighting and sparklies look awesome. :) The BG and the sky looks very interesting... very cool! :D Hope you have the chance to see your boyfriend soon. Please keep up the great work Susan-chan. :)

  18. DeathD13 Feb 03, 2006

    Very beautiful wall! The character looks to be extracted very nicely, and the background is just so relaxing and pretty... the colors are bright without being overwhelming, and its just a peaceful, lovely wall! Well done! :)

  19. quantixar Feb 03, 2006

    So beatiful wallpaper. Me like it very much. Without text it would be perfect. :D

  20. IzumiChan Feb 03, 2006

    Great wallie :D
    The sky is very beatiful, and the colors of it match so well together ^_^
    The girl fits the scenary perfectly :)
    I only think that that white edge on the top could be smaller...
    Anyway, good job! :D

  21. pegassuss Feb 04, 2006

    It's really pretty! I absolutely love the colors, they are so beautiful *.* The sky is amazing, it's really lovely. And the effects you used makes it look more beautiful. The scan is really nice, I like her pose, and the city behind looks very nice. And the clock is a nice detail and it looks great ^^ Great job!

  22. Frosty Feb 04, 2006

    nice looking wall...
    somehow that skyworks/cityscape bg that you did here really mesmerize me.. hehe...
    just a fine looking wall with a beautiful looking bg. ^^ Two thumbs up!
    Gives u a Grade AA+ for the nice effort. ^^

  23. p0ly Feb 05, 2006

    great job as usual. the extraction looks very good; nice and sharp. colors and composition are well done too. personally, i feel the text is a bit intrusive

  24. mintytwinblademaiden Feb 05, 2006

    I love how you did the mix of colors in the background, so a fav!

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