One Piece Wallpaper: I live for today [W]

Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation, One Piece, Nefeltari Vivi Wallpaper
Eiichiro Oda Mangaka Toei Animation Studio One Piece Series Nefeltari Vivi Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Full view if you're going to comment, please
Hai hai, last One Piece-er for a while :P

Anyhow, I saw this Vivi scan at AP and decided to vector it. I'm a big Vivi fan, she's so pretty ^_^

Layers: 38
Time: 4-5 hours

This is my first time doing a beach scene, so please be gentle >.<
And if someone knows a way to like, blend Vivi to make her look like she's part of the bg instead of looking like she was pasted on top, please tell me *all desperate*

Uhh, I know it looks like the "road" is leading into the water, but there's actually a tiny bit of sand... I'm not making Vivi walk to her death (though I think she can swim... but that's not the point!) (Thanks for pointing that out, btw, Chisana-sama!)

And yeah, the font sucks, ( I know, I know, Fukushuusha XD) anyone have any suggestions?

Textures from DA!

Comments welcome!

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  1. chisana Mar 10, 2006

    Oh, it's so pretty! I'm not a big fan of One Piece, but this wallie really looks nice!
    It has a happy and cheerful atmosphere, and the colors are great choice for the scan :)
    The vector (as always) is gorgeous, I can't notice any jaggy lines or anything like that, and it's full of details!
    The bg is pretty too, though it seems like the road goes into the sea ^_^' I love the texture you used too ^^
    As for the blending, I think the scan blends well with the bg, maybe the only thing I can think about is the outlines... that's why the scan stands out a bit... but it looks nice like this too, so don't worry :)
    Great job, keep it up! ^^

  2. fukushuusha Mar 10, 2006

    Ahh this is the second time someone use this scan.
    I simply love the feeling coming out of this; seriously. The sky is really well done except those birds are killing it. I can't fully comprehend if there is too much noise on the sky or there are stars btw. But again...the clouds and the flow of tone in the sky is well done.
    And one other thing is the shadow. It is way to thin and small. Should be much wider. PS default leaf brush....*pats chloe chan* you know you should make a wiser choice xD. I am not gonna say anything anout the text cos I already know you are trying to improve...and yess it kinda shows =D
    Anyways; I really love the concept in this one. Gentle yet lively...If you can fix those things I mentioned that would be great.

  3. nekogirl333 Mar 10, 2006

    not really a vivi fan but i love this wall! there's a really peaceful and happy feeling from this wall.

  4. HitomiEyes Mar 10, 2006

    great wally..the bg goes great with her...and i really love her outift and i love the colors of it and how you imagined it...i also like the markings on her legs...they are soo cool!

  5. leosama84 Mar 10, 2006

    Well...not to be too constructive, i'll try my best not to say much O_o ...
    neway, making the background and the scan blend to each other... "blend" should be a keyword here. this means, making both look the same.

    In other words, u need to do either way (i don't mean to be pumpous here!)
    u either need to make the background grass at least look as crisp as the scan,
    u need to make the scan lose "some" of its crispyness... by making her dress (for example) "a little" blurry to match the grass n sand. just see which one suits ur wallie best.

    in other words (again), using the same effects for both the scan and the background gives it a feel that they're both made together, or it might even look like a scan! ;) ..

    but either way, using the shadow there, u made a great touch to it! the wallpaper as a whole doesn't look as bad as u've pictured it, it looks really nice! me likey! ^_^

    i hope this wasn't much!
    neway, see ya around!

  6. Machika Mar 10, 2006

    Whoa....The landscape is wonderful. I could dance by looking at it :D
    I see that you really like Once Peace, Chloe-chan!
    The texture is really great too :)
    Fav from me!

  7. Milkiyo Mar 11, 2006

    her mouth is very big O.O *mouth left hanging open* XD XP
    erm...since this is ur first time..I'm going to be hard on ya..LMAO! :P I...never really like photoshop made grass..they all look fake to meh but ur beach scene is lovely..other than the grass =.=" oh yeah..and the birds are a little..cluttered
    nice shadows btw! damn..now I'm broke once more :P XP

  8. bluSake Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2006

    Beautiful. You gave her a very nice bg that suits her very well. Hm...the shadow looks a bit sharp though...

  9. enchantressinthedark Mar 11, 2006

    Chloe, one day you'll die infront of your comp cause you vector too much! XD Your vector here ish totally awesome! ^_^ And the background, OMG, ish just so wonderful! But its kinda weird having grass at the beach, don't you think? ^_^' Anyways, this walls brings in the lovely mood, keep it up! ^_^

  10. Dream24 Mar 11, 2006

    Nice vectoring of Vivi. A bright and cheerful wallpaper. The beackground reminds me of a painting. The shadow of Vivi looks nice. And it sure doesn't look like there is sand between the grassy area and the waters. Great job on this wallpaper!

  11. rythem Mar 11, 2006

    the whole feeling of the wall is lovely ~ :)

    one suggestion : a clean vector should have a clean bg ~ =) meaning there's no need of the use of textures ~ her shadow looks too thin , especially on the legs part , making it not to logical . the grass is too overpowering the wall , the green is too bright >_< for the rest , I agree with the others ~

    but overall , u've done a really nice work kay ~ keep it up ^^

  12. Ayasal Mar 11, 2006

    yet another beautiful piece from you! its just bright and cheerful^^ the scan is just beautiful, just as your vector is very clean and well done! good job!

  13. agneslee Mar 11, 2006

    Love the bg but not the character.the bg make me feel comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. uchiha-vegeta Mar 11, 2006

    beautiful , clearly amazing , everything looks so well done , keep up the good work ^^

  15. leosama84 Mar 11, 2006

    okay, sorry if i wasn't too constructive there...

    blending the scan with the background isn't something very easy to do, u've got to have the heart for it!

    like everyone suggested, the shadow is a bit sharp, that's true...the grass is standing out...that's also true...even though i don't agree to the idea that the green is bright, i think its lovely! and grass being around a beach, some places have that!

    Vivi's face should stay as it is, but her body, well...maybe you should try blurring it a bit, to match the background, or use the same effects u used for the background on the entire scan! this way, it would seem like a sketch or pencil colors somehow... u know what i mean? and also try blurrin the shadow a bit, or just reduce its sharpness from the blending options...

    another way of blending the scan with the background, is matching the colors... for example, you can change the color of her dres to match her blue hair...even though i thought her hair was brown or red or sumthin...i'm not sure, neway...changing her dress color to purple or blue would be a nice idea. green....naaaah! ...

    how to change the color? that's simple...go to the Replace Color Options menu from Image --> Adjustments --> Replace Color. Its around in the middle. when you have the Replace Color window open, keep it a bit aside, and click on the orange dress...it should show you that it chose it! make sure that nothing else was chosen...like the yellow flowers or ribbon! you can choose multiple areas by holding down the Shift key! ;)

    when u choose it, go back to the Replace Color window, and to the Replacement section on the bottom. either change the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness of the color, or click on the Result Picker, and choose a different color from there... you should move the color window aside a bit, so u can see ur changes...if it doesn't work, and it does select the flowers and ribbon, u will probably need to make the changes manually using the Color Replacement Tool from the toolbox, choose the fill color, n do ur thing! ;)

    whenever you're done with the Replace Color, try other things in the Adjustments menu:
    Match Color
    Selective Color
    Channel Mixer
    Desaturate, (this effect isn't good for this wallie, but its soo powerful, u will want to use it later on! ;) )
    Photo Filter
    the Autos on top...

    and more!

    try all of them, and see what is good for ur wallie!

    and i hope you'll do better next time! ;)

    see ya around! keep up the awesome work!

  16. Amru-chan Mar 11, 2006

    Wow, your wallies always very very beautiful >_<. Fav from me ^O^

  17. pegassuss Mar 11, 2006

    Beautiful wallie! I like the scenary, it's relly pretty. I really like the sky and clouds, the texture you added is really pretty, and the water too. I love the bridies too! It's true the chracter stands out because it's too clean in comparison with the bg, but I know nothing about walling techniques XD It still looks beautiful in my opinion. The girl's shadow is a really nice detail, though maybe a little small. I think this is a beautiful wall, keep it up!

  18. acid-awakening Mar 11, 2006

    Haha... another wall.... expected
    Anywayz... the grass looks like it's growing from where the water is... not natural >.>
    The grass on the left side is fine.... you can see it curves up.
    I like the shadow
    ANd one more thing
    I think that she's got a really big mouth
    Nice wall.... again. dot dot dot

  19. hellbell Banned Member Mar 11, 2006

    i'm not such a big one pice fan but t looks really great..
    but.. the summer is soo far away from now..
    it even snowing outside ._.
    nice day

  20. Alfonse Mar 12, 2006

    This is sheer beauty Chloe.
    The wall is extremely bright an colorful. I like the concept. The whole idea is great.
    The bg is also a very nice touch to the wall. And the scan looks nice. There's just one thing, the scan just doesn't seem to macth or blend with the scan.
    I'm not much of a One Piece fan, but I can say this is a great wall.
    Great job on yet another great wall. ;) Keep 'em comin Chloe-chan. ^^

  21. LeeAnn Mar 12, 2006

    what caught my eyes is her shadow..
    the bg is so relaxing

  22. Zoamel Mar 12, 2006

    The background is looking wonderful but I don't like the girl a lot. I wish there were a cute girl dancing around...

  23. Ephemeral-Garden Mar 16, 2006

    That's a very pretty wall for a beach. (Honest!) The simplicity contained in this wall kinda makes the viewer calm, the grass looks nicely done. Even those yellowish thingies over the grass looks quite blended in. The whole beach and sky are nicely blended. Great job on that.

    But somehow, you're kinda right baout Vivi being 'slapped' just right in front. ^^ Maybe you can blur her a little.. or something... sometimes scenic background is not the only way, hehe. XD But overall, great job dished out.

  24. paintmearainbow Mar 20, 2006

    This is a really soothing wallie with the colours and the background, love the clouds especially(:
    Nice work!

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