RahXephon Wallpaper: Recurrence

BONES, RahXephon, Reika Mishima Wallpaper
BONES Studio RahXephon Series Reika Mishima Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wall is pretty much like an opposite to my other wallpaper Leaving the City, I also "recycled" the skyline.

The girl is from Rahxephon, never watched the anime but I like her dress and her scarf, so I decided to make this wall . The scan has been taken from Animepaper . I know that her hands and feet look kinda strange, but I just couldn't get them right, my brother commented my whole work saying things like: "She looks like a sausage. Haha, sausage girl!". How are you supposed to be creative under such conditions?

Actually I had planned to put some patterns similar to the blue ones I created around her, but the whole thing looked too busy so I decided to throw them out. Everything else was playing around and abusing other people's patterns, in this case they came from:
ming-ling.net and
The birds have been vectored from a stock photo found on Photocase and the font has been taken from dafont.com

Please watch and comment :)

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  1. happygreendragonfly Mar 02, 2006

    LOL! Sausage girl? Your brother's just being mean! @__@
    When I look at this wall it evokes a really nice, calm feeling.
    I really like it!

  2. Maji Mar 02, 2006

    Great wallie, and very good choose of colors! x3 *fav*

  3. cyd84 Mar 02, 2006

    Although this is a popular Rahxephon scan to wall...your wall manages to be distinct and original...I love the softness of the wall through your use of patterns
    The text feels a little simple (maybe a really really faint outline?) but it does work with the overall design of the wall
    Great job vectoring the background...nice work on the girl, but her fingers and feet size/shape are a little weird looking...tough perspective though
    A lovely wall overall with great sense of style

  4. dans Mar 03, 2006

    crappy fingers. :p the design looks good. my complaint goes to the sky. i think the gradient sky from top to bottom should be from dark to a less dark color.

  5. IzumiChan Mar 03, 2006

    It's really cool. ^_^
    I was willing to do something like this, with perspective and a back-side character. But then you came and stole my idea T_T
    Seriously, the whole thing is great. The birds are in the perfect blue tone, (and plus, they're really cute =3 ) the wind on her scarf is wonderful, the plants on the line of horizon are pretty (what a nice idea! ;) ) and that thing of ''only using mustard and blue'' was a good point. [Why didn't I think on this first? >.<]
    Her fingers look nice to me ^_^
    I have difficulties on drawing fingers, so I can saw how hard it is o.o
    But hers look just fine ^.~
    Anyway, wonderful job.
    I love it, a fav for sure ^_^
    Keep it up! :D

  6. flyindreams Mar 03, 2006

    Lovely color scheme... :D The design work is a lot cleaner and balanced than the Leaving the City one, so I definitely like this one better :D The perspective on her feet is a little bit off, but it's not that bad. Her fingers definitely could be a bit longer and slimmer though... and the text could be a bit smaller. Otherwise... :3 Nice job, keep up the great work! :D

  7. Devildude Mar 03, 2006

    sausage girl? LOL!
    ok, great wallpaper, I can tell it was entirely recycled, but like the other wall, this one shares the smiliar greatness, great texturing, great vector, simplicity overall, the vector is a little off with some jagged edges, and overall everything seems great. Nice little feeling of breeze from the wall cause it is really cool and nice.
    I say you are getting there.

  8. AkashaNosferatu Mar 03, 2006

    The vector work isn't that bad actually. It just needs to be cleaned up in certain places. I like the concept of the wall and the pale colors give it a dreamy look.

  9. dfjkgfg May 05, 2006

    deserves to be in the elite gallery.

  10. Ardenta Jul 31, 2006

    I've just found this wallpaper, and I think this is very beautiful. :)

  11. Texcap Aug 02, 2006

    I actually just commented on another wallpaper of yours, and this one has the same strengths going for it, namely a strong background and foreground. The colors in this one are well chosen, I think, and I like that there's a potential story in the making simply due to the scene that you create.

    Well done!

  12. vtsxbr Oct 19, 2006

    Perfect ^^ ...

  13. WWLAOS Jun 06, 2007

    Love the blues you used for the city, road, and ground. They work together very well without becoming bland. The yellow sky is a nice touch to both add color variety and give the city a silhouetted look. The textures on the road and the ground are beautiful. The scan looks good, but is maybe a bit too sharp against that background. The fingers are, as you already know, also a bit wonky, but it still looks very nice. The title of the wallpaper looks superb. Love the font, the color, and the "floral" accent. My favorite part of this wallpaper, though, is how the city seems to "sprout" out of the "vine" that is the road. It is an indescribably cool visual effect, and exactly why I am adding this to my favorites. Awesome peice of work.

    I really don't see the sausage thing...

  14. MargoTQ Sep 27, 2010

    so simple and beautiful! very special wall! I love it so much~

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