RahXephon Wallpaper: Zeit heilt alle Wunden

BONES, RahXephon, Reika Mishima Wallpaper
BONES Studio RahXephon Series Reika Mishima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Entry for W.A.R round 3

Zeit heilt alle Wunden - aber du wirst nicht vergessen
Time is a great healer - but you won't forget

1. bg = yuki and yuko's past
2. the different colours on the bg = the adventure in the past = happiness
3. gear wheels = time
4. crowd = the world, daily life


One year ago Yuko (the girl on the wallie) lost a very precious person, her boyfriend Yuki.
They did so many things together (1) and their past was full of happiness, like a picture with many different and warm colours. (2)
But Yuki died and Yuko's soul died as well. She didn't know what to do, she can't imagine a life without the person she loved.
Her time stopped (3), she fell into a deep hole, where nobody can reach her. But the time around her didn't stop (3+4). She can see the crowd and the working ppl. (4)
And Yuko know that nobody would wait for her anymore, she has to move the first step into the world without Yuki.
Slowly, Yuko tries to move out of the past (1) full of precious memories (2), but now full of sorrow.

Now, one year later, she's more and more able to leave her past behind her, because time is a great healer.
But she won't forget anything. That's why her "body" is still covered with the many different colours of the past.

Scan cleaning: 3 hours
Gear wheels: 2 hours
bg: 2 hours
crowd: 1 hour

btw.. I didn't cutout anything to paste it randomly on the bg..

more resolutions soon: www.Uchiki.de

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  1. tareren Nov 29, 2005

    Very cool ^^ I really love the background patterns and shadows :)
    Um, but some of the shadow looks floating, not quite fixed on to the ground >_>
    I think the story is cool too XD nice composition and colors as well :D
    +fave XP

  2. fukushuusha Nov 29, 2005

    I already comment this one on AP...and you read it already XD
    Great work <3

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    I do have to say that this is simply gorgeous, Yina. I've been meaning to comment on some of your walls and drawings for sometime, but haven't had the time. Though, it changes now XD. What really caught my eye was the Rahxephon scan you used. =3 I've just recently gotten into the series and I'm really into it \o/. After reading though the little story you wrote, I made some time to comment on this wall XD.

    First off, with the scan. Gorgeous. Just a beautiful extraction and cleaning as well. Time well spent and even with the texture in the bg, the scan still looks amazing. I also love the concept of the colors that go across her, very nicely done and just enough to give a beautiful effect, yet not too much to where it begins to drown the scan. Quite a unique idea if I do say so myself and I really like it.

    This is where I fell inlove with this wall. The gears really interest me, but what I really like, is what you did with the people in the background. A beautiful concept that I really like, having her stand out in the crowd and the actions of the people in the background are very realistic as well giving the viewer the strong impression as if time itself was just frozen. I applaude you for that as well as for the unique idea behind this background. Bringing out their past with colors and how each color represents a part of their past as well and it shows how the memories of her loved one will always stay with her, even as time progresses. Even if time forgets, she shall always remember. Just a beautiful concept and how you portrayed it is so..perfect. I love it. The gears was also a very original and interesting concept, showing how time still progresses and that it never stands still. Honestly, everything has just been so beautiful done and you really did a fantastic job with the street as well and just the overall feel of this wallpaper, I just have to say that this is probably one of the deepest walls I've ever seen. Why? Mainly due to the concept behind it all and how it's portrayed. Using such means to display her feelings and showing that she still carries them with her, even if her boyfriend has departed the world, the memories of the past will always be with her, or else I'm looking into it far too much, but either or you really made quite a work of art, Yina.

    Overall, what can I say, a beautiful extraction, a very original and unique idea that turned out beautifully and great use of the colors as well. It almost gives a rugged type feel to it, but to me that just shows the bumps and potholes in the road of life. The only thing I can honestly say is that I'd love to see a textless version of this wall. It's not because I don't know German, nor do I think the text is ugly. I'd just love to see a textless version of such beauty =x. This earns my favorite of the month, hands down and no questions about it.

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    Uhh I've got nothing different to say >_<
    you still keep me amazed sis Yina ^.^
    beautiful job <3

  5. Iyako Nov 29, 2005


  6. SoulSlayerZangetsu Nov 29, 2005

    thank you for making another RahXephon wallpaper and your's has to be one of the best out there, its beautiful with Mishima (I think that's who it is) standing there looking out towards the distance

  7. niina02 Nov 29, 2005

    wow, i like it...
    great work!
    + fav
    (like the idea and concept...)

  8. Clover Nov 29, 2005

    hmm very great wall
    hmm but to the title i'm only saying maybe not all wounds
    Ask my soul there are a lot of open ones TT_TT

  9. Nyuu-chan Nov 29, 2005

    In my opinion this is great wall and great story! Love your idea for it :D. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Revan Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    You have certainly put a lot of thought and effort in developing this idea of yours and it is great how you have managed to pull it through. Technically you have done an exceptional work and the fact that you have given such a serious thought results in one original and refreshing wall... an absolute fav ;)

  11. Milkiyo Nov 30, 2005

    really a detailed and beautiful art..I love the blend of colours and every single work of it..really shows your effort^^
    +fav, u deserve it!

  12. Crescentvn Nov 30, 2005

    The story for one wallpaper. Very interesting, I love it. The bg is great, too. The gear wheels really abstract, a fav for u. Keep up the good work.

  13. Akira-san Nov 30, 2005

    First about the title... GREAT title! Loved it, hehe ^^' Also the story too, you always brings nice stories in your wallies.
    About the wallie, really interesting background, fits well with the story and the scan... loved the work in the gear wheels, also the texture(?) in the whole background and scan. Very nice done ^^
    +fav from me.

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2005

    Beautiful BG, especially the patterns in the sky, almost liek a 1960's dance dance rollerskate tournament and shes the last to be picked as a partner which is sad in its own way cos shes a beautiful girl... o_o but anyway lovely colors and the text goes verywell in it!
    Great job as always! :P

  15. Hideki313 Nov 30, 2005

    the colors are very beautiful!
    and ist very melancholic ... i really like it! ....
    i wait for other resolutions ... so thx in advice ^_~

  16. nighthawk51 Nov 30, 2005

    The coloring and texturing effects are great, beautiful in general. Great work!

  17. tian82 Nov 30, 2005

    I like the background and the colour ! So lovely and beautiful ! Nice and awesome work ! i really love this ...

  18. Warlh Nov 30, 2005

    Tres beau wallpaper.
    Fun, dynamic, agréable ...

    Bon travail ^^
    i like this wall'

  19. Devilet Nov 30, 2005

    Hey there, I must say this wallpaper has a great atmosphere and dark vibe to it. I like the feeling it gives me and how well everything flows together. You did an awesome job with the wheels and the crowd, the texture is just right, not too much. Just the way I like it. Fantastic job Yina, I have no complaints, keep it up.

  20. knightstar3 Dec 01, 2005

    i really love your composition! ^-^ it looks so cool! XD
    very lovely scan you used and color choice. :)
    must fav

  21. Sandra Dec 01, 2005

    Great wallpaper ! Not just "A cute girl some grass and birds on the sky" . This is inteligent work ! And so i love it !

  22. harakiri Dec 02, 2005

    Sehr schoene Idee und sauber ausgefuehrt, aber ich haette da ein paar Sachen anderes gemacht. Zunaechst stoert mich diese rosige Atmosphaere etwas. Der Titel weist auf etwas Schmerzhaftes hin und daher sollten die Farben vielleicht etwas krasser sein oder ein Kontrast zwischen kaltem Blau und Blutrot haette sich auch gut gemacht (so wie es mittlerweile in jedem zweiten Anime gemacht wird). Aber ansonsten gefaellt mir die Idee und wie es geworden ist ganz gut.

  23. sukie Dec 02, 2005

    mmm...nice...i like the colours...the bg is well thought...the ppl and the road...they all looks like they are floating...LOL the meaning behind it is a bit tipical...but neat! =D

  24. Regenbogen Dec 03, 2005

    Hallo Yina!
    Der Wallpaper gefällt mir sehr gut... ich finde es auch toll, dass du die deutsche Sprache benutzt, obwohl viele das nicht verstehen können. Vielleicht weil ich deutsch studiere... und immer mehr Englisch in unsere Sprache einfließt... obwohl ich Englisch sehr mag... ^_^

    Ich hab den Wallpaper zufällig entdeckt, als ich die "Recent submissions" durchsah. Dieser fiel mir ins Auge.
    Mir gefällt die Idee sehr, die Geschichte dahinter... Und auch die Farben deines Wallpapers!

    I hope it's okay that I add you to my watchlist.... I would simply like to be informed about your next wallpapers... ;) I don't have the time always to browse through the gallery...

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