RahXephon Wallpaper: Harmonic Convergence

BONES, RahXephon, Reika Mishima, Ayato Kamina, Vector Art Wallpaper
BONES Studio RahXephon Series Reika Mishima Character Ayato Kamina Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

ive finally decided to upload this wall.
you might recognize this from WAR, and it was torn apart for being 'unoriginal' etc

but i actually thought it was okay....><''

the dark blob/cloud was actually to emphasize the destroyed state of the world.

i also did this vector a while back when i didnt vector outlines so i attempted it again with the outlines this time since most of the rahxephon walls that use this scan cut her scarf off. i want to make it into a full pic. the vector of ayato was done from a screenshot i took.
also vectored: city in bg, phonelines, the first layer clouds and feathers

i would just like the credit CHIBIKKO for helping with the german, which was an important part to the whole thing.

...happy new year ^^

some more resos: http://freewebs.com/kaiproductions/

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  1. sukie Dec 31, 2005

    wow! what a nice wall! the coloursa are perfect match! nice scan too! =D you are #1 scan vectorer!

  2. melymay Dec 31, 2005

    great wall, i think you did a great job with the emphasizing :D keep it up! +fave

  3. zephiris26 Dec 31, 2005

    Unoriginal? I think it's beautiful.

    First off, I really love the color scheme. It's very soft, and features a great choice of pastels. The original images were very well vectored, which contributes to the smooth feel of this piece. The wall has a very unique mood. The only way I can think to describe it is the calm amidst destruction.

    I really like how Ayato and Reika are standing back-to-back with a disaster between them. It gives the wallpaper kind of a sense of chaotic adversity. :nya:

    Overall, great job. I have nothing to criticize. A definite favorite. ;)

  4. asianspirit Dec 31, 2005

    i remembered when you vectored this. i think it looks better with the outlines. :D

    i happen to like this wall for it's simplicity. unorginal my butt.. XP dont let the w.a.r. tear it down. i happen to like it for how it is. :D

  5. nolove Dec 31, 2005

    hey that' wonderful ><, so awesome wallie from you omg ><
    fav for sure ^^

  6. Devilet Dec 31, 2005

    I vaguely remember the other one ... But this to me looks great. It's very easy to look at, and I don't think it's unoriginal ... you made a very good vector with a scene, which fits with the series. I'm glad you retouched it up and submitted it again, shows how much dedication you have towards your work. Don't let others put you down either, everyone has their opinion of what's good or not.

  7. Kiako Dec 31, 2005

    great scene, the girl there looks cute and i like the smoke in the background, it's very good for the scene.
    keep it up

  8. Sandra Dec 31, 2005



    This is so dam good !



  9. Zoamel Dec 31, 2005

    First I want to translate the german words :)
    "In the darkness a candle is shining its brightest light"
    I could need help with the english here :D
    I like the wall very much. The colours are fitting well together and everything has a reason in this wall. Not to forget that the quality is great! :D
    A happy new year everybody.

  10. GoNik Dec 31, 2005

    ...... <speechless>
    it rocks....

  11. pegassuss Dec 31, 2005

    uuu :o great wallie ^__^ I love the vector, you did a great job. The composition is great as well as the concept. I really like the black smoke and the colors are love ly, I love them, they give a sense of calm and tranquility. The feathers and birds are a great detail. You did a great job Kai! ^__^

  12. angelchan8123 Dec 31, 2005

    This wallpaper is amazing, i can't even find the igh words to say how good it is. Nice choice of colors, it loks simple but it isn't anyway excellent job ^^ And instant favorite

  13. chibikko Dec 31, 2005

    woha that's cool =D i loved rahxephon and this wallpaper is not uncreative, it's pretty and original with your unique style i adore. my new desktop yay

  14. julioc Dec 31, 2005

    this wallpaper is awesom, love the scene and the feeling, thanks for sharint it

  15. MoonlightEternity Dec 31, 2005

    hhoweeeeeee so pretty! ^^ I love how u did the sky, its simple but awesome, and really fits the style of the scan ^^ the colours are all really nice, and the smoke looks so real. I just think the guy is one the wrong angle, but maybe that's jsut me ^^'' great job! thanks for sharing.

  16. NegativeBahamut Dec 31, 2005

    Nice, I really like this one. You did a good job vectoring, and the bg is well done. The clouds look seemless. By the way, WAR is a wallpaper competition, right? Im not a good waller or anything, but where do they take place?

  17. darkanima Jan 02, 2006

    nice wall kai I love the scan you used...
    + fav

  18. mikotochan Jan 02, 2006

    >_> kawaiiiiiii

  19. extremeplayer Jan 02, 2006

    wonderful wallpaper! ^^ the sky is beautiful and so lovely
    the girl is cute and suits so well with the bg.
    i'll add it to my fav...

  20. dimitriokun Jan 02, 2006

    great idea and nice background it's simply beautiful what I like the most is the character you put lots of efforts on the extraction cuz it is good.
    thanx for sharing it!

  21. Phill Jan 02, 2006

    wanted to fav this wall for a long time but I totally forgot XD until I saw this on popular walls ><
    anyway , awsome wall and vector :"> love it ^^

  22. SilentMasamune Jan 02, 2006

    Just by seeing the thumbnail, I knew this was your wallpaper, lol. Your vector skills are really good (meh, I hate the way my vector lines come out half of the time). The rising smoke in this wallpaper is also really good. In a way, the wallpaper seems to intertwine the feeling of possible departure but they don't really want to leave each other despite the freak accident that occurred. Keep up the great work!

  23. djcrack Jan 02, 2006

    dude u really have a talent! ur wall is done well and I really liked it that's why am gonna fav it! wish you a happy new year!

  24. p0ly Jan 02, 2006

    great job, really nice and clean with good composition. +fav

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