Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: De'Arca Venus : Pre-Schattenrand contest wall

Yoshitaka Amano, The Virgin Wallpaper
Yoshitaka Amano Mangaka The Virgin Artbook

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Curse the day I laid eyes on you
Curse the day I held you beside me
Curse the day I lay beside your tender heart
Curse the day I heard your beating heart
Curse the day I never had the care in the world
Curse the day I fell in love with you
Curse the day I lay these flowers on you
Curse the day you died in my arms
and curse the day i was left standing to walk alone...

Listening to Godless ~ Dandy Warhols
Habibi ~ (forgot the arabic singers name)
Nessu Dorma ~ Luciano Pavarotti
Sikidim ~ Tarkan
Imaginary ~ Evanescence

So basically this is the PRE- submission to the Schattenrand : Arete/Amano contest Omni has placed upon us few wallers to participate and yeah i forgot to nominate this scan for submissionsfor the wall but alas i forgot and somehow lost treack of time since my real life is gettin gbetter i guess or worse... o_o I choose this work by Amano (Kudos to DREAM for this scan) because he can trully draw the motherly loving face or a true princess type of female character since most of his women drawings are fair and beautiful... nothing much i did on this wall but i experimented with a few brushes and mostly colour, having to make the background serene and wonderous while having to keep the original colour of the image itself at a stand still.

More details of the contest, rules and entries are right here on the main group page : http://schattenrand.minitokyo.net/ but its too late to join sorry. >_>

Oh yeah you can say this is my HAPPY VALENTINES wall for you peeps! may you find the love your looking for while i be the black knight to save the damsels in distress who are bethrothed to someone else but fall in love with the hero.... A sad and lonely road for me aye! >__>

Anyway might show this in Imanimetions.net since its beautiful or just keep it for myself because of my arrogance hahaah! but hope you like it! ^__^


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  1. roly-poly Feb 14, 2006

    meh. lacks the X-factor i say. bwahaha jkz. super wall. it looks so old school oil painting like.

  2. nolove Feb 14, 2006

    perfectly wonderful XD, each pixel of the wall >___<, sooooo awesome. look seem like Maria >.<. the color tone is amazing.i really love this one totally >_<

  3. dalidadod Feb 14, 2006

    hey wow thats an amazing wallie from u ... its so mystrious one but i do love it .. theres a sad look n her eyes i guess :( but its awesome ^_^'
    thanx for sharing ...happy valentines' day
    PS: u listening to arab music thats cool i'm an arab gurl i would love to help u about the singer name but well theres a milion arabic music with this name ^_^' gomen nasai
    have a nice day bbye *waves*

  4. Amru-chan Feb 14, 2006

    Another wonderful wallpaper from you ^^. Fav+

  5. k1ru Feb 14, 2006

    a wonderfull wall! XD
    nice effect there, OA-san!
    the picture a bit strange i think... >.< *oh, just ignore me*
    nice flower things there, nice texture on bg~
    oh, all things on this wallie is really wonderfull! ^^
    that just like you, OA-san! XD

  6. cyd84 Feb 14, 2006

    Great matching of the background color and texture to the scan...the white flecks in the background echo the veil which really helps connect the scan to the background and keeps it from feeling empty
    The text feels like it should be down a tiny bit so it's not grazing her collar, but that's more a personal feeling :)
    A lovely Amano wall

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2006

    ahh *_* THE COLORS
    this is flawless blending and miracilous colors
    and only that deserves a fav

  8. 4n991 Feb 14, 2006

    exquisitely beautiful & superb.

  9. Kiky Feb 14, 2006

    really beautiful pic! thx for sharing it! :)

  10. Phill Feb 15, 2006

    beautiful '___' speechless right now

  11. fukushuusha Feb 15, 2006

    *steals some blending tecnique* muhaha! mine mine! XD

  12. phamthuha Feb 15, 2006

    Very impressive ^_^ Love the color too >_<
    I just wish this girl can be cuter and younger *laugh* But she is so pretty as she is in your wall ^_^
    So why not a fav?

  13. rene3088 Feb 16, 2006

    really cool and unique

  14. KorganoS Feb 16, 2006

    Oh, crazy details on this one XD
    I'm not an expert of grunge so, I can only hope that you'll win the contest. Wub the colors very much, and the unique textures used. Very nice work, OA.

  15. flyindreams Feb 16, 2006

    Beautifully done, OA :D Stunning colors, and you brought out the softness of Amano's original artwork so nicely... the only thing that bothers me about this is the composition, which seems slightly awkward, but I don't think there's anything you could've done about it haha... xD Wonderful job, I'm totally digging your recent works xD

  16. Emma Feb 17, 2006

    Love it! So like a painting! Love that style of art and you did an excellent job with the colors and blending of brushes. Goodness, I can't stop gazing at this. Very entrancing and lovely work with composition and colors. Definitely like how the sky colors 'bleed' into each other. *swoons*
    And Happy Valentines to you too! Thanks for the sweet Valentine's gift *happy and hugs Oracle*

  17. euna Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2006

    oh wow... what a wall.
    i just luv the style and concept.
    looks fantastic.
    i really like the gradient you used. it just goes with the wall so well, providing that fuzziness and warmth.
    beautiful work. *fav*

  18. Midori-chan Feb 17, 2006

    whoa! great piece of artwork!
    it looks like an ancient painting! XD XD
    the effects are seriuosly awesome and the colors are superb!
    it's a beautiful wallie!
    great job OA-san!

  19. bluSake Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2006

    So pretty XD The colors are so lush and rich, and simply magical. The text is nicely done too.

  20. cyd84 Feb 18, 2006

    Here's the link to the original scan for all those Amano lovers out there...
    by Dream of course :)

  21. galvanize Feb 20, 2006

    It looks beautiful.

  22. Evanrued Feb 21, 2006

    :o This looks like one of those old old painting XD Oracle will be a phanmous man man! o.o Really love it. It all blends so well.

  23. markjo Feb 25, 2006

    Woooo... I love how you've added the art a totally new look - reminds a bit of the Renaissance paintings, but with more colour...

  24. sukie Feb 26, 2006

    nice i love the colours that you added in and the girl looked pretty pretty to begin with great wall!

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