Air Wallpaper: Magnificient dreams

Hinoue Itaru, Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Hinoue Itaru Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hi there everyone ! :D how are you doing ? it's been really a long time since Yui-chan last browsed Minitokyo >_< i'm really sorry for al my Friends and for people who were looking though my works (if they are still some interested people >.<) really sorry, friends, but I've been busy , awfully busy lately , so making walls, or criticizing and commenting other works wasn't for me anymore...+ school work ToT so my passions and my lack of time kept me away, really sorry >.<...
I just wanted to say that I didn't forget anout any of my MT friends :)
will you please forgive me? >_<
i'll try *hopefully*to catch to my absence...
well I start with a work I made today. as you can say not really much, but I've been doing all the elements pieces by myself ^_^ I don't like to depend on other works...
note : i'm watching air tv now, some promising anime show, so when I was browsing air scans , I found this one ^_^ the wall I started was orifinally an other air scan, but I thought it would fir the BG well so I switched to this one :)
thx to bikixnn for submitting this scan ^_^ thx very much ^^ i like all your air scan submissions.
now for wall details :
time spent on it : whole evening
soft : PS 7.0 (I'm such an old granny XD)
layers : about 38
original psd : 50 MO

the sky has been made with brushes , the water too with some mixed effects...I tried to immerse some parts of the girl's body to make it fit with the sea, ...it was my first attempt so hope it doesn't look too ugly >_<
I drawn the "features" of the castle following an original model found on the net, and then coloried and made it fit my taste ^_^
the all scene is a " fantasy" scene so the girl is imagining herselg getting wings o fly (like the anime show) and switch to a world beyond her fantasy ^^
the feathers was part of the original scan , but I remade them and tranformed them and made them immerse too :)
that's it ^^
I hope I didn't annoy you with my talking ;)
well all comments and favourites (if possible) are welcome ^_^
but I just want you to view my works first ^_^
dedicated to all my MT friend ! Big kisses and hugs! :D

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  1. Nyuu-chan Oct 18, 2005

    Long time no see my dear ... Hope that everything is fine .. Well Ok your wall ^^. Background is really beautiful and you choose nice scan for it. Very very good work! Thanks for dedication! :*

  2. WindAlchemist Oct 18, 2005

    wow, i really love this wallpaper, all the soft colors are so beautiful!!
    the birds and castle and rainbow and everything are so beautiful, i really lloove this!
    the scan is nice too, ive never seen the Air series, what kind of anime is it?
    well it was nice to see another submission from you, i hope to see more, but if you dont have time that perfectly understandable! my unresolving computer problems are whats keeping me from being online T_T
    well this is a very awesome wallpaper, youve done another great job!!

  3. Sumomo- Oct 18, 2005

    Ahhh really lovely! :) Like the detail with the little castle in the back there.
    Nice colors and awesome font! The liquid moon is especially good.
    Great work!

  4. strawberrt Oct 18, 2005

    Wow, goregous wallpaper! I like the scan. and the background looks awesome. Great job ^^

  5. SilentMasamune Oct 18, 2005

    A little more blending of the top of the water with blurring will improve this wallpaper even more because the water just abruptly ends at that point. An excellent job with the effects, the text, and the colors.

  6. Rhonda21 Oct 18, 2005

    This is very beautiful. I like the background its very pretty. fantasy fits nicely!
    great job!!!

  7. winxfairykay Oct 18, 2005

    Very good work.
    I love the effects! Colors are awesome.
    The scan is great, too.
    Please keep walling!
    Keep it up!

  8. squid Oct 18, 2005

    The effects are awesome, I think this is your best one yet ^^ keep up the good work!

  9. ebichuhamster Oct 19, 2005

    she is the girl from Air right?? i fergot her name >_<!!!!
    very very well done, in my opinion,, nice effects on the water
    i love the series so i really really like this little wallpaper
    thx a bunch!!

  10. Criox Oct 19, 2005

    Hi Yui! How ye? Wow! Looks nice with that castle. She is sleeping? Lol! Looks cute. A good wallie. Keep it up!

  11. bbls Oct 19, 2005

    your sky and rainbow are so beautiful, and i luv the castle in the background!
    i also really liked how you immersed parts of misuzu in the water, but the part where the ocean meets the sky seems to look a bit too harsh. this is a wonderful concept and wallie!

  12. Lenne Oct 19, 2005

    Hy there girl!^^I love AIR and this wall is sweet.It remindes me a bit of your ''â� Welcome to heaven â� '' wall but only in a bit.Nice job girl! ;)

  13. SilverBlue Oct 19, 2005

    Your water is gorgeous and your submerging effects are beautiful. However the submerged part of her left foot is abit off? It's not a straight line with the water, but slanted upwards ^^;;

    All in all, i love it, and +fav!!!

  14. Sunira Oct 19, 2005

    :) Looks good. I like the bright colors, although they're a bit too blinding for my desktop.

  15. Natsuki-MaiHime Oct 20, 2005

    Cool wallpaper! I really love it, especially the background, it's the beautifull background. Thanks for sharing (^_^)

  16. walkure245 Oct 21, 2005

    This is really pretty and sweet. It does have a heavenly look and I like the softness. The idea of the bg and how it relates to the girl's dream is a super idea. it's sweet and imaginary. The moon has a different texture than the usual moon but it feels kind weird to me though. It's neat that you immersed in her water. Just add a few more ripples around the feathers and her feet as well. They create ripple effects too. Other than that, the bg is really pretty and well done. You convey your idea quite nicely. Great work~

  17. CosmoStar Oct 21, 2005

    It's really beautiful, specially the background! I liekd how everything seems like shining... Congrats!

    What is the program you used? Photo Shop?

  18. sacredsky Oct 22, 2005

    Oh, wow yuiyui! That's gorgeuos! You did a great job, keep up the good work!

  19. Lamebrain Oct 23, 2005

    I like how you have interpreted Misuzu in your own way...as I'm only just now going through Air myself, I think this is excellent, since the character is still fresh in my mind

  20. pegassuss Oct 23, 2005

    Really nice!! ^^ It looks so peaceful and calm and heavenly, I like that ^^ The scan is very pretty and it really gives the idea of a dream. I really love the bird and the feathers ^^ and the colors and effects of the sky are really beautiful. I like how you put her in the water and the castle is prety ^-^ you did a great job yui-chan!!

  21. DarkVirus Oct 23, 2005

    the wall looks really nice...
    the background is pretty, partically the sky...
    keep up the good work :)

  22. aoirochelle Oct 25, 2005

    cool wallie...i like it...its really awesome....
    the bg is so awesome too..
    keep up the good work..
    and thanks for sharing

  23. snowrabbit Dec 03, 2005

    nice color blends~ it just fit the image.. i really like the rainbow
    and the house at the far corner also~~
    great work.. :)

  24. Strangest Dec 08, 2005

    Great, just great... i wish i could draw like that. Thanx bud.

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