Air Wallpaper: +*+Now That You're Gone+*+

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wall facts: <br>
character design copyright of original CG-er ____not me.<br>
I re-drew most of the scan to avoid extraction XD. See how good it is ^_~?! XD I did so many MANY doujins for the AIR contest T_T! Still, finding nothing. Yeah, so things in here are wierd--->I used a <I> very </I> limited amount of brushes becuase I did it in Elements XD XD !!! Of course, this entire day was wierd. Some boy in my class asked me if he could cry on my shoulder, I told hime no, then he asked if he could cry <B> next </B> to me XD. Some of my classmates began to spread sick rumors about glassy and her math teacher XD, so after school, I went to beat one of them up XD XD. We attracted a huge crowd of upperclassmen and even some passerbys XD. I don't blame them, I mean, we didn't look like the type to be doing what we did. Picture a Penelope Cruz-Katie Holmes crossover with hair almost up to her knees chasing 50 Cent around with a flushed face in a school uniform and 3 inch heels XD! I would surely stop to watch this carzy performance.<br>
I wasn't the one resembling 50 Cent XD.

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  1. chichiri1907 Sep 23, 2005


    What an absolutely stunning wall you made!
    i just love the scan you used and how you made the sky look with those cool comets and colors!
    i reconize the pilliars you used but i dont know were.... OX
    Anyway great job glassheart very beautiful peice you did ere and i just love the title that you used it fits the concept of the wall very well,
    Overall I would give this wall a 10/10 and with a smile ^__________^
    thanks so much for sharing this wall with all of us i appriciate it so much!
    Can't ait to see more
    Love Always,
    Chi-chan :nya:

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2005

    Wow. :o
    This is awesome! The background is amazing, I love the colors, the moon, the stars, everything!
    Misuzu looks so sad...
    Anyways, excellent job, as always!

  3. thecatmistress Sep 23, 2005

    its soooooo pretty!!!! this deserves to be faved today too :) +fav.

  4. RainOfStars Sep 23, 2005

    Nice stock photo you used. It fits very well with your wall^^
    Wow, it is the first time i saw the misuzu scan you used. Very nice.

    Very amusing event to see. So did you caught up to him and teach he some lesson? Indead it is an interesting day. >< I am stuck at home writing essays.

    Anyway. very nice work. I will add it to my fav

    Edit: Lol, so it is for the contest. I was wondering if it is just another other or an entry. Good luck in it^^

  5. hikarinotenshi Sep 23, 2005

    wow this is impressive. especially the starry sky. gives it kinda a gloomy atmosphere...i love it XD! the only thin i don't really like is the font.....
    overall good job!

  6. hongrboi Sep 23, 2005

    Awsome background. Very good lighting effects and contrast! Nice choice of colour too! You're submitting this in the contest? Arrg, it's going to be tough competition >< Good luck to you ^^

  7. chau-chan Sep 23, 2005

    Wow, it's pretty good!!
    The person who draw the image is by Yukirin...Great transparenting too, since the artist's extraction is kind of hard.
    I love your background, Great job!! xD

  8. SealedSword Sep 23, 2005

    Awesome looking background, it's got a great view! XD
    And the the fits in the wallpaper quite well too =P
    Welldone, keep it up! = )

  9. azndude88 Sep 23, 2005

    wow looks so claming and relaxing very good bg awesome quality ^^

  10. AngelKate Sep 24, 2005

    Glassy-chan, that's beautiful! You re-drew the scan really well! The effects you added to the background look wonderful too. You have really nice walls Glassheart, keep it up! :)

  11. Rhonda21 Sep 24, 2005

    wow. its beutiful. great background. its so pretty.
    lol. in my school there was 2 fights this week. quess everyone feels like beating someone up these days.

    Anyways this is great so keep up the awesome work!!!

  12. mughi Sep 24, 2005

    Another fine wallpaper using Air character. Looks like you picked a character reminiscing as she sit and look up toward the sky which is full of activity.

    Quality wallpaper is getting harder and harder to find and your wallpaper is one of a better one to see in a while. Good job and thanks much for showing us your latest worik. :D

  13. aishiteraburu Sep 24, 2005

    thats a awesome wall glass
    the lightning effect and everything goes with it really well
    the mountains look great
    it is going to my fave

  14. dangersteve4 Sep 24, 2005

    wow, another great wallie, its so wonderrfull. Nice job *fav* and can't wait for the next masterpeice

  15. DarkIngram Sep 24, 2005

    Nice job here ^ ^v

    The backround is really amazing, nice color combinations, contrast and lighting effects XD

    i like the ambiance of your wall, very relaxing...it can removes my stress in my work :nya:

    Keep up the good work!

  16. sylvacoer Sep 24, 2005

    If this is for a contest, I can say you'll be hard to beat, hon. (*~.^*) This wall rocks!
    *has mental image of Penelope Cruz beating up 50 Cent* (>.o) Itai, I think I hurt my head. I do hope that jerk learned his lesson!

  17. moonbaby Sep 24, 2005

    OMG Amazing work u've done here!! Bravo!!!
    Hehehe, my fave color is purple so i juss adore this, lolz...
    Great Job!!!!

    Loves Ya!!!!

  18. ventures Sep 24, 2005

    the bg u made looks really good glassheart ^_^
    i love the lovely glittery purple bg ~
    and nice scan of misuzu too ~
    good luck for the AIR competition ^_^

  19. ni-chan Sep 24, 2005

    Awesome BG its soo beautiful
    and you re-drew the scan goood!! it turned out great
    the wall is so well composed its just great
    I love it

  20. agneslee Sep 24, 2005

    Nice bg
    Misuzu is so....sad......
    But I really like the design of this wallpaper.
    Thanks for sharing^_^

  21. sangel99 Sep 25, 2005

    Yay I love this picture!! ^^ I really like the bg she's sittin in front of...it's so cool....awesome job ^-^ +future fav

  22. Evanrued Sep 25, 2005

    Whoo Glassy this looks really really good. I just love the background, and the clouds. The neon glow and tint looks great allout. The scan from Air is well chosen too. Love what you have done with the wall. Excellent work and good luck! >_> Reminds me of the fact I should try to work on my submission for the contest too lol Great work Glassy!

  23. slivermoon Sep 25, 2005

    nice wall, the bg looks especially nice
    and the redrawing of the scan is very good too
    nice work ^-^

  24. pamkips Sep 26, 2005

    wah!!!!! what a well done wallie ^_^ i wuv it! ^_^ anyways the cging is really good....and the background is soo nice...the wjole thing ties in with the scan itself...and that's good ^_^

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